Live While We're Young (Sequel to My Life With One Direction)

The sequel to My Life With One Direction. xox ~Elise


9. Shopping...

I put on my blue blouse and black jeans. I pulled my hair up in a pony tail, and put on satin heels. I was going shopping with Ronnie, to get away from it all. My new single had gone out, and after 2 hours in the studio I thought I needed to pamper myself along with Ronnie. I had gotten so used to hearing Katie and Louis screaming, but now that they're gone, it doesn't feel the same. I kissed Harry goodbye and got  in the car with Veronica. "Hey love." I smile, putting my purse down. "Hi! Oh my gosh, Liam is such a babe. I can't explain it. Oh my lordd!!" she exclaims. "Haha, I know he is. What'd he do?" I ask, as she starts the engine, which results in a loud roar. "He got me a heart necklace, with a pink diamond in the middle!" she shows me her neck. "oh my, he's not playing.." I examine the necklace with my fingers. "I love him so much! I have to get him something. It'd be fair." she explains, leaving the boy's driveway. "I guess, but, happiness doesn't come from gifts, it usually comes from the heart." I say. We look at eachother and start to laugh. "But seriously!" I say, trying to hold my peace. 


We step out of the car and walk into a big mall. It was such a cool air, and it smelt like furniture and, new stuff. "Hi! oh my gosh! I'm such a huge fan, can you sign my shirt?" one of my fans comes up to me. "Sure! Of course.. Err, do you happen to have a pen or marker?" I laugh. "Yes, I always do just in case If I met you!" she smiles. "Oh, well today must be your lucky day?" I ask, signing the back of her white shirt. I wrote 'Your such a sweetheart! Stay beautiful!' followed by my signature. "It really is!" she smiles. I hug her and wave bye. "She was a babe." I smile. "Sure was.." Ronnie says. We walk into the first store to get Ronnie her present for Liam. "Oh my. Ronnie! I think he just did that just to do it!" I exclaim. She walked into a really expensive men's store. "Like, you said, I'm doing it just to do it!" She says. "Right, Okay." I sarcastically say. After a couple of minutes of looking for something, she gives up. "We should go to Toys R Us." she suggests. "Haha! Okay." I agree. We walk out and start walking towards the children's store. We get in, and start looking. "What would he liiike!" she says frustrated. "I'm a directioner for pete's sake!" she says. I just laugh at her distress. She finally concludes with a turtle pillow-pet. "Aww. So freaking cute!" I say to it. 

After hours of shopping, me and Ronnie go to a Nando's to eat. She suggested it, being the Directioner she is. I order the Sweet and Sticky hot wings and she orders the Double Chicken Breast Burger. "Harry's calling me, hold on.." I tell her, picking up my phone. "Yes?" i say.

"Your mum, she got in a accident." Harry says heartbroken

"What?!" I shout. 

"Briella, you need to get home." he says. 

"I-I'm, on my way." I start to cry..

"We need to go." I tell Ronnie. "What?" She says. "My mum." I say, asking a waiter for a to-go package. "Thank you." I say getting up, to go to the car. We sit down, and Ronnie speeds off. Everyone's dying on me..

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