Live While We're Young (Sequel to My Life With One Direction)

The sequel to My Life With One Direction. xox ~Elise


32. My Month So Far..

-2 Months Later-

I climbed off the German stage being congratulated by my team. I smiled at them, out of breath. I sit down on my dressing rooms couch, drinking my water bottle. Then Katie walks in, with Ronnie, Taylor, and Meky. "Hi guys," I blubber. Then my eyes shoot open. I smile, and run into them. "What are you doing here? Your going to give me heart attack with all these suprises!" I hug them. "Sorry? We just got done seeing the boys yesterday." Katie smiles. Meky and Taylor blush. "Aww." I smile. I notice Ronnie looking down.

Me and the girls go out for lunch, just to catch up. I notice fans taking photos of us outside the restaraunte. I smile and wave for a couple, but then go back to eating my food. "So, what'd you do with Lucas?" I ask, taking a bite out of my meat. "Johannah wanted to watch him for us. She wanted to spend some time with him." she smiles, eating her salad. "How are you and Harry holding up?" Ronnie asks. "We're okay.. We try to talk to eachother everyday.." I play with my food a bit. "It's hard babe." Meky says. "Yeah." Taylor agrees.

"We're independant though!" Katie shoots her hand up, acting as her old self again. I smile brightly, missing that side of my sister. She was in complete and utter serious mode. "Independant girls we're very trustable." Meky sings in the California Girls tune, making us laugh. "Ronnie, are you okay? Seriously though.." I stop laughing. "Yeah, I've made bad mistakes that's all," she says, sipping at her water. "Babe, can I please tell them?" Katie asks, putting her hand on her arm. She nods, looking nervous. "She cheated on LiLi." Katie says. "Ronnie, noo." Taylor covers her face. The fans are surrounding outside, camreas flashing on One Direction's birds (gfs). That's mostly what we're classified as..

-One Day Later-

"I love you so much! I'll see you soon babes! And Veronica Justine, you stay strong, you got it?" I warn Ronnie, and wave bye to the girls as they leave, strolling into the airport. "I'll try!" Ronnie shouts back. "Bye!" they chrous together. I drive down the road, before getting a cal from a sack of curly pureness. Harry. "Yes my lovely Styles?" I sing, driving. "I saw you and the girls in the tabloids." he says, I can sense his warm, beautiful, cheeky ass smirk through my cell. "Yes." I sigh. "You looked stunning." he kisses up. "Oh god." I laugh. "I'm serious! I miss you so much." he says. "Harry, are you sick? You sound like you have some kind of nasal problem." I laugh. "Yeah, I got hurt." he says. "What?" I say gobsmacked. "What'd you do babe?" I say, shocked. "I fell, and I hit my nose." he says. "Oh that's horrid?" I say. "I'm ok." he laughs. "Don't laugh. You'll hurt yourself." I kid. "Bri! Lou pushed me!" he complains. I laugh. "You can't walk with out being hurt, and I doubt you can't laugh without getting hurt." I smirk. "Ugh. Your lucky I love you." he chuckles. "Right, I have to go baby." he says. "Ok Harold. Be safe! Try not to break a nose!" I tease him. "Goodbye Briella." he says with a sense of stern in his voice, but also a bit of laughing. I smile and put my phone in my back pocket.

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