Live While We're Young (Sequel to My Life With One Direction)

The sequel to My Life With One Direction. xox ~Elise


27. What I Love About You (DIRTY) Meky's P.O.V.


"Damn, I burnt the eggs." I talk to myself. I feel a pair of arms wrap around me and a neck rest on my shoulder. "That smells lovely, doesn't it?" as I feel a kiss planted on my neck. "Sarcasm doesn't go well with me sometimes, Horan." I smirked at him, turning around and pointing the spatula at him.

"Whoa now, you can hurt someone with that thing!" he backed up, with his hands up. I rolled my eyes. "Here's your breakfast, darling." I smirk. "Are you not eating?" Niall asks as he sits down, pulling a chair out for me. "No, I'm not hungry." I smile, as I walk past him. He grabs my wrist. "I'm not eating if your not eating." he says, looking in my eyes.

I wasn't hungry, I hadn't eaten much lately anyway, it doesn't bother me anyway just to sit there while he ate. I hadn't told him about the tweets. Being directed at my looks, my body, my.. everything. Just because they wanted a chance with Niall Horan. I can't help that he walked into my life. And it doesn't help when your making his current girlfriend feel like a worthless piece of garbage.

The amount of people who sent me things ranging from, "Why don't you fall off a cliff, Niall would be happier that way." and "Why don't you just lose some weight, look at your legs, your body.. it's repulsive!" is ridiculous, and those are only a couple of comments out of many. I had started not eating, except for once a day I’d eat a bowl of fruit, or have some veggies. I didn't want Niall to know about what his 'fans' were saying about me. A girl who's mum works for them, who was found by their manager.

He was in the studio every day, and had been for the past week. He didn’t have the time to notice that I wasn’t myself. It wasn’t fair for me to be treated this way and I honestly just wanted to lay in the bed with him all day, not doing a thing but staying cuddled into his arms.

"Meky, are you alright?" he asks, placing his fork down. "I'm f-fine." I smile brightly, hoping to seem genuine. "Meky, I'm not stupid, come here." he cocks an eyebrow at me. I walked over to him, and sat on his lap, his arm securely around my waist. "By the way, I never said you were stupid." I poke his nose, hoping to change the subject. "Now, Meky.." he raises his eyebrows, his voice firm, but loving.

I sighed, and reached to get my phone from the other side of the table. I opened my twitter, and showed him all the mentions that are directed at my body, and they are highly rude. "No, no, no, no! Don't you DARE listen to them, you hear me?"

He was honestly upset, you could see it by looking into his eyes. "Is this why you aren't, eating?"

I looked down and buried my face into his chest, hiding my face for the fact that he now knew I wasn’t eating like I should because of these comments that his fans were sending me. His arms wrapped around me, I had started crying without noticing, and he began singing to me; it was soon tuned out by my thoughts.

I remember four days ago, pinching at my stomach, rubbing my thighs, wishing to tear the fat from them. Only standing in my undergarments, infront of the mirror. Bringing my hands up to my hips, they we're too wide. "I want you to remember that your dating me, not my fans. And I think your body, your face, your everything is perfect in my eyes." he whispers. I daze back off again. Everytime I was about to eat cake, or coca-cola, or pizza. I'd think to myself before eating it. I would be disgusted with myself. All this pain, because of words.

I snapped back to reality again when Niall's warm breath tickled over my shoulder. "Please don't listen to them, please Meky." he repeated himself again. I stared over at the stove, my ears pressed against his chest listening to his heartbeat. "Are you listening, darling?"

I nodded up at him. "I'll be okay.." I lied the best I could. I didn't want him to worry. But I knew I wouldn't be okay, I wasn't used to this.

"Your lying."

He caught me. "I'll have to be alright."

"Nobody has to be alright. I don't want you to listen to them. Me.." he gave a cocky grin as he shook his head in a proud way, surely trying to make me laugh in his cheesy act. "well, I see you as perfect, nothing more, nothing less."

"Niall, I'm not-"

His lips crashed against mine, his arms wrapping around my waist, carrying me into the living room, dropping me on the couch. "I want to show you how perfect you are." Niall says, climbing on top of me. He kisses my forehead. "For every beautiful thing you think." He moves down to right between my eyes. Kissing it. "For the all the beauty you see in everything." He goes to my cheeks, kissing them. "For every little thing you blush about, even those stupid sappy things I come up with." he moves to my lips. "For the beautiful words that come out of your mouth." he smiles. Then he kisses my stomach, leaving me blushing. "For the beautiful future children we'll have." he looks at me, seductively.

He strips me down, doing the same to himself. His length sits at my entrance. "I love you, Meky." He looks in my eyes, standing above me. I close my eyes, ready to let him make me feel better about who I am. He thrusts into me, giving me butterflies in my stomach.

"Niall.." I let a moan escape my mouth.

He thrusted faster, and faster. Making me moan a little louder. "Meky, I love you.." he says inbetween thrusts and moans. I bucked my hips, as he did so with his hands, pulling my waist up. "Niall.." I say a little louder, and breathier. He looks down at me. I can see sweat glistening on his forehead. He reaches down to kiss me. I moaned louder, frightening myself. "I'm almost there.." he moans. I close my eyes, letting him take me away.

"Uh.." I moan. Niall squints, making his face wrinkle up. Before I know it, I feel a warm, gooey, explosion go all on my legs, and in me.

He pulled me onto him, hugging me in bare skin. "Meky, your absolutely perfect.." he kisses my neck, moving down to my chest, and back up to my lips. "Not as perfect as you, Niall Horan," I pant.

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