I Should Have Kissed You

What would you do if you were told that you were to live with the boys from One Direction? Sound too good to be true right? WRONG!

Follow the story of 18 year old Jasmine who can't believe her luck when her boyfriend wins her the competition of a lifetime; to meet and stay with her favourite boyband, One Direction, in their complex in London. Turns out that she got more than she bargained for, could heart break strike and a new found love blossom whilst she's away from her friends and family in Australia?

Find out in the new fanfic I Should Have Kissed You :)


20. Old Habits Never Die

*Zoe's POV*

It was my friend Abi, I literally hadn't seen her in years. We were really close friends throughout primary and high school, but then she dropped out of school and eventually we grew apart. I don't even know how she found me here. I hadn't even officially moved into Niall's apartment yet so how did she know to find me here?


"oh my god, Abi! How did you know I was here?!"  I said trying to keep her out of the apartment. I wasn't trying to be rude, it's just I know how she is and how manipulative she can be. She's the last thing I'd want to introduce to my friends.


"Well you are the girlfriend of Niall Horan from One Direction after all aren't you?"

Typical! I thought.



That was the problem with Abi, she was so 'starstruck' all the time. No wait, come to think of it, more 'obsessed' than 'starstruck'. As young teens in our start of high school days she was always the one fantasizing about having a famous boyfriend who could buy her lots of things as well as being in the spotlight as well. Me on the other hand, I wasn't too fussed about having a 'celebrity' boyfriend, let alone having a 'regular' boyfriend as she would call it. I was too shy back then to even speak to guys so that killed the thought of ever being in a relationship.


"So I pulled a couple of strings and I found out where he lived and figured that you'd be with him, seeing as you are his girlfriend.  So how is things with Niall?"

"Really good. He's kind and caring and he's really funny..He's… perfect" I luckily stopped before I would bore everyone with my love life. "How long are you here in London for?"

"about 2 weeks… anyway my little Zoe is in love"



"Babe who's at the door?" I heard Niall yell from the kitchen.

"Are you guys having a party?" Abi pushed past me at the door and welcomed herself into the apartment.


"Everyone this is my old school friend Abi" I said bringing Abi towards where everyone was. They were all still sitting in the circle, chatting away with each other.

After introductions, Abi had invited herself to play with us, even though we were kind of over it by now. By the looks on everyone's faces, including my own, we all seemed slightly shocked from her unexpected arrival.


After about 10 minutes, you could tell everyone was already sick of her; me included.


"Zoe your turn, truth or dare?" Abi asked.


"Oh come on Zo what happened to you, you used to be fun and always pick dare. There was nothing that could get in your way. Come on you're doing a dare"

Abi paused for a little whilst she was trying to think of a dare for me. To be honest I was a bit worried on what she'd pick. She was always the type to stir things up and cause drama.

"I got it. I dare you to… make out with Harry in front of everyone"


Harry sort of went red. It looked as if Jas really didn’t like the sound of some outsider ordering me to kiss her boyfriend, which I really don't blame her for. This was one of the reasons why Abi and I lost contact. She'd always have to make someone uncomfortable to gain some sort of  gratification out of it and I didn’t want to be a part of that anymore.  Jas, Harry, Niall and I looked the most uncomfortable. Harry and I just looked at each other and could tell that we didn't really want to do anything to upset Niall or Jas so we settled on a quick kiss on the lips.


"Come on is that it? That's what you call making out?" Abi said almost laughing.


"Give them a break! Seriously we're all close and there's boundaries which we all respect. I don't know about these guys but if I saw one of them sticking their tongue down my girlfriend's throat then I'd be pretty pissed regardless if it was a dare or not!" Louis cracked it.


"Exactly! If we were all single then it probably be a different story!" I said starting to get really angry now.


"Ooo feel the tension in the room now. This is what a real game of truth or dare is meant to be like." Abi said looking pretty happy with herself.


"I've had enough of this game, I'll go get some drinks" Niall said getting up from the floor.


*Niall's POV*

Who the hell did that girl think she is. I'm not angry at Harry or Zoe, how could I they're my best friends. I heard earlier what Zoe said about me at the door to Abi. If stupid Abi knew how she felt about me why would she force Zoe to make out with Harry. There's one thing I knew for sure, she had to go as soon as possible.


"Hey Niall" Abi said following me into the kitchen.

I kept quiet trying to ignore her. None of us were particularly happy with her barging in.

"what's the matter with you?  Look, if you're angry about before, it was just a bit of fun."

I didn’t respond to her, I just grabbed some cups from the top shelf.

"You know, if Zoe really cared about you, she wouldn't of kissed your best friend even if it was a dare." Abi started.

"Like you said it was a bit of fun" I tried to smile. Abi started to walk closer to me. Zoe had whispered to me earlier that Abi was very manipulative, now I understood what she meant.

"Let me get straight to the point. Look Niall, Zoe is a lovely girl don't get me wrong, but she's only after Niall Horan, the superstar. Not the vulnerable Niall that I see standing in front of me. She only wanted you for the fame….the money….the spotlight. Come to your senses Niall, I can offer you much better things than her."


She leaned in to kiss me but I pushed her away.


"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" Zoe said making her way towards us.


*Zoe's POV*


"Bloody hell Abi!" I yelled.

"Come on Zo, just having a bit of fun" Abi shrugged.

Niall looked frustrated, as did the others who were peering from the couch..

