Live While We're Young (Sequel to My Life With One Direction)

The sequel to My Life With One Direction. xox ~Elise


25. The Unexpected Suprise

Me, Katie, Ronnie, Wyatt, Meky, and Taylor are on our way to Texas, to see the boys in concert. With VIP passes, which I don't understand, so me Ronnie, Taylor, Meky, and Katie decided to give it to five lucky Directioners, while Wyatt wanted to be a twat and keep it for himself, even though he sees these boys pretty much every day. The ride was fine, we rode in coach, because I didn't feel the need to ride in a first class seats. We got off in the hot waves of heat. "Oh, my word Texas." I fan myself with my hand. "Put your sunglasses on!" Katie warns me. I put them on, even though my style is easy to point out. I'm wearing a baggy Pink shirt, that slides off my shoulder, with a thick tube top, bleached shorts, a pair of black 4 inch heels. As for my hair, my blonde wavy hair is in its signature pompadour ponytail, with a black bow. I'm wearing light eyeliner, but thick mascara. "Oh my gosh, it's Briella Miller, Bobbi!" a fan whispers, as I smile towards them.

We get to our hotel, which we're sharing with the boys. "This is ridiculous. Why are we going to a frigging concert!" I complain. "Damn sour puss!" Wyatt jokes. "I'm sorry, but it's random." I point out. "True.." Meky says. "Shut up and enjoy it!" Katie smacks my arm. "Fine!" I drone. Jeez. 24 years old and I still act like a bitch. 

-Katie's P.O.V-

Oh my goodness! 3 more hours to the concert and Harry's phenomenal plan! "Get ready guys!" I shout. "Oof." I rub my stomach. The baby's already kicking. "Calm down you little turd!" I rub my belly, kissing my hand and putting it onto my tummy. I'm getting big very fast. I'm about 5 months. I'm wearing a simple, baggy, light maroon shirt, that is tight on the bottom, and a pair of black tights, and a pair of chestnut moccasins. I curled my brunette hair, that reaches my spine end. My blue eyes are complimented with a black eyeliner, cream eyeshadow, and peach lip balm. This is my style biatch. "Ready!" Meky sings, prancing out in a One Direction t-shirt, and bleached skinny jeans, and a pair of really sexy Jordan's. "God damn that sugar spice!" I laugh, making fun of that Live While We're Young parody. "Thanks." she winks. And Taylor comes out wearing almost the same thing. "Oh god." I laugh. Wyatt walks out, wearing Louis's face on his shirt, with red skinny jeans, and black Supra's. "Aye, he's mine." I laugh. "He's ours." he smiles. And Briella walks out wearing the same thing she did when we got here, except she changed her heels to moccasins. I smile. "Come on." 

We finally arrived. We gave our tickets to the person. And we gave the passes to the five lucky girls, and Wyatt actually gave his pass reluctantly. "Thank you SO much! I can't thank you enough! And so happy for you and Louis, Katie!" a really pretty fan says to me. "Aww thank you!" I smile, as we walk into the large arena. Harry gave us the seventh row down, to make it dramatically perfect. Hehe. These boys are geniuses.

-Briella's P.O.V-

I bob my head to them singing. They have truly remarkable voices. After they finish one song, all the boys pat Harry's back. I see Niall mouth, 'Good Luck'. I hear a tune that I haven't heard in a very, long, time. It's Gotta Be You. I smile. The crowd goes nuts. All of a sudden, the spot light turns on to me, and Harry. My eyes go wide. Oh, my god. NO. "Can we fall, one more time, stop the tape, and rewind, cause If you walk away, I know I'll fade, cause there is nobody else, It's Gotta Be You!!" Harry serenades to me, stepping off the stage, walking towards me, the fans actually make a path for him to walk towards me, even though I see some of them with pissed faces on, and some touching him. I reach out for Katie, then Meky, but they both back away. At this point, Harry's face to face with me, singing to me. I look behind him, to see the other four, smiling. I look back to Harry. I swallow my spit. My heart pounds. I usually don't mind having so many eyes on me. But this is embarrassing. Harry finishes his verse. "Briella, will you forgive my stupid choices, and, it's been long enough, I miss you." he says, reaching his hand out. "Harry, I don't think this was the way." I say with a raspy voice. I smile, then, I lean in to kiss him. YES! YES! I start to cry. The crowd goes nuts again. We hug. "I missed your lips Harry."




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