Live While We're Young (Sequel to My Life With One Direction)

The sequel to My Life With One Direction. xox ~Elise


2. Home Bound (Short)

"Well, what happened?" Stella asks. "I was sleeping then I woke up, I saw a blurry figure, I asked who was it, it said Avery, I started crying and telling him I'm sorry." Tears are now threatinging to fall. "Then he disappeared, and that was it." I look up to Katie, and the boys. "Well now that we know,you were definatly traumatized." Louis says. Everyone has worried looks on their faces. "Let's get you to bed." Harry rushes over and wraps his arm around my waist leading me into the room. I look over my shoulder and the boys are waving bye. "We'll see you tomorrow." Zayn says. I smile weakily back at them and look foward. Harry helps me get into the hospital bed, and covers me in the duvet. "I'll see you tomorrow, okay?" He looks at me with loving eyes. "Of course." I laugh. He leans in to kiss me. "I love you so much." He smiles. "I love you more though." I smile. "I'm going to let you win because you need some rest." he smiles. He leans in to hug me, then whispers: "I love you much more than you could ever imagine." and with that he leave. "LOVE YOU." I shout. I smile and close my eyes. I fell asleep and my smile never left my face.


~The Next Day~

My eyes are shut and very heavy, but I'm awaken by my male nurse. "Gotta get up love." Ethan says. "Your going home today." He says setting up the bed table and placing yogurt, eggs, bacon, apple, and orange juice. "How are you feeling?" He smiles. He was quite fit. "I'm not all puppies and rainbows, but I'm ok." I say. "Feisty today?" He flirtaciously smiles. "Yeah.. Durr." I say finishing my bacon. His earpiece makes a noise but I just continue to eat. "You have to get going soon." He smiles. As I'm finishing my orange juice and my plate is empty, he comes over to help me up. "You have to go now." He smiles. As he is helping me up, and pulling the needles out, we get caught looking into eachothers eyes. His eyes were beautiful. They reminded me of Joshuas'. He has blue marbley eyes, and has green mixed in. Also kind of looked like Niall's. I smiled at the memory. He started to lean in, and closed his eyes. I just stared at his lips. So plump and pink. I started to lean in too, his face is inches, away from my face. I can smell his minty fresh breath flying onto my face. If I moved foward any closer, we would be kissing. But then I remembered Harry, and that I'm not letting this happen a second time, he closes his eyes and I pull away as he leans in. "I, I have a boyfriend." I say, moving away. "R-right, Mr. Styles. I'm sorry Ms.Miller" He sincerly says. "Yeah. Um, where are my clothes?" I ask, pointing to my bed gown. "Ah, over on the chair dear." He smiles. I thank him and pick up my clothes that I was wearing the day I blacked out. I swiftly walk over to the bathroom and get changed into a long sleeved, purple warm shirt. Then I change into fluffy plaid, pink, purple, and black pajama pants. I walk out and put on my boots my mom bought for me. He leads me out the door. After going into the elevator, walking down 1 flight of stairs, I finally get reunited with Harry and Liam. I greet them with hugs and Harry with a fat kiss. I wave bye to Ethan, but he's already gone. I sigh and step into the car.

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