Live While We're Young (Sequel to My Life With One Direction)

The sequel to My Life With One Direction. xox ~Elise


3. The 1D Concert..

Me and Harry announced to the public that in 6 years, we are getting married. After that announcement, I have been getting non-stop hate from obsessed fans. They told me I should've died in the hospital. That really hurt me. I put down my phone and run my hands through my hair. All the hate was really bothering me. All I thought about was how I was sorry for falling in love with Harry. That how I'm sorry my mum got a job to be their stylist. I look up with my tear filled eyes to see Liam. "What's wrong babe?" He rushes over to my side. His hand rubbing my back. "The hate, it's been getting to me." I look at him with tears streaming down my red face. "Don't let it get to you like that, okay? Your beautiful and deserve to be with Harry just as much as Katie deserves to be with Louis. Okay?" I saw his face drop a little when he bought up Louis and Katie. "Liam," I ask softly. "Yes?" He asks. "You like Katie, don't you?" I look into his light brown eyes. "Just a tad." He obviously lies. "I know you love her." I smile with tears still falling down. "I do. But Louis is my best friend, and I can't take his girl, he's much more handsome than I am." He says. "Liam, your so sexy. Okay? And Ronnie really likes you, you two would be, beautiful." I smile. "Ah, so now I'm sexy?" He smiles. "Of course. A bunch of other girls said you were, and, so did Katie at one point." I flirtaciously smile at him, my face still wet from crying. "What did they say?" He says, getting back to the point. "Someone said, that I should've died in the hospital." I look down. Liam sits infront of me, holding my hands. "Briella, you don't deserve to die. You don't know how many people would mourn over you even if you did. I'm sure that girl who said that would too. Because you don't know how many people love you, care about you. Don't ever feel like that. Those girls are just jealous that they can't be as wonderful and beautiful as you." He sincerly looks into my eyes. I lean down to hug him. "Thank you Liam." I whipser. He kisses my cheek for a little time. "Of course. And I'll try with Ronnie." He smiles. I smile and family-wise kiss him on the lips. (totally innocent.) "I'll see you later okay?" He smiles. "Yup." I sing. Liam stands and leaves the room. I think about what Liam said and decide to call Ronnie. "Hello?" Ronnie answers after 13 seconds of ringing. "Hey." I weakily say. "Briella?! Wyatt! Briella!" She calls Wyatt over. "Wait, Ronnie, Liam wants you to come over." I say. "OH MY GOSH. He wants ME to come over??" She yelps. "Oh, so Briella doesn't want me over? Okay." Wyatt says. "Sure Wyatt." I laugh. "Ok, be there in a bit." Wyatt says. "Bye." I hang the phone up.



"Briella!" Harry calls me. "Yeah?" I walk over leaving Wyatt and Ronnie to themselves. "Well, the Louis and Niall told me, that you have quite the voice." he says taking my hands. I glance over to Niall and Louis and see them looking down guiltily. They should be. "And, we wanted to know if you would like to go on stage with us, the next time we perform." Harry says. "Harry, that's not right, I'm not part of One Directon, you are." I look him in the eyes. "We talked to manangement, they thought it was a good idea, please, I want to perform with you." Harry squeezes my hands tighter. "Are we gonna be, singing your songs?" I ask. "Yeah, it's a One Direction concert babe." He laughs. "I, sure." I smile. I knew it wouldn't be a good idea. "Well, we are doing a concert soon, just a normal gig." Zayn pipes up. "Oh, ok." I say, a bit nervous. "Liam, Ronnie's in my room!" I tell him, raising my eyebrows up and down. "Oh, ok!" he gets up jogging into my room. I smile and sit down next to Harry and Zayn. Wyatt comes up miserably. "They're being all flirty." He complains placing himself in my lap. "Well," I say, pushing him on the floor. "They are teenagers in looove." I sing. They all chuckle.



