"Forever" - A Harry Styles one-shot

Sometimes, it can be just one singular chance meeting that can change the course of your life. That chance can be your lover, your enemy....or your best friend. Both Darcy and Harry know that their encounter was more than just pure coincidence- but will either gather enough courage to act upon it? Or will they lose their friendship?
Because forever is a long time.


3. 'A good reason'.

It’s funny how a chance meeting can change the course of your entire life. How you looked at things. How you planned and structured the things you did every-day. How you lived. It never ceased to amaze me how much Harry impacted my life. The way he encompassed my every thought, the first thing I thought about when I woke from lumber in the morning and the last thing that lingered on my mind before I drifted into sleep.

It’s funny how things changed.  


*** “You know Harry, you don’t have to be such an ass about it” I huffed, throwing down the phone. “I told you he would be like that” Macey called from the door. I sighed- in the back of mind I knew Harry wouldn’t approve; he was being so overprotective of me lately, this new job was pretty much perfect and he was being a real bi.tch about it. It was really starting to piss me off. “Well, what am I supposed to do Mace? Tell him why? Because I really don’t think I could deal with the loss” Macey’s face dropped and the harsh reality set upon us. “I can’t do it, I will ruin everything”.  

*** *Harry: meet me at our spot in 5 yeah?* as Harry’s message flashed upon the screen of my phone I felt my heart drop. I could barely function knowing that after tonight things with Harry and I would never be the same. Our first meeting- however messed up- was perfect. And the past two months had gone so quickly it was almost scary. We had shared everything about ourselves on our first ‘date’. But it soon dawned on me that it was more complicated than to what I first interpreted.

The Harry back then was completely different to the Harry I occasionally saw nowadays. That was if I ever saw him. He was gone so often on tour with boys that when I finally had quality time with my best friend he was utterly exhausted. Throwing on my scarf as a defence against the chilly night I made my way to the front door. Passing through the lounge, I spotted Macey and Liam talking quietly with Zayn and Louis. Ollie was in the kitchen with Niall, making teas while Ella slept blissfully on the couch. Careful not to disturb their peace I made my way silently out the front door and made my way to the park down the road Harry and I had deemed as our own.

It took me less than two minutes to reach him, piles of curly hair billowing over the back of a bench. He looked exactly the way I loved, his jaw clenched tightly, his skin pale and glowing under the singular street lamp nearby. His plump lips pursed into a hard line, brows furrowed- sight directly on the phone he was spinning in his hands. Despite his weary expression he still managed to leave me in awe. It was as if he had this aura about him, one thing that no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t resist nor ignore. He just radiated everything that was pure and enticing toward me, like some sort of addiction. The clatter of my footsteps alerted him of my oncoming presence, his eyes shot up to precisely where I was; a small smirk playing delightfully on his lips.

“I didn’t think you would come” he admitted as I took a seat beside him. I nodded, now aware he had noticed our distance lately too. He sighed and stared at me, but I couldn’t look at him- not when I knew what was coming. So I stared ahead, directly ahead- afraid of looking anywhere else. The world was cold today; in more ways than one. The air bit into my spine as did Harry’s next words: “What are we doing Darcy?” “I don’t know Harry…”

I finally plucked up enough courage to look at him, and instantly regretted it. Something about the way he looked at me in that split second- made me feel more guilty and empty than I had ever felt in my entire life. “I just want my best friend back” Harry’s husky words cut deep. He wanted the girl that I have fooled him into believing I was, the one that only wanted to be 'just friends'. But that girl wasn't here, she never was to begin with. It had always just been me under neath the act, the girl who was hopelessly in love with a boy who wanted nothing more than a friend. It was the end of the line.

I took an inhale; this was all I needed to edge me on.

I stood and turned on my heels, “Where are you going?!” Harry called. I was so close to walking away and never speaking to him again- but considering this was gonna be the last time I would talk to him, I was going to give him it all. It was if someone had flipped a switched, like a chemical reaction the calm was over- and the storm was about to erupt.

“Away Harry! I’m going away! I’m leaving and I’m going somewhere where I can at least try to subside these overwhelming feelings I have of you. Things can’t go back the way they were- You’re never even around for Christ’s sake! I’m tired of waiting on you Harry. I can’t be your ‘best friend’ anymore when I know that every-day I will have to look at you and know you will never be mine” A tear slipped down my cheek. All he offered in return was: “Please”. I shook my head and turned again, beginning a speedy walk. An arm grabbed onto mine and spun me around- Harry made me look at him “Please Darcy, please don’t go”. The tears were falling freely now and I wasn’t planning on stopping them. Let them fall. “Give me: one, good, reason, Harry- just one”, my bottom lip quivering beyond control.

“I love you the words spilled from his mouth without hesitation.


“You-you what?” I stumbled. He scoffed “I love you- I absolutely bloody love you!” He threw his hands into his hair in frustration. “Ever since the moment you fell off that fence I couldn’t stop thinking about you! You just-… you’re everywhere!” his hands were flying blindly in all directions. “It hurts so much knowing that I’ve hurt you like this: and if it even matters you should know that every-day I am away from you I spend missing you. I don’t want anything else but to call you mine” The warmth in my heart that those words caused was almost too much to cope with “Harry” was all I breathed as his body beckoned to mine.

“Please” he whispered, hit breath hit my face and his lips- the ones I had so longed for- were finally pressed to mine. They were soft, plump, and everything I could have possibly imagined- plus more. The first kiss was cautious, somewhat treating me as if I would break under too much pressure. He pulled his face from mine momentarily- gauging my reaction. My hands grabbed the back of his neck, giving him the urging he needed to enclose me into the most passionate kiss I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing in my entire life. My lips eagerly parted to meet his as we moved in synch, so close we were on lock from everything else in the world at that moment. His hand held my body tightly to his and only when we were desperate for oxygen did either one break lips from the other. His breathing was raged, uneven and totally full of chuckles as we rested our foreheads together. “Promise you’ll love me forever Harry” I said, eager for some sort of absolute. “Forever”

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