Live While We're Young (Sequel to My Life With One Direction)

The sequel to My Life With One Direction. xox ~Elise


12. I can't stand it..

There was broken glass across the floor. Family pictures facing down on the ground, with cracks in the glass. Blood was pored on the brown wood. My sister was in the hospital, while my father was dead. My parents are gone. Katie is the only family left. I can't take this. Everyone I love is dying. It's been a month since my mothers death. Now it's going to take so much longer to get over my father. He was my best friend. Besides Avery of course. I was standing in a crime scene. My father was murdered. Murdered by a stalker, my stalker. Yes, I have a stalker. He was arrested and is scheuled for a life sentence. He's been watching me change, shower. I've noticed missing undergarments and that's must've where they went. I walked out into the blue sky, and green, red, brown trees. Red and blue light flashed. The man, who was a young man, who was quite handsome, was being guided into the police car, giving me a look as if I'll regret this. I was beyond tears. I was shocked. I looked over to Harry, who stood there as if he wa frozen. Louis, Zayn, Liam, and Niall are in the hospital 2 watching Katie, and Liam and Louis being treated. They were attacked. We had stayed ove my fathers for the week, ad Liam and Louis tryed to save my father, and Katie. As well as Harry, well Harry called the police.

"What's happening Harry." I say, looking at the car. "Briella, even I don't have anything to say to this. This guy probably just wanted to ruin another 3 months for you." Harry says.




I was getting ready for an interview with Bobb Wilkes. I walked out in my little pink dress along with black heels. I was welcomed by the howling of the crowd. "Hi love!" he smiles, kissing my cheek, as I sit down. "Well, Briella, we know you and the boys have been going through a lot." he says. "Yeah, a ton." I smile, weakily. "Well, if you don't mind, please tell us what happened?" he politely asks. "My mother was killed on accident, Katie, Louis, and Liam are in the hospital, who tried to save my late father." I say, my voice obviously cracking. "You've got quite a lot of drama.." he says. "yeah, but the boys and Katie keep me grounded." I smile. "On a positive note, you've got a year left to marry Harry!" He exclaims. "Yep, I'm a little nervous if you ask me," I say. "Why is that?"   "Well, number one it's Harry, and, I'm devoting my life and my heart to someone. And I'm under a lot of pressure, and the hate from fans doesn't make it any better." I say. "Oh, it's true, So, you've got your second album coming out, can you spill some for us?" He asks. "Well, it's a bit edgy, and it has a new beat to it then most things I've sang in the past." I tell him. "ooOoh." he sings. "Well, it seems our time is up. Briella Miller, I wish you and your family and friends the best. Good luck my dear." He smiles, pulling me into a hug and kiss. "Thanks love." I smile, walking out and waving good bye to the cheering crowd.

After a secluded and quiet drive home, I walk into my mother's old house. I see Harry waiting for me. "Hey beautiful." he smiles, pulling me into a kiss. "Hi handsome." I giggle. "Where's Zayn and Nialler?" I ask. "Hospital with the boys and Katie." he explains. "Oh," I say, sitting my self on the couch. "B-briella.. Can I please have a kiss?" he asks, sounding suspicious. "Uh, sure." I say, getting up to kiss him hard on the lips. "Harry, is everything okay?" I ask. "Everything is fine." he lies. I can tell in his voice something is wrong. He kisses me again. "wow, your very intimate today?" I say, kissing him again. "Yeah, I just love you so much." he says. Kissing me again.



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