"Forever" - A Harry Styles one-shot

Sometimes, it can be just one singular chance meeting that can change the course of your life. That chance can be your lover, your enemy....or your best friend. Both Darcy and Harry know that their encounter was more than just pure coincidence- but will either gather enough courage to act upon it? Or will they lose their friendship?
Because forever is a long time.


1. 'Catch me if you can'.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this! I can’t believe you did that! Why is this happening?!” My breathing was raged as we practically piss-bolted down the cloudy streets of London for our freedom. 

Usually I was the fastest runner out of us all; but I had been caught so off-guard and was still so shocked that I could barely move my legs.

As my long caramel hair whipped behind me in now tattered waves- I focused on keeping my cream sweater from riding up my waist and my red ballet flats from slipping right off my feet. Ollie’s bellowing laughter only edged on my frustration, all our faces were flushed and sweaty from running. I was so mad she was proud of her actions that had forced us to escape from law enforcement… once again. Swiftly spinning round a tight corner, I almost collided into Ella.

The soft blare of sirens echoed through the cobble-stone streets, the fear of being caught sending our legs into a frenzy. “Guys, over there!” Macey pointed to a large group of girls our age crowded in a horseshoe formation at a tall, metal fence less than two hundred meters away, never breaking her sprint. Perfect. Ollie was the first to reach the group- pretty much diving into them. The rest of us followed, causing no more than a shuffle amongst them. I pushed my way through the screaming girls- desperately trying to disappear. When I hit the fence I turned to Ollie, opening my mouth to give her a piece of my mind she shushed me with her finger over the noise. Giving me a nod, I didn’t have to look to know it meant the police were behind us in the group. The continual roar of the sea of bodies surrounding us drowned out most of the panic.

I moved my gaze as best I could while being squashed- catching at least five officers in the corner of my eye. The police looked around through the crowd; I gave a silent prayer to be invisible. And it must have worked. Scanning through the faces around me their expressions grew frustrated. Unsatisfied, they went back around the corner; the most decorated speaking something into the walkie-talkie on his chest.

Only then did I realise I had been holding my breath.

Trying to catch up with the burning sensation filling my lungs I pushed downwards and folded onto my knees. However the continual tugging on my arm told me, this was not finished yet. I stood up- only to be yanked by Macey to the fence. I looked up to see Ollie already halfway up the winding web of thin metal. Her shoe clad feet balancing precariously through the unstable gaps: much to the surprize of the people on the both sides. Jesus, that girl was fearless. Glad I wore jeans today- I followed after her. Macey and Ella close on my tail.

Groaning and swinging her legs over, Ollie was the first to touch foot on the other side. I sat awkwardly at the top of the two meter fence, worried about falling. At the bottom a pile of curly hair locked wide eyes with mine, hands outstretched- one holding more than five hands through the fence, the other clinging desperately to a black marker.

That’s when I lost my balance.

With a short shriek the falling sensation soon engulfed me. I shut my eyes tightly- waiting for the hard ground to take me. A sharp intake of breath and two arms were around me, catching me before my body meshed with pavement. One arm around the back of my waist and the other holding my legs; supported me fully. “Gotcha!” a husky voice called at my saviour.

Opening my eyes slowly I caught the front of a black Ramones shirt, it smelt… posh. Next I caught the defined collarbones and shoulders, long neck, tightly cut jawline, full supple lips, dimple pinned cheeks, generous nose, swirling aqua eyes and a mop of curly, brown, hair. “Are you alright love?” his voice was deep and rough and totally English.

The thumping of feet behind me signalled that the other girls had followed suit. “I uh-uh” although his raised eyebrows inferred he was genuinely concerned the cocky smirked that played on his lips told me otherwise. He was amused at my foolishness and obvious co-dependency. “Thanks for catching me” And he just held me, just like that.

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