"Forever" - A Harry Styles one-shot

Sometimes, it can be just one singular chance meeting that can change the course of your life. That chance can be your lover, your enemy....or your best friend. Both Darcy and Harry know that their encounter was more than just pure coincidence- but will either gather enough courage to act upon it? Or will they lose their friendship?
Because forever is a long time.


4. 'Engulfing dark bliss' *epilogue*

**Harry P.O.V**

Steven placed the box of ashes beside my head.

I caught the silver plating in my tear stroked, wobbly vision. As the morphine pumped through my frail- ninety-year old lungs I reached into my waning strength to create a response “Thank you son” my voice was little more than an inaudible whisper.

Mustering up a minuscule amount of energy left I reached out to my mahogany clasped love. Inside were the remains of the love of my life; my reason for being. The one thing on this earth that kept me going day-in day-out. Darcy had given me everything I could have ever imagined: she had been a wonderful girlfriend- supporting everything my career put me through. Then once I knew for sure that I couldn’t live without her permanently solidified in my life- I made a commitment to be hers’ forever...

Just like I promised.

As my career began to slow down, we settled down together. Steven- our eldest son- was born first. I remember holding him for the first time vividly. How Darcy kept commenting on how she’d never seen me look at another human being like that before- all while I had tears in my eyes. Two years later and our baby girl was born, named after her beautiful mother- whom she took after greatly. Darcy loved her mother very much, almost as much as I did. We managed to have one more gorgeous child: Riley, our youngest son- was another perfect addition to our young family. But it was just after his birth when the problems started.

When you hear people talk about cancer- you never really think it will happen to you or the people that you love.

The harsh reality was that it does.

The tumour in Darcy’s brain moved with such force and spread with such velocity that it left some of the best doctors in the world scrambling to keep up. She had been diagnosed the day after Riley’s first birthday. I remember her being stressed about organising the milestone in the form of a party. The boys had organised for an extravagant affair, and Darcy involved herself as much as she could- however complaining of a persistent headache. After the party that night we rushed her to hospital. It took three, long, hard, nail-biting days before they broke the news to us. Initially, they said the chances of her survival were very good. She went under chemotherapy almost immediately: she didn’t lose any of her hair, she functioned almost completely normally and we were thankful she could return back to our normal lives. The treatment worked as well as we could have hoped for. But not well enough.

They broke the news of the second tumour to us more than five years later: it was what you could refer to as ‘a routine check-up gone wrong’. It was a massive blow, and we had thought it would be as easily treated as the last. But we were naïve, and so very, very wrong. “I’m sorry” Dr. Robinson- the man who had successfully treated Darcy last time- said to us in the white and sterile surgery room “You have about three months”.

From that moment forward it was Darcy that was strong for the bot of us. I cried freely at the times I saw her complete the next stage of tumour development. The chemo was no use to us now- nothing was. I felt like Darcy had previously been held tightly and securely within my clenched fists- but nowadays, it was if no matter how hard I tried to keep her safe- she was slipping through my fingers. Her only wishes were that she spent her final days with me. The boys stepped in then- looking after everything, including their godchildren.

“Please stop crying over me” she whispered through forced breath. Wiping across one of my cheeks with her frail thumb; stopping few of the many tears that were rolling off my face and onto my lap as I sat beside her on the hospital bed that had replaced our expensive posturepedic. “Sorry baby,” I sniffled “I just-” “Don’t feel sorry, don’t feel pity” she stroked my jaw. I nodded slowly, “Promise me something Harry,” Her voice was soft “Anything” She didn’t speak for a moment, contemplating “Promise me that you will be strong, when I go” “Babe- don’t” she shushed me with her index finger. Harry, it’s going to happen whether we like it or not: but when it does- you need to promise me that you will be strong. For the kids. You are such an incredible man, and I have been so blessed to call you mine” I was completely sobbing now,

“Harry, I want you to know how much I love you. How much I will miss you, I cherish everything you have done for me. You are the kindest man I have ever known, you make me feel so beautiful- even though I’m not. You protect me from everything you can and I love you so much” I forgot all about the fact she was so breakable and pulled her into a tight embrace. I cried into her chest as she held me as much as I held her. Pulling away I placed a shaky kiss to her numbing lips, “Thank you for being mine Harry” she breathed, it was her last. I looked at her beautiful blue eyes- the ones that I had fallen hopelessly in love with- one last time before the closed blissfully, head lolled back into the meticulously placed pillows.

  Many, many years later and I had been blessed with grandchildren and they had been blessed with children. I made it my personal duty to let each generation know how wonderful my wife was, how much I missed her- how much I loved her. Now lying on a bed in hospital in my final moments of this earth, I took a forced but well deserving glance around the room at the people whom without- I would have given up on this earth long time ago. Through gasping exhales, my breath grew strained- although my mind was somewhat fuzzy I knew the time had come. Using my shaking hands to gradually pull the ashes closer to me; and with one- final gasp I gave my all “I’m coming Darcy”   And then blank.

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