Live While We're Young (Sequel to My Life With One Direction)

The sequel to My Life With One Direction. xox ~Elise


35. Truly Madly Deeply?

"Truly, Madly, Deeply, I am, foolishy, completely falling, and somehow you kick all my walls in, so baby say you'll always keep me, truly, madly, crazy, deeply in love with you.." ~One Direction - Truly Madly Deeply.


-Taylor's P.O.V-

We didn't even tell the others we were leaving. We needed some kind of seclusion, and we didn't want to tell anyone. And we mean anyone. I didn't even tell Meky, and she's like my mum. "Are you excited?" Zayn asks, attaching his arm on my waist, making me blush. "Of course. I get a month alone with you." I lean my head on his, while Josh, their amazingly sweet drummer, drives us to the airport where his private jet awaits us.


And obviously, we had to tell Josh Devine, and Pauly Higgins. 


"Josh, you have to make sure no one knows, okay?" Zayn demands. "Of course. You can count on meee!" he shrieks. "You burst my eardrums," I say. "Haha, you said drums, and I play them. Oh you know what, actually one time I was really pissed, and I hit the drumsticks too hard and I bursted them. Crazy right?" he laughs. "That was totally off subject." I laugh. "Well, It's how I am Taylor." he laughs. I smirk and snuggle my face into Zayn's chest.


We made our way onto the plane, without anyone seeing us, thank god. Me and Zayn finally accepted the fact that people thought we would be dead. I wasn't for it at first, but Zayn convinced me, because he really wanted me to have time away from London. But it's not going to really help the rumour that Gianna was spreading around.

"Germany is so beautiful, wait till we get there. I've'nt been to Balavaria--" he starts. "Bavaria.." I correct him, smirking. "Bavaria, but it sounds pretty." he smiles. "I have never been to Germany. Isn't that ironic, since I'm German?" I laugh. "Oooh, that explains it. German girls are hot." he smiles, kissing my forehead. "Your such a dork." I smile at him. "I'm your dork, though, right?" he smiles down at me. "Of course Zaynie." I say. "I think it's really sexy when you call me that." he smirks. "Zaaaynniieee." I emphasize it. He squeezes me tighter into him. I smile with my eyes closed.


We went straight away to the cabins. And goddamnit they we're fabulous. I think that's a perk of being a superstars girlfriend. It was two floors. Very woodsy, and secluded. Just how I love it. The cabin looked like a regular house outside, except made of wood. The steps we're made of wood, but the railings on the outside were metal. When you step in, there's a red carpet sitting at the front of the door. Then if you look up, there is a regular light, but fake treebranches with leaves on them hanging down. It was so pretty. The if you look left, there is a black leather seat and a coffee table, with a shaggy rug and a fire place. Above it hung a tellie.

Then if you look straight ahead, there is a large kitchen. It had a granite counter and a very expensive looking refridgartor, table, a sink, etc. The upstairs didn't have a closed wall. It was almost like a balcony. And upstairs, there was windows making a hole into it. And across from the window, which showed us a beautiful view of the trees and the moon overlapping them, was a very plush, posh, bed. It had black blankets and red pillows. Next to it was a bathroom, it had tile flooring and a very pristine sink and bathtub. No showerhead. I think Zayn personalized this one, because he likes baths more than showers.(  >;)  ) The sink had a window next to it, and a small mirror.

"This is beautiful." I say. "I know.." he says. "What can we do first!" I say dropping my bags on the ground and flying onto the leather couch.

"Oh.. uhm, take a bath?" he smirks evily. "Something that doesn't involve shagging." I said. "Damn." he hits the air, looking at me. I roll my eyes. "I bought movies?" he smiles. "Oooh, yay." I smile, rubbing my hands. "Cabin in the woods?" he suggests. "Seriously?" I laugh. "Come onn." he pleads. "Sing to me instead?" I ask, pulling him over the couch.


"Wish I could freeze this moment in a frame and stay like this.. I'll put this day back on replay and keep reliving it.. 'Cause here's the tragic truth if you don't feel the same, my heart would fall apart if someone said your name..

Truly, madly, deeply, I am.." he starts to say it in his regular voice, looking as legit as possible. "Foolishly completely falling, and somehow you kicked all my walls in, So baby say you'll always keep me, truly, madly, crazy, deeply in love with you.." he finishes speaking.

"I seriously, can't get enough of you, Taylor.." he snuggles to me closer. "But why." I say. "Because.. Your not like everyone else. And I know this is cheesy, but everytime I look at you, I feel like it's still the first time I saw you, and I fall more in love, and everytime we kiss, it's like the first. And when we make love, its like the first. Your so precious to me. And, I'm truly, madly, DEEPLY, in love with you.. Taylor Smith."


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