"Forever" - A Harry Styles one-shot

Sometimes, it can be just one singular chance meeting that can change the course of your life. That chance can be your lover, your enemy....or your best friend. Both Darcy and Harry know that their encounter was more than just pure coincidence- but will either gather enough courage to act upon it? Or will they lose their friendship?
Because forever is a long time.


2. 'A strange new beginning?'.

Dimples forming further at the sides of his smirk to his actions, I began to blush. He set me down on the ground gently and for a second I almost forgot the mass of girls screaming at us. An arm tugged on mine and my eyes shot to Macey before back to the boy “We gotta go”. Her voice was strained- but as stupid as it was, I didn’t want to leave.

“Jesus! Are you okay?!”

All three of us turned to a blonde boy who was standing behind a hunched over Ollie. “Can we get some help please?!” a tall brunette boy shouted through the doors of a building nearby. 

I raced over to her, as did the other girls.

“I’m okay, really” Ollie pushed through strained breath, not being one who usually showed pain she scrunched up her face instead. “Medic!?” the brunette called again inside. “Seriously, I’m-I’m alright” despite her protests Ella and the blonde boy managed to help her to a nearby ledge. And that when I noticed what was wrong. Outstretching her palms from the tight fists they had been held in when I first saw her, I could see under a profusely spitting vortex of blood were several gashes across her hand- all at least an inch deep.

“They’re just a couple cuts” she eased- reading our shocked expressions. The crimson liquid started to pour off her hands and out onto her fingertips, spilling onto the ground below. The clatter of feet on the pavement echoed closer and Ollie closed her hands into fists again- refusal evident within her mannerisms. A paramedic came from inside, shortly followed by the demanding brunette. Rushing past us to Ollie, the man lent down and examined her hands, prying the situation from her clenched fists:

“Can you tell me what happened love?” Her face was a mixture of concentration and pain, “The uh- the barb wire, cut it”. “We need to get you inside”

The paramedic nodded and motioned to the blonde boy I noticed hadn’t left Ollie’s side- slinging an arm around her waist the blonde hobbled with Ollie as she got up. Slowly, they carried her inside- the brunette and Macey assisting when needed. Ella rolled her eyes at me subtly before following them.

Typical Ollie” I muttered solemnly, under my breath. “Ah, so her name is Ollie” curly was tapping on that strong chin of his with a finger when I turned to look at him, “What’s yours then? Little rebel?” I didn’t know whether to be offended or encouraged by his comment and tone. “Darcy, actually” he swallowed hard, before his mouth stood agape. It kinda freaked me out, I raised an eyebrow “Are you… ok?” Shaking his head with a smirk he gained back his composure, “Nothing, just… just really like that name is all”. I giggled stupidly and turned a considerable shade of red. “We should, um…” I let my sentence trail off, implying that we should make our way inside. “Yeah, right”

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