Live While We're Young (Sequel to My Life With One Direction)

The sequel to My Life With One Direction. xox ~Elise


22. I Need To Love Someone (Harry&Briella's P.O.V)

(Harry's P.O.V)

"Just, wait." I stop Gianna, before leaving. I knew she hasn't changed, I was desperate to love someone. I could love Gianna. She smiles, and turns around. "I'm waiting.." she sings. I smile, and reach down, kissing her. Her lips didn't feel as good as Briella's, there was nothing there. I pull back, my arm meeting her waist. "I love you Harry." she says. "I love you as well." I reply, insincere. "Does, this mean we're a couple?" she asks. "Of course." I nod. She smiles, and jumps back up to kiss me. I smile, helping her into her car, as she drives off into the night. What in god's name have I just done. I'm with the wrong girl..

I walk back into the flat hesitant. "Hi," I awkwardly say. "Hey Harold, just in time." Katie wobbles in, as a extraordinary smell pours out of the kitchen. I was staying at Louis's flat, I couldn't stand being alone in my own. I pull my shoes off, and hang my coat on the rack. I walk in the kitchen, to see Louis, Katie, and Briella. "Hey." I smile. "What's up?" she sings. I smile and sit down next to Louis. 

"So, have you found a girl yet?" Louis asks. I can see Briella's face turn happy, to a mix between, pissed, sad, and happiness. "Yeah.. Actually.. I um, I'm dating someone." I studder. As Briella stops her eating for a second, and continues, with a longer face then I've seen. "Who?" Louis asks. "Ehm, Louis, come with me.." I pull his arm. I could not say it infront of Briella or Katie. I feel like I was betraying the ones I loved. 

"Who is it?" Louis repeats, his eyebrows arched, worried. "Louis, It's um. It's Gianna." I wince, waiting for a hit. "What.." he suprisedly says. "Lou, I needed someone to love." I excuse myself. "Why, WHY in God's name, Gianna, of ALL people?" he frustrates himself. "I-I don't know." I sincerely say. "You've got to tell her. You gotta tell Bri." he suggests. I look down, and around, thinking if it'd be a good idea to tell her that. "F-fine.. when I'm not around. Please." I plead. "Fine." he smiles. "Come here you." he pulls me into a hug. "You don't need her, you've got me bro." he whispers in my ear. I pull back, and pull his head to my lips, trying to kiss his cheek. "NO!" he yells, pushing me away. "I'M PURE HARRY!" he shouts again. But I win. I give him a big fat, wet kiss on his cheek. "Harry get back here!" he shouts.

"Bye, thanks again Louis." Briella smiles, about to leave. "Actually, can you hold up?" he asks, which gives me a signal to go. "Well, I'm uh, going to my Mum's. See ya.." I hopelessly laugh. "Bye." she smiles. 

(Briella's P.O.V)

Louis waits for Harry's car to pull out, and start to drive. I'm so upset by the fact that Harry has a girl. And I'm still single. I need to find someone. "Look. Briella. Harry has made the most stupidest decision a human being could ever make." Louis starts. "Louis, what's going on?" I question. "Harry, he um. He's dating Gianna." he adds. I stand there frozen, looking at Louis. Before I let a bloodcurdling scream escape my lips. "C-c-CALM DOWN." Louis holds my shoulders. "WHAT?" I shake my head vigorously. "LOUIS, I LET HIM DOWN. I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS. I SWORE I WOULDN'T LET THAT GIRL TOUCH HIM." I pull at my hair. "Wait, relax." Louis holds my shoulders. "Louis, he's the only one I love. I can't let him get broken by that girl." I feel my eyes become wet. "It's okay." he rubs my shoulders. "I need a Tommo hug." I say, pulling him into a amorous hug, that is comfortable. "It's okay. I understand." he kisses my head. "I just, I just.. Love him. So much. I can't let him do that to himself. Damn it Louis, I LOVE him." 









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