Live While We're Young (Sequel to My Life With One Direction)

The sequel to My Life With One Direction. xox ~Elise


34. Updating on Everyone's Lives

*Briella's P.O.V*

"Well, your taking me to that premire, right?" Harry asks. "Of course I'm not." I say sarcastically. "Fine, then the boys and I are dragging you along." Harry moves closer to me, sitting on the red carpet on the grass.

"Alright then." I smirk, taking a bite out of the sandwich. "Guess what I can't wait for." he takes his thumb and caresses my jawbone with his sandwich in the other, and his mouth open. "What is that my curly sack of love?" I smile. "I can't wait till next month." he smiles. Next month was our wedding. I smiled, happy about it too.

I planned the wedding in Moscow. I loved that place, and I always wanted to get married in Russia, espeacially since I'm Russian, and Harry as well. "It's gonna be fun." I look at his green eyes. I smile and kiss him.

*Louis's P.O.V*

"Let's go pick up a baby!" I shoot my hand up, and taking Katie's hand. Lucas was chilling out with my mum, and his aunts. Just to visit you know? Katie looks at me with pure love. "What?" I laugh. She shakes her head and bites her lip. "Lou, can we delay the pick up?" she smirks. "Why?" I look at her. She bites her lip and smiles.

"I want another baby." she smiles, taking my hands. My neutral mouth turns into a smirk. I close my eyes and shake my head going down to her. "Can we wait until Lucas is older? It's already hard to take care of him with the busy schedule we have?" I take her waist. She looks down. "It'll work out.." she smiles at me, with her eyebrows lifted up. I press my lips together and look up. "Please Louis? I want to feel the pleasure of giving this world another child and feeling the stir of something we can love dearly after it's born." She puts her cold hands on my neck.

I smile down at her. I loved children, I really did. But I just realized how hard it is to be a father and and husband, and a popstar. But I kept thinking. Katie's blue eyes shimmered with sincerity, and pleading. "Fine." I smile at her. She opens her mouth into a smile and kisses me. "Thank you Louis.. I'll get a job, I promise." she smiles. "That'd be helpful." I smirk at her. "Shut up and get in the car." she sits in the car.

More bills.. Great. I smile to myself.

*Zayn's P.O.V*

I walked into my flat, to find Taylor crying on the couch. "Babe, what's the matter?" I walk over to her grabbing her hands. "Gianna.." she looks up. "She has been telling everyone that I died, or some other crap. She's so terrible and she's making my life a living hell and I'm not even with her!" she cries.

"You know what, we need a vacation. Just me and you. I want to treat you, you don't deserve this baby, you deserve luxury." I pull her onto my lap. "No, Zayn, it'd be too much." she looks at me.

"Nothing is too much if it's for you." I kiss her. She smiles. I wipe the tear off of her cheekbone with my thumb. "You know your still the best thing that has ever happened to me.." she looks at my chest. I smile, and hug her.

"SO! Where are we going to go?" I smile. "I like the woods.. So maybe the cabins?" she smiles with her beautiful eyes. "Perfect.." I smile, thinking a little dirty. "Zayn! No dirty thoughts you!" she hits my arm. I smile, and she straddles me, kissing my lips, very passionately. My tongue begs for an entrance, and she allows, I let my tongue explore her mouth.

She pulls back. "So! Bavaria, Germany? It's perfect?" she suggests. "That is a great idea my beauty." I smile. We go back to kissing.


*Niall's P.O.V*

"I love you sooo muuuch." I whine to Meky as she cooks me spaghetti. "Your lucky my mum likes you. She wouldn't let me come over a boys house everyday." she turns around and smiles at me. I walk up behind her, wrapping my arms around her waist, my head resting on her shoulder. "Niall! I can't concentrate!" she laughs as I kiss her neck. I smile and kiss her head. "I still love you." I say, sitting back down at the table.

"Ehhapp!" she shireks. "The water splashed on me!" she cries. "Your okay babe." I laugh. "I'm not used to cooking." she chuckles. "I just eat it." she smiles, as she sits down infront of me. I look at her, and start to think about how her mum keeps her cooped up all the time.

