Live While We're Young (Sequel to My Life With One Direction)

The sequel to My Life With One Direction. xox ~Elise


31. Tour Time

"I wish I could come." I hug Harry's arm was we head out the door. "Me too." he kisses my head. "When we get back we can be like Louis and Katie." Harry laughs. I smile as we escort each other out of our flat.

"Be good, don't go hitting on anybody only if it's one of the boys." I say, fixing his shirt as he smirks down at me.

"Wouldn't dream of it." he says, watching me fix his shirt.

"I guess I'll see you in the tabloids." he laughs.

"Right." I smile at him.

He smirks and then kisses me. "Love you." he smiles as he lets go of my arm as he walks towards his car. "Love you more though." I start. He sighs, then looks at me. "Don't start this now. You know I love you more." he smirks. I laugh and get into my car.

"Bye Harry!" I shout out my window, and drive off into the road, off to Katie's house to say goodbye.

I open Katie's door, since it's unlocked, and I always enter without asking. I'm her sister for gods sake. Everytime I stand outside of Katie and Louis's house, people either flip out because it's me, or it looks like I'm trying to break into a house.

"Kaitlyn!" I shout. I hear rustling of some kind of material, then a about two puckers, then I see Louis rushing out the door. "Hey! Bye!" he smiles, kissing my cheek. "Love you too?" I smirk as he looks back smiling.

I walk into the Living Room seeing Katie holding my little nephew. "Hey love!" I smile kissing the baby. "Your leaving too? I have no one." I looks down at the baby, playing with him as he holds her index finger. "You've got Ronnie and Wyatt. And even better you've got Taylor and Meky to share your pain with." I laugh. "Right, right. Did you hear about Ronnie and Liam?" she looks at me sadly.

"No? What happened?" I say, putting my bags down as I take Lucas out of her hands. "Well, Ronnie cheated on him with Wyatt's brother.." she holds her hands. "Michael? That's disgusting!" I say in digust, looking down at Lucas.

"You've gotta get going! Your going to be late." she says, shooing me out. "I'm taking Lukey with me?" I laugh.

"No.." she says snatching Lucas out of my hands. She smiles then hugs me with one arm and Lucas in the other. "Bye! Love you. Have a wonderful time!" she waves me goodbye.


I get to the airport, back in Frankie's custody. As I'm being guarded by stupid bodyguards blocking me from fans. I get to my 'private' jet, I sit down in the leather seating, being a bit cold on my bum.

"Anything you'd like, Ms. Miller?" the attendent asks me. "No thank you." I smile warmly at her. "Alright then, just press this button if your in any need of service." she smiles charmingly. I nod, and look out the window, seeing what look like golfcarts drive around the airplanes. A couple minutes later, I'm off, going on my first World Tour. 

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