Live While We're Young (Sequel to My Life With One Direction)

The sequel to My Life With One Direction. xox ~Elise


14. We have to tell her

My heart is breaking, my body is falling apart. Even though I seemt fine the other day, I was dying inside. I needed someone else to love me.. And that had to be one of Harry's best friends, Niall. It was a very trampy think for me to do. I realize that.

"Come on, get up, you've got a concert." my sister shakes me with her un-wounded hand. "HUuummm." I drone. "Your going to let your fans down.." she sings in my ear. "Fiiine, only for them." I roll out of bed. "Daisy gave me your clothes, they're on the dresser." Katie informs me. Daisy is my stylist, and Frankie is my manager, and etc. I walk over to my dresser.

I put on a tight, dark beige shirt, a pair of light pink suspenders, a necklace, black jeans, and white, suade heels. I brush my hair down, and leave my face bare. I climb up the stairs. I see everyone waiting in the kitchen.. Including, Harry. "Ehmm?" I ask. "Good luck.." Harry awkwardly says. "Thanks." I say back. "YOU ARE GOING TO SMASH IT FOR THE 100th TIME!" Louis shouts, pulling me into his chest with his arm. "You burst my eardrums." I joke. "Oh my, sorry." he giggles. "You got dis gurrl." Zayn says. "I know boii." I laugh.

I turn around at Harry, before we close the door. He mouths something.. Something almost like, "I love you.. Or I'm sorry.." why would he be sorry?




-At the concert-

"Not letting you break my heart again, no, not this time around." I sing. "Never Again.." I sing. I finish, the crowd roars. This was the end of my concert. It was really fun. I saw a sign, that said: "Harry's not worth it! Your AMAZAYN.." what did that mean? A suggestion that I go out with Zayn? That boy is my friggin brother. "Goodnight! And thank you so much you beautiful people!" I shout into the mic. The crowd shrieks. I walk off stage. Putting my microphone down.

"I really need Harry back. This is killing me." I tell, Zayn, Louis, and Liam. "Y-you can't." Louis suspiciously studders. "Your right. He's a no good, frigging heartbreaking, UGH." I frustratingly pull at my hair. "I don't know what to do.." I look at them with upset eyes. "Just, try and get over him." Liam suggests. "I can't.. I love him but hate him at the same time." I cry. Louis looks at the boys. I arch my eyebrows confusidly.



Everyone went out. I'm home alone. Except my cat, Penny is with me. "Mwah, mwah, mwah." I keep kissing her fuzzy nose. Yeah, I have a cat. I've had her for a while. I've never really mentioned her, because, she was always in my room or in the attic. I hear ominous noises coming from my front door. I take Penny with me, as I look out. No one is there. I walk downstairs, checking my drawers. My undergarments have been gone missing since I was really little. It's really normal for me. I climb back up and to see my friends standing in the doorway. "Uhmm, Hey, let's go shopping, okay?" Katie pulls at my arm, worriedly. "What's going on?" I ask. "I'll tell you later." Katie says pulling my arm. WHAT IS GOING ON?


-Louis's P.O.V-

The police warned us that the man was near Bri, so we rushed home. "He's no where to be found?" Harry shouts, from the other side of the house.

"BAM!" we hear something. The cops raid the house. After what felt like hours, we found him. "FOUND HIM." one of the cops yell. Me, and the boys look at eachother. And run down into Briella's room. Her undergarment drawers are open, and the man has her things in his hand. Sick man. "You've got to get out before she gets home. We can't let her know anything. We can't have her paranoid." Zayn worries about Briella. "Alright." The cop sends off the nasty looking man with another cop. "Look, we're going to scheldule him for a death sentence. So nothing you have to worry about." he informs us. "Good.." Niall says. A couple of mintues after they leave, and after we clean up, Katie and Briella finally get home. "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?" Briella screams at Katie. "NOTHING." Katie yells at her. "Yeow." Niall says. Harry smacks Niall's arm. "ow?" he says, rubbing his arm. Briella scans all of us, pissed off. "I'm going to bed." she says, stomping off. "We need to tell her soon."

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