"Meky, your 20, you need to stand up to Lou," I say. She sighs and stands up. "It's not that easy, Niall." she goes back to the pot. "Meky, your a grown up.." I say. "Niall.." she starts. "Besides, I want my girlfriend to live with me." I said. "Niall, I can't I'm too soft-spoken, and I can't!" she complains. "I want to live with you thoughh!" I said. "I'll talk to her." she looks down.

"Weeeeeeell. Your food it ready." she smiles perfectly. "Yessshh!" I smile, rubbing my hands creating friction.


*Liam's P.O.V*

I spent the time from when we got back from the tour in my house. It's been a month. I've been feeling really bad about myself, especially since I've trusted Veronica. I was in no mood to see anybody no matter who it was. I was stuffing my face with chips on my couch watching some stupid reality show, until my doorbell chimes, sending a high-pitched noise throughout my flat. I groan and get up. I walk over to the door in my briefs, opening the door to see Ronnie, her brunette hair in the front pulled back and the bottom parts on her shoulder. She was dressed in a very beautiful coat, and in black pants. She had leather boots and her hands crosses with white gloves on. Her big brown eyes looked from the ground up to me, her eyes worried.

"Liam, can we please talk.." she reaches her hand out to me.

"Talking isn't going to fix what you've done." I look in her eyes.

I look down at her nose, slim at the bridge, and fat on her tip. And then down to her lips, she was wearing a salmoned coloured lipstick, my favorite on her. Her lips were plump, like a black persons, yet skinner.

I look back up at her eyes, her mouth still moving. Her eyebrows we're trimmed to look like Demi Lovatos, but the one thing you always noticed about her first was her big, beautiful and innocent brown eyes.

"Hello? Liam?" she waves her white glove in my face. I snap out of it. "Just let me explain, please let me in, it's freezing." she says. I look down at the left side of me. "Yeah, come in." I move to the side.

She stands as I sit down on my loveseat. "Liam, I'm sorry. I was stupid. Drunk, It was so wrong of me and you don't know how beat up I've been seeing you like this, when you should be enjoying life and being your perfect happy self." she spills. "I'm not happy and perfect, Ronnie." I look down, my eyebrows furrowed. "And a sorry isn't going to just make everything okay again. I really, really, REALLY, loved you Ronnie, and you gave me a huge reason to stop and not trust you." I look at her. "But Liam.." her eyes start to flood. "I've been blocking out everyone." I say. "Liam, just get over me! Please! Pretend like this didn't even happen. I hate seeing you like this!" she says sitting infront of me.

"I can't do that though." I chuckle. "It's not as easy as you think."

She looks at me intensly. "Liam, I love you." she looks down. Just a friendly reminder, this is all happening as I'm in my boxers. "I'm not sure what I feel." I chuckle a bit. She looks back up, her eyes sincere. "I'm leaving," she says, as she heads for the door.

I want to stop her. I love her, I miss her. I grab her wrist. I can't lose her. If we can't be a couple, than I'd rather be friends. But I don't want to be friends. I want her to be my baby again.

"Wait.." I start. She look at me, her beautiful brown eyes making me dizzy from love. "I love you.." I look at her.

She smiles and jumps in my lap. She straddles me, hugging me. Then pulling back, and kissing me. "I'm so sorry Liam." she cries. I feel the wetness of her tears on my neck. "I forgive you.." I chuckle. "I'll always love you.." I say. "I don't want to do this again, I can't, not to someone like you atleast." she says.

I smile, kissing her. Everything was better again. I had the one I truly loved back in my arms, back in my mouth, and back in my heart.


A/N: Hey guyys! This is just a random chapter, to keep you updated for what's happening in their lives. And by the way, all the guys have their own flat. Zayn and Taylor share one, Louis and Katie, Briella and Harry, and maybe Niall and Meky. Not sure about Liam and Ronnie. Anyway..

SORRY FOR THE FILLER! :) Love you guise. :) xoxoxoxoxox omg i can't explain how much I love you all :) <3

~Diana Elise <3

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