Live While We're Young (Sequel to My Life With One Direction)

The sequel to My Life With One Direction. xox ~Elise


24. The Boys Announcement

I sat on my bed, crying. Because Harry was a perfect boy, and Gianna is a piece of crap. I hate her! Ugh! Bad things really do happen to good people. I just need Harry to realize I will love him unconditionally, but my heart, it's telling me to move on. But, I can't. The door knocks. "Yeah." I say with a crack in my voice. "It's me.." I hear Katie's sweet voice. My chin quivers, and I start to cry more as she squeezes her medium tummy through the door. "What's the matter?" she comes over to my bed side. I don't want to tell her the truth, cause I've been crying to her for days about how much Harry meant to me. "I, I just miss mum." I lay my head on her shoulder. She smiles down at me. "It's okay. And I know it's not just about mum." she kisses my head, and leaves. I smile, because Katie knew me so well. God damn it. Love is so complicated.

"Taylooor!" I sing. "Briellaaaa!" she sings back. "Hey." she smiles. "Vas Happening?" I laugh, mimicking Zayn. She laughs, and blushes. Damn! These two are perfect. "Vas happening girls, vas happening giiiirrls!" Zayn dances in singing the tune of Vas Happening Boys. I laugh, and Taylor blushes as Zayn goes to kiss her. "Aww!" I coo. "Liam? Where's Ronnie! WHERE'S WYATT?" Louis complains. "Eh, Ronnie's with me! Wyatt's in the John." Liam shouts. "Why are there so many people here Louis? Where's Niall and Meky?" I shout. "Niall and Meky are making out outside." Katie announces. "Of course." Zayn says. "Where's Harold?" Katie asks. "Gianna's." Louis scowls. I look down. "Big brown POOOOOO!" Wyatt sings, as he air freshens the bathroom he came out of. "Hahaha! I love you Wyatt." I laugh. "I know!" he smiles. "Food!" Katie screams. Just at the last moment, in comes walking Harry. "Hazza! You made it you slacker!" Liam shouts. "Ehm, sorry!" he says, walking past me. What's going on noow?

"Well, we all have gathered you here today," Louis starts. I cover my mouth, about to laugh. "Because we want you to know that you guys are going to our first concert in Houston! Yay!" Liam finishes. Meky and Taylor start to freak out, and clap eachothers hands. I sit there acting like it's not a big deal. "Are you going?" Harry asks me. "Yeah." I look down at my potatoes. "Enough talking and begin packing." Louis screams. "Louis! We just sat down! We have all the time in the world! And stop screaming! It's irritating!" Katie complains. Louis just shakes his head as they look at eachother. "God damn it your lucky I love you." he smiles, kissing her cheek. She smiles too, continuing to eat. "Katie, your pregnancy has really pissed you off." Harry says. "Harry, how would you feel if there was a child stirring around in your stomach, and growing bigger every day, and you get really bad diaherr-" Katie is interrupted. "Ahem! Katie, shut up, people are eating! And don't waste it for the other girls you bastard." I laugh. "Sorry babe." she smirks, looking back and forth at me and Harry. "Katie?!" I moan. "Shut up!" she says girly. I roll my eyes, thankful that Harry is having another conversation with Zayn. But everyone else is watching, and they laugh at our stupidity.


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