Love in London

Aria Rose Parker was an only child. she was frendless and was quite insucure. She was abused by her father all the time. She wanted to get away but how, she has no money or job. If her mother were still alive she would not let this happen at least she would try to prevent it. But when she finds out she is going to be a foreign student she is happy to leave her father with out hessitation.


1. Better life

Aria's POV:
I brushed through the knots in my long wavy black hair with hot pink highlights. I brushed my white as could be perfectly straight teeth. "GET DOWN HERE NOW YOU UGLY BRAT"my father yelled up the stairs. He was always made me feel like what he called me was true. I slipped on jean shorts and an old bettles shirt. I grabbed my converse and socks and rushed down the stairs to avoid getting slapped for making him wait. "CHECK THE MAIL"he yelled "YOU DONT HAVE TO YELL I AM RIGHT HERE"I yelled back in his face. He slapped me across the face"Don't ever do that again you understand"he said. I ran outside and checked the mail"Yes I made it I can leave this horrible place"i said to myself I couldn't believe I was goin to London for a whole year.

~~~Time skip to the day Aria leaves~~~
Liams POV:
"You guys hurry up and clean the foreign student will be here in like three hours"I said pulling Louis off the couch"My mom will be gone for two more weeks so I am in charge so pick up" then harry comes im the front door"They are here Liam"he says running clothes into the laundry room. "how do you know harry"Louis asked"Cause there is a taxi in front of the house"he said. Then there was a knock on the door everyone was yelling and pushing to get to the door we heard a female voice on the other side talking on the phone"Well it was my choice and i cose not to be slapped in the face everytime I talked back or was to slow now good bye"she said into the phone she knocked again. When I opened it I saw a beautiful girl who had black and pink hair. She smiled at me"Hello I'm Aria Parker is this the Payne household"she said her voice was very clear but shaky."yeah it is come on in Love"I said Louis took her three bags up to her room

Arias POV:
Wow this house was huge. I was also living with 5 boys "so Aria where are you from"a boy with super curly hair asked "Oh dallas texas"I answered my voice was even now"I'm harry this is niall liam louis and zayn"Harry said. I was examining everyone carefully "So Aria is it fun in america"Zayn asked me"Yeah it is if you can have fun but I wouldn't know that since I was never allowed to leave the house except for school"I said my voice was very cold and full of sorrow"why thats not fair"Louis said"I know but its okay i guess"I said the boys were examining me like I was doing to them"Whats that"Niall pointed to a bruse on my left wrist"Oh I hit my hand on the desk in science"I lied but they knew it to"It looks like finger prints what really happened"Liam said looking into my eyes with a sharp look "Okay I enrolled in the program not knowing I would get in just so that if I did get in I could leave my father he abused me after my mom died like 10 years ago so I never got a break I called cps but he would deny everything sometimes I would have to go to the ER it was such a dream getting to leave that house"I said with a tear streaming down my cheek. "How horrible I can't believe you can still smile that smile"Louis said. That made me smile at the ground "How cute she is blushing I just can't believe you went through all that"Zayn said looking down at me. "Anyway let me show you to your room then we could all go out for lunch"Liam said giving me his hand I took it and went with him

Nialls POV:
I couldn't wait to go to lunch with Aria I want to get to know her more. She was very sweet but I have to look out because the others mught get her first. "Niall are you ready"I heard Arias sweet voice call out"Yeah lets go"I answered she smiled and grabbed my wrist and pulled me out the door. "So Aria where do you want to eat" Liam asked she looked confused"Umm when I said I never left the house I meant it"she said dead serious"How about Nandos huh"Louis said"YES PLEASE LIAM PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE"I yelled. Aria smiled"We eat there everyday niall I can memorize the menu"Liam protested I pouted Aria smiled at me"Liam let the poor child eat there please plus I want eat there to"Aria said. I was happy she wanted to eat there to she is so sweet she was probly gonna get pizza or something but she chose Nandos.

"I will have a chicken salad"Aria said and I thought she was just joking so I laughed at her. "You are really just eating salad you must be hungry"Liam said before I could say anything"Yeah I am not gonna have you spend 20 bucks on spegetti Liam I will have salad"Aria insisted but Liam got her the spegetti"So Aria what do you do for fun"I asked her she smiled"I sing dance and play piano violin viola cello tamberine and guitar oh and i write songs and skateboard inside my house of corse"She said "I play the guitar also"I said I was excited we had something in common. About an hour later we finished lunch and we left. "So Niall other than playing guitar eating and singing what do you like to do"Aria asked her pearl gray eyes were absolutly gorgeous in the sunlight "EARTH TO NIALL ARIA ASKED YOU A QUESTION"Louis shouted making me jump. "Oh yeah well I like to watch movies and hangout with my friends"I answered putting my hands behind my neck. Aria tickled my stomach and I brought my hands down to my stomach.

Arias POV:
"HARRY CAN YOU PLEASE COME HELP ME"I called down the stairs. In a matter of second he was on his way up the stairs"Whats wrong love"He asked looking at me"Umm I can't open up my door I think its locked from the inside"I said he smiled at me"You have to shove up against it Liam has to get a new door for this room but its the second biggest room in the house"Harry said I was trying to keep up. "You wanna watch a movie with boys and I we would love if you could join us please" He begged and of course I gave in"Okay let me change into something warmer"I said shutting the door behind me. I pulled on sweats and a baggy t-short that used to be my dads. I took out my hair and brushed it down. "What movie do you wanna watch Toy story Grease or the ward"Zayn asked me"How about Grease I love that fricken movie"I yelled and all the boys laughed. when grease lightning came one Niall jumped up and sang danny zukos part while the other boys played the rest of the T-Birds and I sang sandys parts. "that was so much fun haha you make an awesome danny"I said I looked at the time"I am going to bed now night you guys"I said and went up stairs i soon fell into a deep sleep
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