Live While We're Young (Sequel to My Life With One Direction)

The sequel to My Life With One Direction. xox ~Elise


11. Living for now

It took days for me to get over it. My mother was there for me all the time. She was phenomenal. The boys were pretty beat up about it, especially Zayn and Liam. They shared the most things with her. Harry tried to make me feel better by taking me to the Zoo. I love animals, but even a sweet little panda couldn't make me happy. It was really depressing. "Briella, I hate to see you like this, it's like seeing a happy ecstatic child die." Harry describes. "I know, I'm sorry Harry." I drone into his chest. "The boys are still worried about you." He explains. "I know. Louis told me." I look up at him. I look back down and Harry pulls my chin up to kiss me. "Let's do something, maybe something else will make you happier?" he suggests. I sigh. "Sure Harry." I smile. He gets up before me and reaches his hand out to help me up. He was such a gentleman. "Thank you babe." I smile. He smiles back and rubs my back. "Boys, get in the van, we're doing something." Harry says to the three boys on the couch and one boy in the kitchen. I wish Katie was here, but she went to see my father in Germany. We walk down the steps, into a gray skied England. "Harry what are we going to do in weather like this?" Zayn points out. "There's plenty to do.." he starts. "Fishing,"   "No casts." Zayn says. "Picnic?" He asks. "It's going to rain any second.." Liam says. "Then what do you suggest Zayn?" he says. "We, should see a movie." he slowly says.  "W-" the boys start. "Woop!" I cheer running up to the car. I see the boys in the window shrugging and going towards the car.

"So, has Paul found you guys a new stylist yet?" I ask. "Yep! Lou Teasdale, she's great." Niall says. "Great!" I smile. "Wait, don't you need to see what time the movies are up?" Louis asks. "Oh, crap." Harry says. "I'll check." Liam says pulling his phone out. "OH ME GOD. BATMAN. WE SEE BATMAN." Liam cheers. "Alriight. Jeez." Harry says, with his eyes fixated on the road. "Put on some tunes Louis." Zayn says from the back. Louis's hand reaches out to the radio, and up goes the music, and singing through it are the boys. Their song, Live While We're Young plays. "oh my gosh I'm too proud of you boys." I say. "Three freaking moon men." I say. Zayn starts to chuckle while the rest of them are smiling. We finally reach our destination. I give the boys glasses and Harry a beanie. "No, put it- No- HARRY!" I say trying to put it over his hair. "hehe." he giggles. "Lou, c'mere." I say. "No.." he looks at me with crazy eyes. "YOUR GOING TO HURT MY HAIR!" He chants. "No, I'm going to style it so.." I say.. "Oh shut up and go out." I laugh. I put on my sunglasses as well. We walk in, and Niall asks the lady for 6 Batman tickets. "Thank you," his Irish accent shines. I can tell she noticed who we we're because her eyes lit up and Louis winked at her. "Lou." I smack his arm. "What?" he asks. "She'll recognize you." I warn. "Oh.." he says. 

"Best. Movie. EVER." Liam and Niall say together. "While we're in the mall, we should do something.." Zayn suggests. "Like?" I ask. "Harrying?" he asks. I start laughing along with the other boys. "That was not funny! I was so worried about that lady! I'VE NEVER DELIVERED A BABY BEFORE."


After Harrying all over the place we drive back home. I felt happier. I was still broke on the entire thing, but I think that I could just live for now. 

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