Live While We're Young (Sequel to My Life With One Direction)

The sequel to My Life With One Direction. xox ~Elise


30. Ronnie did What? -Liam's P.O.V-

Seems like Ronnie is upset about something, and it doesn't feel right anymore. Our chemistry is different. And not in a good way. I miss when we could just, vent about anything. I love her to death, and I hate seeing her so, different. I called her over to my flat, so I could find out what's wrong. It's, just killing me.

"Liam?" I hear her voice, echoing throughout the flat. I jog out of the kitchen, and to Ronnie. I hug her as she hugs back. "What's up?" she says. "You've been different.." I spill to her as we walk to my living room. She looks down. "I'm worried.." I add. "You shouldn't be." she looks up at me. "I think I should." I disagree with her, as we sit on my couch.

"Liam, do you want to know what happened?" she twiddles her fingers. "Yes." I say. 

She takes a deep breath. "I uh, I cheated.. on you.." she looks up at me. With tears welling in her eyes.

I look at her, unable to fathom what she had told me. "I'll, go." she says, standing up, taking her hand off of mine.

I didn't stop her. She'd broken my heart. And I really didn't want to see her, or talk to her. I've been told I give good advice, but I don't know how to give advice to myself..

-A Day Later-

"Liam! I thought you dropped off the face of the planet!" Louis comes in, holding Lucas in his little basket, with Katie. "Liam, are you alright?" Katie comes over to me. "Not really." I weakly smile at them. "What? Girl troubles?" Louis suspects. "Huge troubles." I look down. "Your in a sea of tissues.." Louis notices. "Yeah.." I smile. "What happened?" Katie asks, rubbing my back.

"Veronica cheated on me." I look down, feeling tears run down my cheeks. "What!" Katie hugs me tight. "That's, terrible.." Louis puts Lucas on the table. "It's not a big deal." I lie. Katie and Louis smirk at me. "Sure.." Louis laughs. I smile down at my feet.

"Can I have a look at the baby?" I ask, changing the subject. Louis nods. I go over to his basket picking the little guy up.

"He's so chubby!" I laugh at his chub. "Aye!" Katie hits my arm. I smile, and start to remember why I had feelings for her a couple years ago. I smile at the days when Briella hated us and Katie fangirled over us.

I'm lost in thought. Then Louis does his famous X-Factor scream, in the 10th video diary. I laugh. "Louis! Your gonna make the baby cry!" Katie nags. "He's fine, he's laughing!" Louis points it out. And Lucas is laughing a beautiful baby laugh. I smile. Louis makes me laugh no matter what mood I'm in, and Lucas is getting there.


Not the best I can do, I lost a bit of motivation.. /; Any ideas for the next chapter? I'll become a fan of the winner. :P I love Take Me Home. Omfg. -.-''

~Diana Elise Styles <3



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