"He's my boyfriend!"

"Zoe babe, I didn't do anything I swear" Niall said slightly worried walking closer to me.

"It's alright Niall, I saw the whole thing, you didn't do anything wrong. This is the whole reason Abi and I aren't friends anymore"

Abi didn't looked very pleased with what I had just said.  She angrily walked up to me and pulled me aside.

"What the hell is your problem. This is not the Zoe I remember"


I quickly pulled my arm away from her grip and a Zoe that none of the others had seen before had come to life.

"Well this is the exact Abi I remember. You are my problem Abi. You think you can just stalk my boyfriend, barge into our apartment and into my life again. And for what? Just to ruin any slight bit of happiness that I have."

"Oh please, what happiness? You’re the same pathetic, miserable girl that I grew up with. You haven't changed a bit. Come on Zo, you're Niall Horan's girlfriend for gods sakes."

"Actually I'm Niall's girlfriend. See there's a difference."

"I know you better than all these idiots. Chances are you don’t even love him. You only want the spotlight and fame being known as his girlfriend"

"How dare you?! Did you not hear a single word I said to you at the door? Of course not, because you we're just to obsessed to give a damn. You haven't changed a bit "

Abi looked around the kitchen. Everyone obviously had heard what was going on and weren't too impressed with her.


"I think it's best that you leave now" Niall said, escorting Abi to the front door. "Look I don't know who they hell you think you are, but if I ever see you within a metre of this apartment block, Zoe, me or any other of my friends, I'll have a restraining order taken out on you. Understood?"

Abi rolled her eyes and stormed out the door.

"Bitch." we all murmured under our breath. It was really weird how in sync we all were at times.


I walked over to Niall and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Thanks for taking out the trash" I giggled after kissing him softly on the lips

He smiled.

"Babe you called it our apartment" Niall smirked.

Oh yeah I actually did. Crap! I hope he didn't get offended or anything  I thought.

"Move in with me."

"Are you serious Niall?"

"you're practically living here anyway. Please?"


There was only one answer I could give him.

"Of course I will" I smiled, kissing him again.



*Jas' POV*

"We're out of ice-cream" Harry said from the freezer. "Aww and I really wanted some"

"I'll go to the shops to get some now. Choc hazelnut yeah?" I said grabbing my bag from the dining table.


I had just gotten back from the shops with the ice cream in hand. As I approached the lift, I heard someone call my name. That voice was familiar, but it’s a voice I definitely wanted to forget.


"Caleb? What the hell are you doing here?" I said angrily. I still couldn't stand the sight of his face after what he did to me.

"Not the exact reaction I was hoping for."

"I'm not really in the mood to talk to you right now, or ever for a fact."

"Please, just hear me out… I've been thinking and I want you back. Jas I miss you."

"What so you think you can just fly over here and get me back just like that? Wow you're even more delusional than I thought. Get out of my way."


Caleb grabbed my arm and pulled me in for a kiss. I immediately pulled back and slapped him across the face.

"Piss off! I don't want to see you ever again." I stormed off into the lift. The last thing I saw of Caleb was when the lift doors were closing, he looked so dumbfounded that I had the strength to hit him as he held his hand to his face.


I hovered my hand over the door knob to Niall's apartment. I couldn't stand to tell Harry what just happened. I just fell to the floor and sat against the walk quietly sobbing. After my little cry I tried to pull myself together. I wiped the tears away from my eyes and straightened out my jacket. As I opened the door I walked straight to the freezer to put the now slightly melted ice cream in it.


"Babe what's wrong?"

Harry always knew if something was wrong with me. It was probably the best and worst thing that he could do; worst only because there was some things I didn't know how to tell, based on the fact I had no clue how he'd react. A small tear rolled down my face, only I had no idea why I was crying. I think seeing Caleb again, the way he kissed me, reminded me of the time we were together. I don't know why I was so confused, I mean I hated him for what he did to me. I couldn't forgive him for that. I had no choice but to move on, and I was happy where I was in life. I have a boyfriend that I don't know what I'd do without him, a new life over here and the best group of friends. I don’t know why he would just show up right out of the blue like that.


"I saw Caleb." I said bluntly

"What do you mean you saw Caleb?" Harry said confused.

"Caleb as in your ex Caleb?" Zoe said from the couch.

I nodded. "As in ex-boyfriend Caleb, downstairs in the lobby. He's here in London."

"Did.. Uhh.. Wh-" Harry was struggling to put the words together. "Why is he here? What happened in the lobby?"

"I don't know. He was saying how much he misses me and.."

"And what?" Harry interrupted. Caleb was the only person to make Harry this agitated, and he hadn't even met the guy.

"And I told him to go away and I wanted nothing to do with him anymore."

Or do I? I thought. I couldn't believe I was thinking like this.

"Is that all?"

"Yeah" I lied. I really didn’t know how to tell him that he kissed me. I didn't think it was the right time to tell him with everyone in the room. I needed to do it another time, only in private.

Harry held me in his arms. He didn't say anything. The hug said it all. He didn't want me to be upset, he knew how much I couldn't stand Caleb any more. Harry kissed me on the head.

"I promise I will protect you from him. If he ever hassles you again, you let me know ok?"

"I promise" I replied.


"I think we're in need of a holiday again…we all need to get away from here for a while!" Zoe sighed.

There was no way we were going to risk bumping into Abi or Caleb again.

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