I Should Have Kissed You

What would you do if you were told that you were to live with the boys from One Direction? Sound too good to be true right? WRONG!

Follow the story of 18 year old Jasmine who can't believe her luck when her boyfriend wins her the competition of a lifetime; to meet and stay with her favourite boyband, One Direction, in their complex in London. Turns out that she got more than she bargained for, could heart break strike and a new found love blossom whilst she's away from her friends and family in Australia?

Find out in the new fanfic I Should Have Kissed You :)


22. The Intruder

*Louis' POV*


After we had cleaned up our attempt at dinner we all decided to relax. El and I were sitting on the couch watching tv, the others were scattered around various areas of the house, most of them though were watching tv as well. Nothing interesting had happened all day! " hang on babe, I'll be back" I said as I got up from the couch and went to Zayn's room. He was lying on his bed throwing the pillow up in the air whilst talking on the phone.

"fine Maddie I'll say hi to Louis for  you. Put my mum back on for a second... Hey mum have you got the package I sent? Alright, maybe it'll come soon. Say hi to everyone and wish gran a happy birthday for me. Alright. Love you too mum. Bye mum. "

"everything cool Zayn?"

"yeah, Maddie says hi" Maddie was Zayns younger cousin. When the group first got together we spent a few nights at each other's houses before we stayed at Harry's bungalow. The night we were at Zayn's his family was there, meaning Maddie was there. I was told she has a little crush on me. She's only 6 and the guys find it hilarious. Zayn always makes a point to tease me.


"anyway what's up Louis?"

"Zayn, my partner in crime. We need to make this night a little more interesting"

"I agree, standard black out scare tactic? " Zayn said as he  sat up on his bed

"you read my mind"


We'd planned this a while ago only we never had the perfect opportunity to do it.



*Zayn's pov*

Operation black out was a go! By now everyone was gathered around the tv. I had a window in my room that I could climb out of so I could easily get in and out of the cabin. Louis would be the distraction.


"anyone for some snacks?" I heard Louis say from the kitchen. That was the cue to commence the prank. I snuck out of the window and went to the power board. Louis had given me a device earlier that we could control the lighting with our phones. I guess this was the chance to see if it worked.


I clicked the button on my phone and just as we had expected, the lights started to flicker and with another click the lights were out. I heard the girls scream and I think even Harry.


I heard Perrie call for me. Now was the perfect time to jump back through the window.

"Zayn? Zayn!?!"

I was half through the window and I heard footsteps coming towards the door. The footsteps were getting louder as I wriggled through the window and fell on my bed. It looked much easier in the movies, I'll tell you that! Turns out I wasn't as quiet as I thought, I fell really hard on the bed and accidentally kicked the wall. I wasn't quiet but I sure was quick! By the time the door opened I was in bed pretending to sleep. The soft glow of a mobile phone light came closer.


"Zayn? Are you awake?" Perrie whispered nudging me softly.

I turned around in my bed and sat up.

"what's wrong sweetie?"

"the lights went out and everyone is freaking out. Louis said it sounded like someone was in the house and I'm really scared. Please stay with us?"



Again Perrie used the light of her phone to guide us down the hall way. She grabbed my hand as soon as I clicked the button in my pocket to make the lights flicker.


Everyone was gathered around the refrigerator as that had the biggest light. Louis came over to stand next to me.

"what happened to quiet?" Louis whispered

"sorry dude, I tried. But what do you think of the lights?"

"very theatrical.." Louis stopped whispering suddenly as did everyone else.

"what was that noise?" Jas said holding onto Harry's arm.

There was a rattling and thumping noise from behind one of the walls.

"and the sound effects Zayn? I like it" Louis whispered

"I didn't do that."

"do what Zayn?"

Perrie had overheard Louis and I whispering.

"Zayn did you do this?" she whispered back.

"uhhhh" I didn't know what to tell her.  Louis wasn't very subtle, so Perrie knew straight away this was team work and when she knew, everyone knew.


"Surprise!" Louis shouted nervously . "c'mon Zayn turn the lights back on, turns out our plan backfired"

I clicked the button but the lights weren't turning back on.

"uh got a bit of a problem... It's not working."

"What do mean it's not working." Louis said, as her grabbed my phone off me and started pressing random buttons. Now we were starting to panic slightly. What if we couldn't get the lights back on? And what if that noise really was someone in the cabin?

"WE ARE NOT SPLITTING UP, THAT'S FOR SURE" Zoe shouted holding onto Niall.


*Louis' pov*

Well this prank didn't turn out the way we planned. There really was a something that kept knocking the walls and sounded like a scratching noise. And if it wasn't Zayn, we had no clue what it was.

We all walked in a group with our phone lights as a torch. For some silly reason we decided to follow the noise to see what it was.

"shouldn't we turn the lights on from the power board outside?" Zayn said

"let's figure out what this noise is first." Harry said helping me lead the group.

Harry was next to me holding both of our phones whilst I opened the doors and scoped out the rooms.



We had looked through most of the cabin rooms and still nothing. There was only one room left, the bathroom. The scratching and the thuds were louder than before. We knew there was a window in there so if it was someone they could get in and out of the cabin just like Zayn had. Maybe that was why the noises were loud and echoed throughout the cabin.

Everyone was still behind Harry and I, we actually worked quite well as a team and once everyone calmed down, we realised there was 10 of us and only 1 of whatever was in the cabin with us.

This was it. Ten of us waiting outside of the bathroom anxious to see what it was.

"open the door Lou" Harry said

I took hold of the handle and turned it slowly

"ok, 1...2.."

"just open it already" Zayn said

"3!" I pushed the door open and there was nothing. By now we had all walked into the bathroom looking everywhere just in case we had missed something. Still nothing! Whatever it was, the window was left open, and the worst part was none of us could remember if anyone opened it earlier.

"ok enough 'detective' work guys, who's up for another movie?" Harry said handing back my phone. As soon as Harry turned around he screamed.

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