I Should Have Kissed You

What would you do if you were told that you were to live with the boys from One Direction? Sound too good to be true right? WRONG!

Follow the story of 18 year old Jasmine who can't believe her luck when her boyfriend wins her the competition of a lifetime; to meet and stay with her favourite boyband, One Direction, in their complex in London. Turns out that she got more than she bargained for, could heart break strike and a new found love blossom whilst she's away from her friends and family in Australia?

Find out in the new fanfic I Should Have Kissed You :)


23. Girl Talk

*Louis' POV*

Standing in front of the door was a rat.

"EEWWWW" the girls screamed. "A RAT KILL IT!"

" GET RID OF IT! " Harry yelled.

Everyone turned and looked at Harry who was scared out of his mind. He even jumped on Niall's back to get away from the rat.


Jas even started laughing.

"I guess we found Harry's kryptonite"

Now everyone was laughing.

"I hate rats" Harry murmured.


"Perrie can you lend me a hand and we'll figure out the deal with the lights" Zayn said as he took hold of Perrie's hand.

"yeah sure"


Harry jumped of Niall's back and Liam, Niall and the girls walked away leaving Harry and Jas alone.


*Jas' pov*

Louis trapped the rat in a cardboard box and tossed it outside.  I stared at Harry as everyone left the room.

We were quiet. I tried so hard not to laugh.

"what? It was a really big rat" Harry said as he walked out of the bathroom.

It seemed that Zayn and Perrie figured out how to fix the lights so before we knew it we were out of the darkness.

If it was Zayn and Louis' idea to make tonight very interesting, they did a really good job!


Getting to sleep was easy. The whole intruder alert tired us out, as well as the whole day of driving. The next morning was ridiculous. It was so cold in the cabin, no one wanted to move from underneath their blankets. Louis said last night that he wanted to be on the road again by 10am… yep. No way that was going to happen. I was the only one who risked the cold and made a late breakfast  for everyone. It was nothing special, just scrambled eggs, toast and bacon. I literally had to drag Harry to the table to eat. Everyone had lazily followed behind and sat at the table.


"So what's the plan today?" Niall said tiredly through each chew.

"A drive to the beach and on our way to the field. It's ok, I used to go to the field all the time as a kid, it's a safe place… although we're roughing it for the night" Louis said pointing to the field on the map.

"Roughing it? Wait.. What?.. No.. Nope.. Not happening." I was freaking out. "Does that mean.."

"Yes Jas, we're going camping" Louis said excitedly.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  I thought. I absolutely hated camping! The whole sleeping with nature thing was not for me!

"It's ok babe, I'll get you through it" Harry reassured, putting his arm around me. He knew I didn't like it, but I was the only one who really couldn't stand camping and majority ruled. Damn.


"Tents are in the closet, and supplies we'll get on the way. Let's get moving!" Seems like Louis had it all planned out!


"I'll start cleaning up then" I said getting up from my spot on the table and moving to the sink.

"I'll help" Zoe said quickly, like I had asked the question.

The others had started packing and getting ready whilst Zoe looked at me slightly worried.

"What's going on bubba?" She said nudging me in the arm.

"What do you mean?" I asked stupidly.

"Please don't make me say it out loud" Zoe said looking around, checking no one was listening to our conversation.

"It's nothing, I promise."

"Then why is 'nothing' calling you late at night? Did something happen the night you saw 'nothing'?"

"I don't know why he's…'nothings' doing this to me. I am over it. Over him" I must not have said it so convincing, Zoe caught on to what I wasn't completely sure of.

"Oh my god! Jas!"

"Would you shush! Keep your voice down! I was just a kiss. It meant absolutely nothing. He kissed me and I pushed him away."

"Jas, are you planning on telling Harry anytime soon?"

"I do, I'm not sure how he'll take it though."

"Are you sure you're over Caleb Jas?"

"I guess"

"What do you mean 'you guess'?"

"I mean, even though I pushed him away, it was just him kissing me brought back lots of memories. We have history."

"Yeah well you also have history with Harry now. Do you remember at all what Caleb did to you. Let's refresh your memory… he CHEATED on you Jas! You cried for nights non-stop. Harry was there for you every single step of the way even though it was hurting him to see you with him and that you were upset. You love Harry. Don't do this to him. As your best friend, I'm telling you now, don't to this to Harry, better yet, don't do this to yourself."


She was right. I didn't want to ruin anything I had with Harry. I was as happy as I could ever be with him. I had to tell him the truth. Only I had to be definitely sure I was over Caleb. I knew there would always be a soft spot for him, but I had to trust myself that I wouldn't go back to him.


"Thanks Zo" I said pulling her into a hug.

"Seriously pull yourself together hun. Don' let this little distraction ruin the relationship you have now"

"Please don't say anything"


Before Zoe could reply Niall had walked into the kitchen.

"Say what?" Niall said with a confused expression on his face

"Uhhh.. Nothing. Just girl talk." I said as I walked out of the room quickly.


*Zoe's POV*

"how long were you standing there Niall?"

"long enough. So what's she going to do" He was just as concerned for Jas as I was. We both didn't want our best friends to fight or worse, break up over this.

"I don't know. Until she figures it out, promise you won't say anything to Jas or Harry?"

"Yeah I promise" He said as he kissed me quickly on the lips.


Jas was really in over her head if she thought that getting back with Caleb was a good idea. It would throw a compete spanner in the works. We wouldn't function in a group if there was always tension between them. Jas would have nowhere to go. Of course I'd offer for her to stay with Niall and I, only I can imagine Harry not being too happy about that. I knew what I was asking for was completely selfish, but we all wouldn't be the same, especially if he found out that Niall and I knew.

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