Love in London

Aria Rose Parker was an only child. she was frendless and was quite insucure. She was abused by her father all the time. She wanted to get away but how, she has no money or job. If her mother were still alive she would not let this happen at least she would try to prevent it. But when she finds out she is going to be a foreign student she is happy to leave her father with out hessitation.


3. Beach Bum

Louis' POV:"Lets go to the beach today"I yelled waking up Aria and Harry. "Geez Louis you scared me I thought coltin was up"Aria said "Where is coltin"She said panicked "The police took him away so you dont have to worry anymore"I told her she smiled that perfect smile that could light up a dark room and pearl grey eyes that sparkle- "LOUIE HELLO LOUIS I ASKED YOU A QUESTION" Aria said waving her hand in my face"Huh sorry I was thinking what was the question"I said smiling a goofy smile"Are we still going to the beach"she asked standing u and walking over to the stairs"Yeah of course"I said an she dashed up the stairs. I could here her uelling at the boys to wake up"GET UP WE ARE GOING TO THE BEACH YOU BUMS" i laughed at the wor choice. about half an hour later we were ready to go.

Zayns POV:I cant wait to tan my already tan skin. I love the way the sun feels against my skin. "Were here you guys"Harry said making Aria jump. We all ran to get a spot in the nice sun. today was really hot. Liam and Louis were surfing. Aria was sand surfing with harry and niall while i was tanning. I go to see what Aria is doing and she is walking toward me whit a bucket of water"Dont you dare Aria"I warn her but she does anyway. I run after her bur she is way to fast even in sand. "NIALL HELP"She yells but I snach her and throw her over my shoulder. I ran down th beach with her.Then a group of boys came over"Hey gorgeous you play volly ball"a tall blonde asked"Yes I do how about my friends against yours"She said standing up and brushing the sand off her bum. "Yeah sure the winning team gets to take you to dinner yeah"the blonde said "okay lets do this then blondie"Aria said then she went off to get the other boys. We served first about halfway into the game we were winning. The other team got really jelous and started to play harder. The blonde served a spike and hit Niall in the place where the sun dont shine"NIALL"Aia yelled and rushed to his side"We agreed to no spikes so its a point for us"she said helping Niall up to his feet. In the end we won. We left after Paul called and told us we had a concert tomarrow so we had to go to practice. Today I for once wasnt a Beach Bum
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