Live While We're Young (Sequel to My Life With One Direction)

The sequel to My Life With One Direction. xox ~Elise


37. Louis Liked Me & The Perfect Wedding Dress?

"Kay! I'm ready!" I announce, coming out in tight bleach dyed jeans, a black longsleeved shirt with a red collar, and a pair of black and hot pink Osiris's. I had my blonde hair up in a ponytail. "Very dressy." Harry smirks. "Hmm." I smile, coming over to him, putting my hands on his shoulders, and his hand go on my waist. I smile at him, then leaning in for a gentle kiss. "Okay, you surely have to remember that there are guests here." Louis says, disgusted. "Shut up I hear you two having sex from three houses down." Harry snaps. Katie and Louis moved next to us cause, you know, we all have our little romances. I see Katie blush, holding my little nephew. "Kay, enough small talk, lets go." I smile, running out of Harold's arms and into Katie's. Time to get a sexual wedding dress. (Jenna Marbles thing LOL)


We walked into Magic, my favorite store. I got mostly all my dresses and shoes there. "Ah. My valued customer." Meredith, the store owner greets me with two kisses on the cheek and a hug. "And, Mr. and Mrs.Tomlinson. Always a please seeing you." she smiles. Louis looks at Katie, who smiles.

"Okay seriously I haven't seen Zayn and Taylor in a week. And usually they go over Liam's or Niall's house, which is where I always am." Louis says. "Do you think they got kidnapped and raped?" Katie suggests. "Oh my gosh. Imagine!" I laugh with her. "But seriously." Louis starts, taking his blonde haired and hazeled eyed child. "I'm worried." he smiles weakily. "Lou, Lou, they're fiine!" Katie says. "Aww, it's cute about how your so, aware." I say to him. "Shut up you." he smiles as I look through the rackets.


"Guys this is it!" I smile, taking the beautiful dress out. It had no sleeves. The top had sequins twirling around the top. The dress itself had ruffles all ragged. It was so perfect it made me emotional. "Wow.." Louis breathily laughs. "Aww." Katie smiles. "I'm gonna try it on!" I smile.

I slip into it easily. Too easy. It's an oversized dress. "NO!" I shout. I open the door slowly. I have to hold the dress to me. But when I stepped out, I saw Katie's and Louis's eyes sparkling. Mostly Louis's though. Aww. "Uhm, shall I ask the owner for a smaller size?" Katie suggests. "Please." I say, my voice breaking.

"I know that's too, big, but you still look dazzling." Louis compliments me. "Thanks," I say, putting my hand up at him and then down. "I'm serious. It makes me remember I liked you." he smiles. "Aww? You liked me? Louis William Tomlinson that's too cute!" I say. "I'm serious. I was obsessed with you." he smiles. "Really? I thought you hated me." I laugh. "All the boys liked you. But Niall and Harry had the biggest crush on Katie." he smiles. "Aww." I smile. "Louis that's precious." I smirk at him. He smiles.

"But I'm glad I never got a chance with ya." he says. "Oh, I see." I look at him. "No! I mean, because, you and I wouldn't have ever been like this." he says. "I love you so much. Like a sister." he says. "And it's like seeing Lottie get married. It's sad. Your like my little sister.." he smiles. "Louis, this is the most, emotional speech we've ever had." I state. "I know." he smiles. He pulls me into a hug. Of course Katie comes back.

"Here we go." she smiles giving me my dress. "You two had a moment didn't you." she smirks. "Yep." Louis looks down at me. "Aww. Go try it on." she smiles, giving Lucas to Louis. I walked into the changing room.

I put the dress up on my body. This was the moment. This would be the dress we're I make my vows to be an unsingle woman. I need this to be perfect. I closed my eyes as I pulled it up to my thighs. It began to get tighter. I had huge thighs. But it slipped up easily with not a lot of hassle. I pulled it over my breasts. I fit perfectly. The dress complimented my curves, I felt myself glowing. I knew I'd choosen the right one.

I open the door, walking out. Twirling. "Oh my god. You'll knock Harry dead.." Louis says. "Briella, your glowing.." Katie smiles. I was right. "Did we find a keeper?" I ask. "Yes." Katie and Louis chorus. I smile and walk over to the cashier.


:) xx ~Diana

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