Live While We're Young (Sequel to My Life With One Direction)

The sequel to My Life With One Direction. xox ~Elise


18. The Witch is Back

-Louis's P.O.V-

Katie's stomach was getting bigger and bigger with each week. I think she's in week 6 now? I'm incredibly excited. 27 years old and I'm finally getting to be a father. Zayn and Taylor have been hanging out a lot. Now it's time to get them back together. "Zaaaayyyn!" I sing down the hall. "Whut?" he asks. "Coome heeerreee." I sing again. I hear him sigh, and walk to me. "So, you know that girl." I nudge him. "Ehm, what girl?" he asks. "Taylor." I wink. "Eh, yes." he nervously laughs. "You've seen each other for a while now, when are you going to, become a very attractive couple?" I ask, putting my arm around his neck. "Ehm.. When we do again?" he says. "Now, do I have to go through the situation with Harry and Briella, the locking of the doors, the slipping of the notes.." I warn. "Ehm. If you want your Grease movie broken, then sure." he threatnes me, giving me shock, a pat on the shoulder, then walking away. "FINE. BE LIKE THAT!" I shout, the house echoing. I only hear a laugh.

-Zayn's P.O.V-

I'm not a big fan of Louis being a matchmaker. That's Gods' job. But I really do like her. And I think it would take a load off of the situation with Perrie. "eh, Taylor?" I ask, as she answers her phone. "Hey Zayn. What's up?" she sings sweetly. "Eh, just wondering, if you'd like to go for a drive later tonight?" I ask. "Oh, sure! I'd love to!" she chirps. "I'll pick you up?" I suggest. "Yeah." I can feel her smiling through the phone. "See you then." I say. "bye!" she says.

-Briella's P.O.V-

"Oh my gosh Harry!" I whisper into Harry's ear. "That's so cute!" Katie sings. "He's so cheesy that boy." Harry laughs. "Harold. That's the most romantic thing ever!" Katie says. "ow.." he says rubbing his arm. Zayn comes by the wall we're hiding behind. "So! Zaynie.." I sing, latching onto his arm, leave Katie and Harry to themselves. "What?" he laughs. "You've got a little date tonight?" I say, fixing his collar. "Yeah." he laughs. "Give her, the most, passionate, messy kiss evar. Girls love it a little sloppy." I tell him. "Ehm, I'll take it into consideration." he laughs. "Good.. Oh, and wear your, red vest and, the blue shirt.. with the pants.." I tell him. "Sure." he smiles. "Good." I say, patting his bum as a break a leg kind of way. He looks at me weirdly then shakes his head, and turns back to making his sandwich. "Your such a girl." Harry mocks me as I walk past him and Katie. "I know." I smile over my shoulder.

-Taylor's P.O.V-

"What am I gonna wear Gianna?" I ask my sister. "Ugh, just wear that girly floral dress you think is perfect." she breaths. She was never helpful, she had some kind of a problem with someone, and changed after she got an ass wooping by an amazing person. "Your not being really helpful.." I say. "Sucks." she laughs, drinking her latte. I roll my eyes and continue digging through my clothes. I finally choose a nice, casual purple t-shirt, and some white pants, with a pair of wedges. "Thanks for your help." I say. "Shut up." she snaps back. "Just remember, I pretty much created you. And sadly, your shitty style." she says, scanning my outfit. "Gianna, I created myself." I snap back. She smacks my face. "Stop. Don't talk to me like that." she says. "LIKE WHAT?" I raise my voice. She snickers and says, "The kid probably wants your body." she laughs. "What would any boy want with you." she snickers again. Walking out of my room. She alway's been thinking that she raised me because mum wasn't there a lot to raise me. I fall into my bed, shutting the television off. I let tears fall from my eyes. Gosh, I hated her.

-Zayn's P.O.V-

"Go, go, go!!!" Katie and Briella shoo me out. I walk in the breezy, cool air, over to my car in the darkness. I step into my black car starting the engine. After a while of driving through the dark, and trees towering over my car, I reach Taylor's house. I walk over to the door, that has no steps. And someone answers. Except, it's not who I expected. It was Gianna. "Ehm, is Taylor there?" I ask. "No." she simply says. "Yeah, I am." Taylor says walking out of the kitchen. I give Gianna a dirty look, then take Taylor's hand. After 3 years of dating, I never knew Gianna was her sister. "You look dashing." I compliment her. "Tanks." she smiles.

-Taylor's P.O.V-

Zayn took me to the most beautiful sight ever. He took me to a cliff, that overlooked a beach. "Wow, Zayn.. Where'd you find this?" I ask, admiring the glimmering beach in the car. "Me and the boys went exploring, and ta da.." he smiles. "Well, this is a great way to get me.. I've always wanted a boy to take me to something like this." I explain. "Perfect.." he mumbles under his breath. 

"Can love you more than, this.." Zayn finishes singing one of my favorite songs, More Than This. "Zayn, that was.. amazing." I say. He smiles, and leans in. Oh my.. I lean in too. I was about to kiss this boy I missed so much. Our lips touched, sparks flew, my stomach turned, I felt myself blush. I now knew I was in love with him. More than I ever was before.

-Briella's P.O.V-

"Where are they? They're supposed to be home by 10." I complain. "Why?" Louis asks. "Cause I ordered Japanese food." I cry. "YUM!" Niall cheers. "Ehm.. You ordered sushi, right?" Harry ensures. "I did." I close my eyes and nod. Then finally they walk through the door. "Oh thank god." I sigh. Katie and Liam snicker. "I thought I was the daddy?" Liam points out. I shoot him a dirty look. "Shut up." I smile away. "Ehm, sorry. Briella, I uh, need to tell you something." He says. "Sure." I say standing. He smiles at Taylor then walks towards me, grabbing my arm. "What's wrong?" I ask. "I really love this girl." he says. "Aww." I touch my heart. "But, her sister.." he starts. "What about her?" I ask, tilting my head. "Her sister is Gianna." he finishes. "What." I say pretty loudly.



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