Love in London

Aria Rose Parker was an only child. she was frendless and was quite insucure. She was abused by her father all the time. She wanted to get away but how, she has no money or job. If her mother were still alive she would not let this happen at least she would try to prevent it. But when she finds out she is going to be a foreign student she is happy to leave her father with out hessitation.


2. New Day

Arias POV:I was awakend by yelling in the kitchen scare I jumped up and ran down the stairs."WHAT IS GOING ON"I yelled to the boys as I entered the kitchen which was a huge mess. I was tired and annoyed"Watch out you boys let me cook while you guys go clean up oh and you guys get to clean the kitchen"I said"Aww not fair"Louis whines" Love yall but life isnt fair Louie"i said smiling"okay fine then lets go then"Zayn said walking out of the kitchen followed by Niall Liam Louis and Harry. I plugged my phone into the T.V and turned on music it was super loud. Then summer nights came on and I sang the girl parts while dancing and cooking. I was twirling and shaking my hips and singing I flipped the last pancake put it on a plate . I was spining to the table set it down then started to pick up the kitchen. when I turned to the doorway I almost fell."AHH"I let out a scream. "Haha you sure like to dance around"Harry said laughing"well you weren't supposed to hear or see that"I said smiling. "well we did so yeah"Liam said while the rest of the boys were on the floor laughing"Oh shush at least I have the desency to put a on a thing called a shirt"I said looking at Niall Harry Louis and Zayn"I wish you didnt"I heard harry say between laughs which made them laugh harder I went upstairs to change. I got changed into a purple and black sundress. When I went down stairs the house was worse"YOU GUYS"I yelled they stopped jumping and sat down"I am very disapointed in you boys mostly you Liam I thought you were mature. I feel like snow white and you are the seven dwarfs but instead there are 5 of you"I said they al look sad. "Come here give me a hug"I said soon i fell to the ground harry zayn and liam held me down while niall and louis tickled me"STOP PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME HELP"I was screaming just then I heard someone laugh it wasnt any of the boys. I sat up fast. I walked into the family room and i saw my old friend coltin."COOKIE"I shrieked and all the boys smiled
Harrys POV:I like seeing Aria smile its beautiful. I am happy the boys set up for coltin to come over since he lives here in london. "COOKIE"Aria shrieked in my ear she ran and engulfed Coltin in a huge hug. "Hey Kit Kat"he said hugging her back"what are you doing here I haven't seen you in 5 years"She said smiling "I am here to do this"He said kissing Aria. She didn't kiss back instead she fainted. "COLTIN WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER"I yelled as she hi the floor"I just wanted to be her first kiss after all you only have one first kiss"he said smiling at her. "I will also be her first if you know what i mean"he said winking He picked her up and carried her to her room then shut the door and l ran after him but he was faster.I heard the door lock"LEAVE HER ALONE YOU SICK BASTARD"Liam yelled ramming the door trying to get it open. "LET HER GO SHE IS THE ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD THAT LIKES GREASE LIKE I DO"Niall yelled"SHE IS THE ONLY PERSON WHO MAKES ME RUSH TO GET READY"Zayn yelled"SHE LIKES CARROTS AS MUCH AS I DO"Louis yelled"SHE IS THE ONLY PERSON I HAVE EVER MET WITH PINK HAIR"I yelled"GET OFF ME COLTIN NOW GET AWAY HELP ME"I heard Aria scream"EWW GET OFF ME GET AWAY NIALL ZAYN LOUIS SOMEBODY HELP PLEASE"I heard a crash then all was silent Liam kicked open the door we found Aria in a corner and Coltin on the floor knocked out with vase parts every where"Aria come here"Liam said opening his arms. Aria ran into his arm and started to cry."M-m-my only f-f-friend tried to rape me "she sobbed into his chest we all gave her a hug. "I am gonna call the police okay Louis said. Aria walked down the stairs she looked pale and sick. She sat down next to me and fell asleep with her head on my lap
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