Live While We're Young (Sequel to My Life With One Direction)

The sequel to My Life With One Direction. xox ~Elise


15. Old Secrets Told & New Secrets To Hold

-Katie's P.O.V-

It's been a couple of days since Bri has talked to any of us. The only time any of us see her is when she needs food or she goes out with Ronnie and Wyatt. It really makes me upset because this is all about keeping her and her sanity safe, and she is being a bum. Right now, she's at a signing, and I'm at mine and Louis's pad with the boys. "We have to tell her though. I don't even care if the police hasn't taken his life. Enough is enough." I say. "Please don't Katie, just wait a little longer?" Harry pleads. "Yeah. Fine." I reluctantly agree. "Thank youu!" Harry sings hugging my torso. "I might tell her when she gets back from the signing." I warn them. "If he's killed by then, sure. Think of her sanity." Liam says. "True." I agree. "Oh, speaking of signings, we have one to go to." Louis brings up. "Let's go, Paul's probably waiting." Zayn inquires. "Kay, see you later." I smile, kissing Louis and bye to the boys.

Me and Louis have been married for 9 months now. And I think we might be adding an addition to the Tomlinson family. Yes, I'm pregnant. I haven't told Louis yet, because I'm not sure how he'd react. Well I know he loves kids, but it might be a little pressuring on him. Because him and the boys are already going on their fourth tour, and he's not always going to be here for the kid. But I'll try my best to tell him. I took a test yesterday. I was so shocked. I couldn't bring it up. Except to Gisell. But I'm not telling anyone else until I'm sure. My phone starts to ring in my pocket, I pick it up, and read the number. The police are calling. "Hello?" I hopefully ask. "Hi Mrs.Tomlinson, Daniel Bridges, the man who has been terrorizing your friends and family, is now dead. It might be safe to tell your sister." the woman officer says. "Alright, great then. Thank you." I say to her. "Goodbye." she hangs up. It's time to tell a secret.

After sitting on the beige couch for hours with my cat, Briella finally walks through the door, with a big bag over her shoulder. "here." she hands it to me. Then, she makes her way to the door. "Wait." I stop her. "What? Are you going to tell me? Cause," she sarcastically laughs saying Cause. "This cold shoulder thing can go on for months, weeks, or even years. So, you going to tell me?" she dictates. "Fine. I'll tell you." I say. "And, about Harry too. I know you know Katie." she demands. "FINE." I project my voice. "There was a man named Daniel Bridges who has been apparently stalking you since you were 7. Mum and Dad knew about it, and so did I at one point. Anyway, the man killed Avery, Mum, and Dad, and he's been taking your undergarments." I finish. At this point, Briella looks like she is about to break down crying. "A-and, Harry?" she says with a breaking voice. "Daniel threatened him to break up with you or else he would torture you and Harry, and the rest of us." I look down at her feet. I look back up at her, her eyes becoming glassy. "So, Harry still loves me?" she finally realizes. "Yeah.." I say. "What about the man. He's not out there, is he? WHO WAS THAT MAN THEY ARRESTED?" She starts asking questions. "The man they arrested was a fake. Daniel hired him to kill Dad. And he was just recently killed." I finish. "Oh, well.. I'll just go." she says. "Wait, one more thing." I stop her. "What?" she turns around. "I might be pregnant." I tell her. Biting my lip. Her straight face turns into a smile, and bright eyes. "WHAT.  OH MY GOSH KATIE YOUR GIVING ME A NIECE OH MY SHIT I CAN'T BELIEVE IT AHH!" she grabs hold of my shoulders. "DID YOU TELL THE REST OF THEM?" she yells in my face. "No.." I say, shocked at her reaction. "YOU NEED TOO." she insists. "No, I want to wait until I'm sure. Please don't tell any of them. I'm begging you." I plead. "Fine. But I can't promise I won't be giving hints." She warns. "Briella Rose Miller I swear--" I warn her. "Bye gurl." she winks. Well, Briella's back. 


(A/N) Hey guise! I personally loved this chapter. The boys weren't in this chapter a lot, and I think we needed a chapter like that. Well, what do you think? Should Katie be pregnant? If so, what gender? :) Hope you guys liked this chapter. I love you guise! xox Byee!

~Diana Elise




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