Live While We're Young (Sequel to My Life With One Direction)

The sequel to My Life With One Direction. xox ~Elise


17. New Friends (Contest Winners :D)

-Katie's P.O.V-

"Louis, I might.. I might be pregnant.." I hesitate. "What? Are you serious?" he smiles. All the colour rushes back into my face. "yeah.." I smile. He lunges in to hug me. "That's wonderful." he whispers into my hair. He pulls back smiling. Then kisses me. "But, what about you.." I ask. "What do you mean?" he laughs. "What about your tour? Your not going to be here.." I look down. "Fine.. you can come a long. I want you to be with me even more now because I will NOT miss the birth of my first born child." he holds my shoulders. "Lou, that will be a lot of pressure on Paul's shoulders.." I look in his eyes. "He'll understand.. Come on, what happened to the fun Katie I fell in love with?" he says. "Boy.. Uhm, that Katie's still here, but the sensible Katie needs to take over.. Especially now that we're having a kid.." I laugh. "Will you please?" He laughs.. "Fine.." I roll my eyes, hugging him. "Perfect." he smiles, leaning in for another passionate kiss we share.

-Briella's P.O.V-

"Can I have the honours of telling the rest of them?" I ask Katie for permission. "Surely." Louis and Katie smile. "YAY!" I cheer, throwing my hands up. I walk before the four boys sitting on the couch talking about who knows what. I clear my throat, smoothing out my long, wavy black shirt. "I have an important announcement." I say, closing my eyes, pacing back and forth. I can hear all of them chuckling. "These two, lovely couples, are expecting an addition to this, pack." I say. "They are expecting a child." I smile. "WHAT! LOUIS, KATIE OMDKGNLKDHFKJ" Zayn says running up to hug him. "THAT'S INCREDIBLE! WE'RE GODFATHER'S GUISE!" Niall cheers. "NOW I CAN ACTUALLY GIVE BIRTH TO SOMETHING!" Harry throws his hands up. We all laugh. "AGH!" Katie yells, as the boys grope her stomach. "OH MY GOSH. NO! I CAN'T THAT'S JUST TOO WEIRD." I look away from the boys raping her stomach with their hands. It was so cute how excited they we're.

-Next Day-

"Zayn? Zayn Malik?" a beautiful dark, curly girl asks Zayn. "Oh my gosh, is that you, Taylor?!" Zayn asks. The rest of us are like, what's going on. Zayn notices us. "Oh, sorry.. This was my ex-girlfriend before I auditioned on the X-Factor. We haven't seen eachother since." Zayn smiles back and forth. "Aww, that's so cuute!" I cry. "I'm Taylor, Smith." she introduces herself to us. "Hey dere!" Harry winks. I smile. Zayn invites her to have a coffee with us to get to know her. I can see why Zayn loved her. She nervously accepted his request, and she chatted to us about herself. At one point she thought she was talking too much about herself. "Don't be silly! We love hearing about you." Louis says. "Oh, good." she sweetly smiles. Zayn and Taylor spent most of the time catching up. Taylor turns out to be a diehard fan of the boys, also considering, she dated Zayn at one point.

-Another day passing-

"It's so cute how Zayn and Taylor have been hanging out." I smile at Harry. "Yeah, they look really great together." he smiles looking at the T.V. "I heard your meeting your new stylists daughters?" I nudge his shoulder. "Haha, yeah." he smiles at me. "Any kind of deja vu to you?" I nudge his arm. "Yes." he flirtily smiles at me. We exchange flirty looks at look at the T.V again. "Come on Harold, Paul said we have to go, you coming Bri?" Niall asks. "Oh, sure." I smile, kissing Penny's head, and letting her down to go live her cat life. I slip my flats on and get into the Jeep. "Hi Briella!" Paul smiles at me. "Wassup?" I laugh. He starts the engine, and drives off. "She has a 19 year old daughter, and a one year old?" Niall asks. "She does indeed." Paul confirms. "Aw, Louis, you better take care of her for 'Preparation'." I suggest. He laughs, and looks back out the window. After driving for a while, we reach a very cozy looking cottage. "OoOH," I sing. The boys follow Paul into the house. We wait for the door to be answered by a beautiful blonde girl, with brown highlights, the most precious blue eyes I have ever witnessed. "Oh, ehm. Your here for Lou?" she asks, blushing. "Yep!" Paul confirms. "Just a moment." she holds her finger up. "MUM!" she shouts. A woman with caramel coloured hair comes up to the door with a cute little baby in her arms. "Hey come on in!" she invites us in. She directs into a small living area, with leather couches, a wooden coffee table, and a huge television. It's a very cozy area. We take a seat down. "I'm Lou Teasdale, these are my daughters, Lux, and Meky." she smiles. "Wow.." I hear Niall whispering in Liam's ear. I smile and look over at the little baby.

-Niall's P.O.V-

Meky is honestly, so, precious. She looks so flawless. Even wearing sweat pants. "Meky, Teasdale?" I ask. "No no, Meky Teasdale-Coleman." she corrects. "Ahh, ehm, why is that?" I ask. "Oh, my mum got  re-married." she politely answers. "Well, I'm Niall Horan." I say. "I know." she smiles. "Oh." I blush. "Anything you want to drink?" she offers. "No, it's fine thanks." I smile. "Something, to, eat?" she asks. "I can never say no." I give in. "I'll be right back." she laughs. I watch her walk into her kitchen. She has a very cute shape, very curvy. I think I might've hit the jackpot..



There ya have it! Hoped you liked it, and congratulations to Mekykb, and stairs_with1D. Hope you liked how your characters we're introduced! OMFG HAVE YOU SEEN THE COMMERCIAL. I HURT MYSELF WATCHING THAT. (I hit my head) they looked so pretty. :) Right! So, tell me how you feel about the new characters, anything you like about it, please tell me! Tell me what I should change about it! :D xox Bye my lovelies! (need a name for my fans..)





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