Live While We're Young (Sequel to My Life With One Direction)

The sequel to My Life With One Direction. xox ~Elise


36. Moving In? -Meky's P.O.V-

I walked back into my mum's house, instantly greeted by Lux, who could now walk. "Hey Luxy!" I smile, picking her up, and holding her to my side. She smiles sweetly and snuggles into my neck.

"Hey Meky." my mum calls me from the kitchen. "Yeah?" I say, walking in casually. "Niall said you wanted to talk." she says, leaning on her hip. "Oh, yeah. Lux, go to daddy!" I say shooing her off.

"So, I'm 20, and uh. I think it's about time I'd move out." I say nervously. My mum shuts her eyes and turns around, continuing to cut the scallions. "Mum, I'm grown up!" I protest. "I can see that! But where are you planning to move?" she asks. "Niall's flat.."

"No. No, no, no. I'd rather you on the streets." she points her knife at me. "Oh, so you'd want me on the streets, instead of with someone I know who would take care of me?" I snap.

"Pretty much." she smirks. "Mum, I've spent atleast 19 years with you. I think it's time for me to move on." I say. "Yeah, but.." she runs out of things to say. "Mum.." I say. She closes her eyes, and inhales. "Fine." she says. "Thank you!" I say running over to her, hugging her side, making her jump a little. "Alright Meky," she pats my head as I squeeze her.


"Niall! Niall!" I shout, running into the flat. "What!" he says, his mouth ful as he sits in his living room, watching telly. "My mum said yes!" I shout, running into the living room seeing him munching on chips. "Really!? That's great, now, come over here and give me a big fat chippy kiss." he says, pushing out the chewed up chips out his mouth. "Ew Niall!" I laugh. He starts to chase me round the house.


"Oh my god. Thanks so much for helping!" I say to Briella, Harry, and Louis. "You know, it's just what I do." Briella says sarcastically. I smile to Louis and Harry. "Ok, get out." Niall pushes them out. "Woah Nialler. Someone is excited?" Louis kids. "Yes." he smiles, at me. "Bye you two sexual kids." Harry says back. Niall laughs as the door closes.

"Let's get this crap upstairs." I say, rubbing my hands looking at the boxes. "No, not right now. I think we both need a break." Niall says, latching his strong arms around my petite waist, his soft lips touching my neck. "Woah, Niall." I say. "Please." he whispers, his warm breath tickling my neck. "Can't we get t-this upstairs first?" I moan a bit, as he kisses my soft spot. "Not until I have you again.." he says. I start to blush as my mouth opens and my head goes back a bit. I pull forward. "Niall!" I cry. "It's hard to get work done when your being so irresistable.." I smile. "Baby.." he starts. "You can have me all you want if we get this done first." I proclaim. He smiles, his eyes widen, and starts to haul boxes. "Niall! Be careful! Don't pull a muscle!" I scream at him.

He must really love me.. I smile at the thought. I follow him upstairs with a box in my arms.

We all started to chip in to help me move out. I had tons of clothes, furniture and a bunch of other crap I needed to get. Especially my posters. One Direction, to be specific.

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