Live While We're Young (Sequel to My Life With One Direction)

The sequel to My Life With One Direction. xox ~Elise


23. Who's The One (Harry's P.O.V)

"Harry, great, no, phenominal plan." Zayn pats my shoulder. "I know right? We need Katie to bring her though. And, I have to end it with Gianna.." I slowly say. "Finally!" he laughs. "Harry, you've got this, your the sexiest curly haired boy I've ever seen. Remember, your curls get the girls." Zayn smiles, pulling his arm off my shoulder after walking away to tell Katie, and the boys. After the last couple of days, I really, began to love Gianna. But it'll be hard, but I know that Briella's the one.

"Where are you going?" Briella walks out in her fluffy robe. "Oh, um, Gianna's." I say, looking away after saying Gianna. "Oh." she says, walking away with her tea. I bite my lip, because something has been holding me back. "Wait, Briella.." I say. "Yeah?" she tilts her head. "What, are, we?" I ask. "I-- I don't know." she says, weakly, walking into the kitchen. I sigh, and shut the door.

I step out of my car, pulling up to her large flat. I ring the doorbell. And answering it, is Gianna. "Hey." she smiles, seductively, pulling my head to kiss me. "Mmm." I say inbetween the kiss. And, off goes a flash. Paparrazzi. "Please? Stop following me! I need privacy!" I shout, as Gianna pulls me in. She keeps on kissing me. There's a lot of puckering. "Wait,-" I say, before she kisses me again. "What?" she smiles, carressing the back of my neck. I'm about to end it. But I just keep my mouth open. I-- I just can't. I, love her.. I love Gianna? "I-I, I love you." I smile. She smiles again, pulling me on top of her, kissing.

"Harry?" she softly asks. "Yeah?" She looks at me, with her brown eyes. "Have, you seen Taylor? I'm worried sick, I just hope she's not dead." she looks down, sincere. "No, I haven't." I lie. She looks at me like she knows. "Well, just let her know I love her." she pokes my chest. Pulling my head down to kiss her.

"Bye." I leave. "Bye sexy." she waves. Sometimes, I wish she wasn't so, clingy. I drive home. Pissed at myself. Why do I feel like that for her. When, I suppossedly love Briella, but, I think it's time for someone new. Someone like Gianna. I pull over to the side of the road. I lean my head on the driving wheel. I start crying harshly. Because, love is so complicated. When, you think you couldn't love someone like Gianna, then you end up to. And you think you couldn't stop loving a perfect girl like Briella, but you end up anyway. I was so pissed with myself. And the others would be pissed too. I pull my phone out, and immediately call Liam. The only person who has good advice in stupid situations like this.

"Liam," I say. "Hey! Great plan.." he congratulates me. "Liam.. I can't do this anymore. I don't know who I should love.." I cry. "What? Harry, are you alright?" he starts becoming concerned. "No! Because I can't pick who I love. Liam, I love them both, but I feel like if I choose Gianna, you all are going to hate me, and if I choose Briella, then there's going to be drama, and all.. all this crap!" I whine. "Woah, woah." Liam laughs. "We're going to hate you? Damn, Harry. Your practically our brother?" he says. "But" I start. "Look, Harry, it's your life. And if you love, the witch, then love her. I'm not going to hate you because you love someone. As long as you always love me though, then we're cool." he jokes. "Alright." I breath. "I'll see you later." he says. "Bye." he says. Liam was right, and, I knew who was right. The girl I want is..



(A/N) Bahah! Cliffhanger! I have a question. Barry or Garry? Should Harry pick Gianna or Briella? Tell me why! :)

~Diana Elise Styles <3

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