Live While We're Young (Sequel to My Life With One Direction)

The sequel to My Life With One Direction. xox ~Elise


40. The Wedding Part 2, LAST CHAPTER (NOT)

I breathed out. Louis came by my side, latching his arm onto my arm. He smiles at me. "You look amazing." he smiles, as I clutch the bouquet of flowers in my hand. We stepped down the aisel by the beat of the piano. "Thanks Louis." I whisper. He smiles at me, and looks foward to the curly haired man I was about to dedicate my entire love to.

I finally reached the priest and Harry. He looked at me with pure love. I knew I was making a correct choice. I looked at the priest. The old man with gray hair held the bible in his hand. "We are gathered here today, to join these people together in love." he says in a Irish accent.

"Please say your vows." he says. Harry takes out the perfectly folded lined paper in his pocket on his jacket. "Briella Rose. I love you with all my heart. My body, and my mind. Everything we have been through lead us up to this perfect moment. I promise I will always be faithful to you, my love. You are my life, my air, and my universe. I love you, and this moment is everything right now. I will always be there thick and thin." he says, making me smile, and tear a bit.

I take the folded paper out of my bra, making a couple people laugh, including Harry. I open it, taking a deep breath. "Harry, I never thought I'd be getting married to you. And you mean so much to me, there isn't a word for my love for you. Your perfect, everything I wished for. I will cherish this perfect moment for the rest of my life. I will hold you through sickness, and hurt. Everything, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. My true, love. Every heart break lead up to this perfect moment. Mum was right.." I finish. Looking over at Katie, and the boys, who were crying their eyes out. And then back at Harry, who had a pure look of lust on his face.

"Harry Styles. Do you take Briella Rose Miller to be your lawfully wedded wife, through sickness and health?" the priest asks. "Of course. I do.." he smiles directly in my eyes. "Briella Rose Miller. Do you take Harry Edward Styles to be your lawfully wedding husband, to hold through sickness and health, hate and love?" he asks. "100% percent, yes. I do.." I say taking a breath. "Harry, you may now kiss your bride." the priest smiles. Harry smiles at me, taking me by my arms, and pulling me into the most passionate kiss I've ever experienced from anyone. The cheering made my ears ring. "I love you so much.." he whispers in my ear.

I loved Harry, but love wasn't even the word. It frustrated me that I couldn't explain it. I was so happy. This was my day. I looked past Harry, I saw my father, mother, and Avery standing together, holding eachother. I looked over to Katie. She saw them too. I could tell. Mum blew a kiss to me. They were smiling so widely. The just stood together. Like the perfect family. Happy. Proud. They faded away.. I swear I saw three somethings in the sky.. Angels. The perfect day. I looked back on our lives. And I know, we all lived while we're young.


(Diana: Author)

I truely hoped you all enjoyed this story. I know I have. It's been four months, since I started this story. I'm so happy with how it's gone. I can't thank you enough, the perfect fans. Your all amazing because without you, none of this popularity would've happened. I can't thank you enough.


~DIANA <3 <3 <3

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