Live While We're Young (Sequel to My Life With One Direction)

The sequel to My Life With One Direction. xox ~Elise


39. The Wedding Part 1

"Right there!" Katie shouted at the two men hauling the large table. I turned my head back to Harry, who looked like he wanted to do something. "Let's have a sand fight." he looks at me with begging eyes. "A sand fight? Throw sand at eachother?" I laugh. "That's why it's called a 'sand fight..'" he defends his words. I sigh for a second, then Harry looks at me like a child asking for a puppy. "Fiine." I sigh. "Yes!" he jumps up, grabbing the air. I pick up sand, then throw it at him, I try to dodge his throw, but it only ends up in my hair. I get mad so I grab two handfuls as he runs to block himself while he gets some. 

I chuck it at him, getting it in his bouncing curls. "BRIELLAA!!!" he cries. I start to laugh loud. "Come here!" he runs after me. I quickly pick up another handful and throw it straight in his face, "NO!" I shout like a little girl, and run off. I hear Harry blowing sand out of his mouth, then sudden footsteps in the hot sand. I turn around to see Harry struggling to run in the sand, but it's really cute actually. I run towards the tent, also, where I'll have my wedding. I run past men, tables, chairs, etc. I turn my head back swiftly, to see Harry is on my tail. I run past Katie, slyly dodging her. "DAMN IT BRI STOP!" she shouts, as she almost falls. 

I stop in my tracks as Frankie stands in front of me, not allowing me to run any further. "Your disturbing people, Briella.. You too Harry." she wiggles her finger in his face. I sigh and sit back down on the darkish sand, watching the Russian waves come back in, and then out again. 

"Russia is so pretty!" I say. "Very." he smiles. "I think this is good for us. We haven't been able to spend enough time with eachother, and now, we can spend every second together.." Harry says. "Harold! Come here!" Louis shouts. "Just, not this moment.." he laughs. He gets up and runs over to him. 


We still haven't heard from Taylor or Zayn. And they really need to come because Zayn AND Taylor specifically said, "Oh, I will be there." I say, mocking Zayn in my head. I laying down in my bed. Tomorrow is the day. The day I'm off the market. For good. I can't really sleep. It's kind of hard to with all these thoughts in your head.. 


"BRIELLA!" I hear a Bradford accent in my hotel room. "Zayn!?" I shout, running up out of my blankets. I see Zayn and Taylor standing there. "Oh my gosh!" I smile, running into Taylor first. I smile then hug Zayn. "Where in god's name were you?" I sigh. "Uhm, Germany.." Zayn says.. "Bavaria." Taylor adds. "You cunts. Go to Lou's room, I'll meet you there." I smile. They nod their heads and leave. I get changed. I hear shouting from the room next to me. I guess Louis just found out too. I put on a silky, black, dress up shirt, and a pink undershirt under it.. I also wear casual jeans, and black moccassins.

I walk into Louis room, seeing Louis and Zayn catch up. I walk over to the couch and plop myself down on the seat next to Liam. "Ello babe.." he says, smiling. "Hii!" I say cheerfully. "Where is everyone?" I ask. "The airport, Harry, Ronnie, and Wyatt, are picking up our friends." Liam smiles. "Aww yay. Want a bagel?" I ask. "Yep!" he smiles standing and walking over to the fridge. "Aye, Briella, get me one too!?" Louis asks. "Of course!" I shout back. "Thanks love!" he says turning back to Zayn and Taylor. I sit down taking out two rolls. "How are you feeling?" he asks. "Oh, nervous." I smile. "How nervous." he adds. "Ehm.. Like your first live performance on the X-Factor." I explain. "Oh damn." he laughs a bit. "Yeah." I say. "Just, drink some water.. Cause I honestly don't know what to do for this." he laughs.


"Lucas!" I say in a baby voice as I pick up the little child from Louis's arms. "Errpph." he babbles. "Awee." I say. "You look stunning love." he smiles. My dress cascaded down my legs. The top fit perfectly on my chest. "You look clean cut." I joke. "Shut up." he laughs. "Your 100% sure you want me to hand you over to Harry instead of Katie?" he asks again. "Your like my brother." I reassure him. "Alright then." he smiles, kissing my forehead. He grins and takes Lucas out of my arms. I don't think I said this yet, but Directioners and Millertics are actually welcomed to the wedding. After paying a shitload of money, they are allowed in the audience. I don't agree with the money amount. But I'm happy that these people actually cared that much.

Ronnie walks in with Louis's bestfriend, Stanley, and Harry's bestfriend, Will. "Hey love!" Will says, as he hugs me, Stanley following him. "You look stunning." Stan says. "Thanks babe!" I smile. "We'll see you soon then?" Will asks. "Yep.." I sigh. "Alright love." Stan smiles, following Will out. "Can I do your makeup?" Ronnie asks. "Your excited for that.. yeah.." I allow her.


"Ow.. Ow.. OW.." I whine. "Your pissing me off.." she sings. "Stop pulling so hard then." I fight back. She started to curl my hair, as it's up in a bun. "Finished with that.." she says, adding the vail on top. "I forget the wings!" she says, picking the eyeliner up. "Oh, kay.. That's enough.." I say. "Alright.." she says. "Stand." she orders. She scans my outift, nodding as she looks back up to my eyes. "Your ready.." she sighs. "Ok.. Uhm, bring Katie in, please.." I ask, feeling tears erupting. "Alright," she says. I close my eyes, thoughts erupting in my head. Katie rushes in, with her little green dress on. "Baby.. It's ok.." she cuddles me. "I'm so nervous.." I say. "Breath.. Breath.." she supports me. "It's alright.." she hugs me. "Now.." she starts. "Get your ass out there and marry that man. He's the one you love, no?" she asks. "I love him.." I say. "Then you can do it." she smiles warmly. "I love you so much Briella. I'm so proud." she says. I look back up to her brown eyes. I see the sincerity in her eyes. The warmness.

The flooding in my eyes finally die down. "Go claim that last name.." she says. I smile, and walk over to the door. I was about to walk down to my destiny.




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