Love in London

Aria Rose Parker was an only child. she was frendless and was quite insucure. She was abused by her father all the time. She wanted to get away but how, she has no money or job. If her mother were still alive she would not let this happen at least she would try to prevent it. But when she finds out she is going to be a foreign student she is happy to leave her father with out hessitation.


6. Edward

Arias POV:I was so happy I was going to their concert tonight. "Liam lets go now i drive"I called and yet he ended up driving anyway. "why can't i drive Liam its not fair" I whined "well we have to get there on time plus its my car"He said smiling at me in the review mirror I smiled back. About fifteen minutes of bickering  we were finally there"YEAH WE ARE HERE NOW SO I DONT NEED TO HEAR BICKERING ANYMORE YES"i yelled and the boys laughed I smiled.I was really happy to be here with them like their groupie. But after a few minutes i felt like a sixth wheel because all of the boys were talking to justin bieber so really i was a seventh wheel. "I am going out for fresh-"i started but what was the use because they weren't listening for once i felt hurt when i was with them. I turned to see a woman "sorry miss" i said smiling at her but she just looked at me"Its okay why aren't you hanging out with the boys you are Aria right"she said smiling at me"umm I don't know I just need air"I said "well harry should know to treat girls better after all i did raise him to"she said "Your harrys mum oh how wonderful its nice to meet you"I said shaking her hand. "yes i am nice to meet you too harry tells me you are very sweet and he wasn't lying when he said you were beautiful"she said making my face turn red "MUMMY"i heard harry yell and he gave her a big hug. I decided to head outside since they all were hugging her and all. I was sitting on the curb when a little boy came up to me"are you okay miss"he said he was so innocent. "No I am not okay"I said wiping my tears away. "well what is it"he said sitting next to me. I told him everything that happened from my dad almost killing me to me feeling like a seventh wheel. "well its okay you are very sweet and they are jerks for leaving you out like that you should just leave them here alone and if they get worried then they are true friends if not then they aren't"he said smiling at me"yeah you want to go for a walk oh i never got your name"I said he was so sweet "Edward is my name Edward well you see i dont know who my parents are i lost them long ago so now i am an orphan"he said his voice dropped"oh my gosh come on with me I want you to meet the boys okay"I said picking him up.

Justins POV:"Niall is where is Aria at lad"louis asked Niall who was eating like he was for the past hour. "is that her"I said pointing to a girl with beautiful hair that was down"Hey guys I want you to meet Edward"She said as a little boy came out from behind her.  "what the hell"harry said

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