Live While We're Young (Sequel to My Life With One Direction)

The sequel to My Life With One Direction. xox ~Elise


33. My Last Concert

"Last country already?" I rub my forehead, as I make my way down to my hotel in Nevada, LA. And guess who is Nevada too? That's right, my babies. One Direction. "Yeah," Frankie smiles at me. "I'm excited!" I clap. "Really? I wouldn't want it to end." Frankie says as she drives us to the hotel. "Well, I've spent more then ten months away from my sister, my friends, my nephew, and most of all, my fiance." I point out.

"Right, you know who've I've spent more then ten months away from? My sick husband, my 13 month old baby, and my teens." she sticks her head up. "Yikes." I kid with her. "Shut up." she laughs. I smile at her and continue to watch the road.

"Ahh!!" I sigh as I flop onto my bed. "Right, you go on stage tomorrow, so.." my stylist, Kiana, reminds me. "I know KiKi," I say to her. "Get ready for bed babe." she laughs. "Now now, I just got here! I want to explore?" I sit up. "It's 10:00 at night. Come on, you've gotta get energy! I will get Frankie." she warns me. "Fiiiine." I moan. "Thanks babe." she smiles. She turns around and I make a face at her.

I go on Twitter, and make a new tweet saying.. "Kiana is so mothery, I don't want to go to bed! @kiana_raven89" I decide to do a follow spree, since I'm the greatest person out there. "@Harry_Styles: Follow me Briella! Follow me!" Harry tweets making me laugh. "Oh shut up you.." I tweet back. "Do what Kiana says young lady! Go to sleeeep." Harry changes the subject. "Shhhh." I tweet. I think I followed about, 100 people, so, I log off.

Eventually, I fall alseep, in my clothing.

-Next morning-

"Get an apple before you go!" Frankie says. "Okay." I shout. I grab the, hard apple, and I dig my teeth into the surface, letting the sweet, tart juice explode in my mouth. "Let's go!" I say running out the door. I can hear my team chuckling and sighing behind me.

"Hearts pouding, legs buckling, I can hear the beating in my head. Wanna run away, just get away someday, wanna be alone with you.

Cause when I... I.. look in your eyes.. I keep losing myself. You make me smile.. MMmm, You make me lost in your eyes.." I sing my new single, Lost In Your Eyes, on the stage, getting ready to perform for a concert. "Okay, perfect." my vocal coach, Joshua, says. "Anything I need to fix?" I ask. "Make it, more, smooth, yet a bit raspy at the bridge." he explains. "You got it." I smile.

People fill in, the chatting gets louder and louder. As I'm getting prepared for the show, Louis texts me: "Can't wait to se you in concertt ;D xx" cheekily. "Oh gosh the boys are here." I laugh. "Are they stupid?" Kiana remarks. "I think so." I agree. They obviously think they wouldn't be noticed by the crowd. "Alright, your all ready hun." Kiana pats my back.

The intro of my party anthem, Till The Sun Rises, plays, making a sign to go on. I jump out on stage, in my leathery, yet loose bra looking top, with a silver chain, and pink pants, along, with a pair of black flats. The crowd rawrs, as I start off, singing. I look around the crowd, for the boys, but I don't see them. Oh well.

Around the second song, I see the boys smiling and bobbing their head to my song. I roll my eyes smiling and look across the crowd.

"That's very unfortunate for you." I say to my guitarist, as he tells everyone his worst memory. "What about you Greg?" I walk over to my drum player. "Ehm.. I broke my wrist." he smirks. "That's.. too.. not exciting." I laugh. We we're doing segment called, 'Ask The Band' and behind me stands a screen with questions from the audience. "Well, Ms.Miller, what was your worst memory?" my guitarist sasses me. "Don't be a sass now." I warn him. I think about the worst times I've had. I've had a lot. "Well, this one time. I was like, 7, I had a dog, Butchy, my sister Katie told me that he ran away. But it turns out he drowned." I make a pouty face. I hear someone laugh in the crowd. I look over and it was Niall. "Shut up James." I say, as the audience looks at them. They we're disguised, and Harry had a cowboy hat on for some reason. "Sorry." he shouts. His stupid ass Irish accent shining through. Usually, it's adorkable, but the crowd noticed, and started to make a ruckus. I see Louis smack his arm and the boys scolding him. The stage director makes a signal to end it. "Goodbye my Millertics!" I shout. I run back stage.

"Niall your too stupid oh my gosh." I talk to him behind the phone. "Aye, let me remind you your behind a phone I will most guarantee you wouldn't say that to me face." he sasses. "Right." I sarcastically say. "Got to go. Great job tonight, and Harold said he loves you." he hangs up. "Assholes." I smile, as I lean back into the leather seating, as I get drove back to the hotel.


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