stole my heart<3

Lauren Rodriguez was a avarage girl, but this summer when she takes a trip to London to visit a friend she bumps into the famous One Direction & she discovers two members of One Direction have fallen for her what will she do. she eventually has to go home. will she tell the boys the truth or will she keep it a secret.


1. Packing for London

Lauren was the most insecure girl ever she hated smiling because she thought her teeth werent completly striaght she never laughed because she thought she had a weird laugh and she always wore her hair up because she thought her hair always looked funny. but none of it was true she had beautiful white teeth that gave her a beautiful smile, golden brown hair that had waves like the ocean, and deep blue eyes that anyone would die for but she felt insecure and thought she wasnt pretty like all the other girls at her school with blode hair and perfect makeup, but she ignored it. being in London was her chance to get away from everything and have fun with her best friend Julie. "ill finally be with my best friend and away from everyone else" she thought. she quickly started to get ready and put on a pair of blue jeans and a grey mickey mouse tank top. she brushed her teeth and put on her grey toms. she put all her luggage in the car and she was off to the airport. when she got off the plane she had no idea where to go so she just went to the nearest subway to eat, she was starving. when she went to refill her drink she walked into someone and got soda all over herself. the person who bumped into her ran to get napkins and help her clean up. when she looked up she looked into the two beautiful eyes of Niall Horan. "oh my gosh your Niall Horan!!!!" she yelled "yes i am love, im so sorry for spilling soda all over you" he said feeling guilty "dont worry about it" she smiled at Niall assuringly " would you like to sit with me and the boys at our table?" Niall offered "sure its not everyday i get to see One Direction" she giggled and she noticed Harry kept staring at her. her phone rang and it was Julie so she said goodbye to the boys but Niall insisted on walking her to the car so when they got to her car Niall asked for her number and she wrote her number on a napkin.
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