~The day of the concert~

My mom is pulling my hair trying to brush it, and style it a certain way. "Ugh, can you please be a little careful?" I moan. "I gotta be rough with you! Your hair is so, THICK." she pulls my hair harder at the end of the sentence. When my mom is finished with my hair, it kind of looks like Cher Lloyds'. It's slung over my shoulder, and curly. My hair was brunette and had red-brown and blonde highlights. It was suprisingly all natrual. My mom set out a red strapless shirt, and a black blazer, along with a pair of white shorts that go up to my tummy, and a pair of black vans. Before I put on my outfit, she calls me over to put my makeup on. She put black eyeliner on, and silver eyeshadow, and light pink lipgloss. "You look beautiful." She says. "Yeah yeah." I say getting up and picking up the outfit. When I'm finished I get out and the boys are sitting on the couch. "Are you ready love?" Louis asks. "Y-yeah." I studder. I feel the adrenilan rushing and my palms getting sweaty. This isn't right. I'm not part of One Direction, I didn't work as hard as them to perform on this stage. All I did was become Harry Styles' girlfriend. I stop in my tracks as the boys are ready to go on stage. Harry turns around. He holds his finger up at the boys and comes over to me. "Briella, what are you doing?" he takes my hand. "I'm nervous, I can't do this." I say. "Briella-" "Harry I didn't work as hard as you boys to earn this. All I did was fall in love with you." I look him in the eyes. "Briella, please, do this with me. You deserve this, I know you love to sing, please," He looks me in the eyes. "F-fine." I studder. Harry kisses me, and takes my hand and meets the boys again. With my hand still in Harry's, we walk onto stage. The white lights blind my eyes, it's really hot on the stage. The roar of the crowd is all I hear. Harry hands me a microphone. I hear Louis say something but then all I hear is blur. My hearing comes back into concentration. "Please welcome, our very very special guest, Briella Miller!" Louis points over to me. I hear a mix of boos and cheering. I close my eyes and re-open them. The music starts to play. The song is One Thing. As Liam sings, I sing rarely, I'm just a background singer, and I'm perfectly fine with that. As the boys prance on stage, I stand there walking towards and then turning around. After 2 songs, I got a bit more comfortable on stage. I heard bad things shouted at me. Right now we are singing More Than This, me and Zayn shared the solos. "Ive never had the words to say," he sings, "But now I'm asking you, to stay, for a little while inside my arms," I sang. The boys smiled at my confidence. "And as you close you eyes tonight, I pray that you will see the light" Zayn sings. "That's shining from the stars above." I sang. They finished the songs. At the last song, Zayn happily gave me the solo, for Moments. I was so scared. When they finish the chorus, Zayn's solo came up. "Flashing lights in my mind, going back to the time, playing games in the street, kicking balls at my feet. Dancing all in my toes, standing close to the edge, there's a pile of my clothes at the end of your bed.  As I feel myself fall, make a joke of it all." I held the 'all' like Zayn did. I heard the crowd cheer when I finished the solo. I pulled the microphone from my mouth to breath. The boys all sang but me. I smiled at the crowd. I realized I was doing something I loved with 5 people I love. The couch is brought out on stage, I sit down next to Zayn, who sits next to Louis. Niall and Liam sat on the arms of the couch. And, Harry finds a seat on my lap.


~After the concert~

"Damn you Briella you we're amazing!" Louis shouts. I smile at the ground and look foward. "Briella, you thought you we're going to suck, you rocked that solo, I'm so glad I gave it to you." Zayn smiles. "Thank you." I smile. "You have to go on stage with us more." Louis says. "No, I can't" I look at him. "Yes you can, I don't mind." Louis says. "I'm not a part of One Direction." I say. "Well, you can be." Liam says. "No, I have not been through what you all have, I can't do that." I look at them. "I understand." Louis says. "Well, I'm forcing you on the X-Factor then." Harry says. "Harry, please no!" I beg. "I can't let a talent like that go to waste." Harry says. I give up because I knew he was going to win. "Fine." I cross my arms and pout. Soon I was going to be auditioning for the X-Factor.

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