Live While We're Young (Sequel to My Life With One Direction)

The sequel to My Life With One Direction. xox ~Elise


28. Hello, Lucas Avery Tomlinson..

"Briella, do you like Cher Lloyd? I've noticed you've been dressing like her lately.." asks Harry, as his fingers part the knots in my hair.

"I adore her. She's my inspiration." I look up at him. 

"I thought I was your inspiration?" he sadly remarks.

"Oh shut up." I lay back down on his chest.

I can feel him chuckle, as his chest rises and sinks from laughter. "I like you when you dress yourself." he says in my hair, as he kisses it.  "I do, my, clothes, are inspired by her, soo.." I lie. "Okay.." he rolls his eyes. 

"Fiddler On The Roof is on." Harry informs me, making me open my eyes. "Put it on. NOW." I sit up from his arm. "Alright alright." He laughs, clicking on the channel and putting it on. "I love that man." I say, totally glued to the movie.

Me and Harry are cuddled up watching my all time favorite movie, until Louis barges through the door, sweat glistening off his head. 

"KATIE IS IN LABOR." Louis says nervous. Yes, many months have passed by. I wasn't expecting today for her to be, giving birth.. Me and Harry shot up, and ran to the car. Louis speeds off, towards the hospital as the snow flies through the air.

-Katie's P.O.V-

I breathed in and out, my entire body aching. My sister squeezing my hand and singing to me as I feel like I'm dying. "OoooOH." I moan. "It's okay Katie, breath just breath." Briella trying to calm me down. "BREATHING DOES NOT HELP." I shout. "We're here!" Louis opens his door, rushing out to open mine.

I see camera's flashing and everything. Stupid paps followed us. Louis helps me walk by holding onto my back steading me. A nurse comes over with a wheelchair a little while after we've been in here. Louis stays by me the entire time, the same thing as Harry and Briella. Seeing the 3 people who help me a lot, helps me numb the pain, just a bit, only because the other three people aren't here.

-6 Hours Later-

"One last, big push Mrs.Tomlinson!" the midwife says. Haha, Mrs.Tomlinson, I never get tired of hearing those words. I give a large push, sending my entire lower region into a surge of pain. I also let a loud scream escape my lips. Louis takes my hand and kisses it as I push. I smile weakly at him. I hear a breath before a cry. "Here you go, a little boy." the midwife smiles. 

She hands me a little boy, that's pasty and crying very loudly. I start to cry. I play with his hand, as Harry, Louis, and Briella sit in awe seeing the little boy we've been awaiting for. 

The nurse takes him to do the thing, she has to. "I heard him take his first breath." I say to them. I start to cry. "That's amazing.." Briella puts her hand on my leg. Louis looks at me with complete love.. "I love you so much Katie.. Anything you need. Just, tell me." he kisses me. I smile. 

-A couple hours later-

Louis walks back in with an apple juice. Harry and Briella left, with some news for the boys. "What are we gonna name him?" Louis asks, sitting on my hospital bed. "Not sure.." I say. "Tommy Tomlinson!" he suggests. "No!" I laugh. "Lucas?" Louis suggests. "Of course." I agree. "Lucas Tomlinson." Louis says to himself. "Middle name?" he suggests. "Avery.." I look up at him. "Lucas Avery.. Love it." he smiles, and kisses me. Then kisses the sleeping baby.

-Next day-

"Where is he?" Zayn walks in, with the other five. "Over there." I turn over. "He's beautiful.." Liam says. "He's got his daddy's eyes." Harry looks over at Louis. Their bromance is still going strong. "What's his name?" Niall asks. "Lucas Avery." Louis says. I see them all smiling, knowing why we named him that. "Well he's definatly Louis's." Briella says. "He's got his nose and everything." she looks down at him. Louis smiles brightly. 

Welcome, Lucas Avery Tomlinson..





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