Live While We're Young (Sequel to My Life With One Direction)

The sequel to My Life With One Direction. xox ~Elise


4. The X-Factor (5 months later)

It was the Summer of the next auditions for the X-Factor. My heart was beating out of my chest. Harry and Katie by my side, consoling me. As the lines got smaller and the closer and closer I got, I became more nervous. A lot of the girls noticed me and Harry and fangirled. We finally got to the audition stage and I felt me sweat, and giggling. I sweat and giggle when I become nervous. "Briella, relax, okay?" Katie whispers in my ear. "You'll do wonderful. I promise." Harry tightens his grip on my arm. "Okay.." I practically whisper. When the audition before me succeeds, I hesitanlty walk on and look back to Harry and Katie. Harry gives me two thumbs up and Katie blows me a kiss. I sigh and walk on stage smiling like an idiot. "Hello, what is your name?" Louis Walsh asks me. (A/N: Sorry if I mess up with the judges and the competition itself, I'm not really a X-Factor genius!) "I'm Briella Miller." I say. "Age?" Anatascia asks. "19." I say. "Go ahead." Nicole Scherzinger says.

Let me be the one who calls you baby all the time,

Surely you can take some comfort knowing that your mine,

Just hold me tight, lay by my side,

And let me be the one who calls you baby all the time,

I found my place in the world, could stare at your face for the rest of your days,

Now I can breath turn my insides out and smother me,

Warm and alive I'm all over you,

Would you smother me?

And with that I stop and look at the smile on they're faces. "I say yes." Louis says. I smiled wider then ever before. "Of course, you have a truely amazing voice." Nicole says. "Your in," Anatascia says. "Thank you so much." I smile and pretty much run backstage and into Harry's arms. "I told you. You have the X-Factor." He smiles at me. I just realized that I'm living my dream because of Harry. I knew the judges know who I am, but they probably had to ask me for the audience in case no one knew. "Briella! I'm so freaking proud of you!! Ahh!" Katie kisses my cheek. I'm having a hard time processing what just happened. I'm, I'm going into bootcamp..


"Briella you we're fucking amazing! Holy crap!" Zayn rams into me. "heh.." I manage to say. "YOUR GOING INTO BOOTCAMP! OH MY CARROTS!" Louis shout, flailing his arms in the air. I give him a big toothy smile. Harry is just smiling at me, I can't really tell his emotions at the moment, but it's a mix between excitement, love, and nervousness. "I'm actually pretty scared." I look down. "Wh-" Liam is interuppted by Ronnie and Wyatt barging in. I should've never gave them permission to come in anytime. "BRIELLA FREAKING MILLER IS GOING INTO FREAKING BOOTCAMP." Wyatt rushes over while Ronnie screams. "Calm DOWN." I yell down because Wyatt is squeezing my insides. "THAT'S A BIG ACOMPLISHMENT ESPECIALLY SINCE IT'S A REALLY POPULAR SHOW." Wyatt shouts. "It's true.." Niall agrees with Wyatt. "Don't you think I know that? I'm not a newbie to the whole, competition thing." I say. "Well obviously.." Katie says. "hmm." I laugh. "We should, like, go out, celebrate?" Wyatt says. "McDonalds? KFC? BURGER KING?" Niall shouts. "YEAH!" Wyatt high-fives Niall. Him and the boys got along really well. Ronnie is scrolling on her phone when her mouth drops into a perfect 'O' shape. "Briella, come here babe.." she motions me over. I get up with my eyebrows pulled together, walking over to her to look onto her phone screen. "What the flying fuck!" I throw my hands up to my head. Another fake rumor saying that I'm trying to copy the boys.. I've ALWAYS wanted to be famous for my singing, and all they did was give me the confidence to do it! Why in god's name am I copying? It's bullcrap. "That's a crock of shit." Louis says, peering over. "It really is." Niall says. "There's always gonna be rumors to bring you down, don't worry Briella, we'll help you through stuff like this! All they want to do is bring you down, but you gotta keep climbing all the way to the top no matter how many people pull you down." Liam explains. "You give really good advice.." I say. "It's what I do, I mean, I am the sensible one, right?" Liam boasts. "Yeah." The boys say in unison. I smile at them. I'm not ready to be famous if people are going to accuse me of things I'm not doing, so many rumors go around saying that I'm cheating on Harry, or that I'm trying to steal fame from them. I'm not.. I had no control over this, Harry pushed me so I'm doing what he told me. I never win at things like these. I'm sorry I have a dream. I'm sorry I want to sing.




(A/N: I probably fucked up the whole concept of the X-Factor. Just so you all know, I did research on the damn show and tryed to make the idea of it come to life, but I'm not an expert, so PLEASE, cut me some slack. Okay? I'll do my idea of it, and give you all everything I know about it. But remember, I'm somewhat retarted. :) And sorry for the skip! Love youu<3 xox  


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