Live While We're Young (Sequel to My Life With One Direction)

The sequel to My Life With One Direction. xox ~Elise


13. Hardest Thing I've Ever Done.. (Harry's P.O.V)

I couldn't bring myself to leave her. We've been together for a while. Briella.. This evil man, her stalker is still out there. The man they arrested was a poser. He threatened me to break up with her or he would torture her and make me watch. I had to do this. I can't let her get hurt. She's too precious to all of us, I'm not sure what we would do with out her. I finally bring myself to call her. After a couple of rings, I hear her pick up.

"Hey hon." she says.

"Briella, Miller. I want you to know, that I love you so much, and this is so hard for me to do." I cut right to the chase.

"Harry, is everything okay?" she asks.

"No, Briella, nothing is okay." I say


"I need.. I-I.."


"I have," I take a long breath. "I have to break up with you.." I say, my voice clogging up, about to cry.

"W.." she starts.

"I have to go.." she says. And hangs up.


I drop my phone. I start to cry.. I can't believe this. 



-Next Day-

Louis, Liam, and Katie would finally come out of the hospital today. As we're driving home, they notice me dead silent. "Harry, your not yourself today, is everything okay?" Louis concerns. "No." I say with a short answer. "What happened?" Katie asks. "I. Can't tell you.." I say. I'm in need of telling someone. "Fine then." Louis ignores me, in order to get me to tell him. I sigh. "Fine." I say. "Spill it Hazza." Liam says.

I tell them everything. That man was the cause of Avery's death, her mothers death, and obviously her fathers. He threatened me to break up with her, or her would tourture both of us. Except Briella would be the one to die. The man, Daniel, was stalking her since she was little. He told me everything. I finish telling them everything. "OH MY GOSH I NEED TO TELL BRIELLA AND I NEED TO KILL THAT EVIL SON OF A BITCH I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS ASSHOLE I WILL FIND HIM AND PULL HIS TEETH OUT AND MAKE HIM EAT THEM AT ONCE AND AND RIP HIS SPINE OUT AND AND AND AND USE IT A TEETHFLOSS AND-" Katie screams. Louis consoles her. She just breathes heavily. "Ehm, Clowns scare me." Liam says. (A/N): they really so scare me. I think they're serial killers..)   "That's was very irrelavant." Louis says. "Katie, don't tell Bri, you'll get both me and her hurt." I tell her. "Oh my gosh. Do you know what he looks like?!" Katie asks. "Yeah," I say.. "You NEED to get the police involved." Liam says. "They are. They know who he is." I tell him. "Then why haven't they done anything?" Louis asks. "Because he changed locations. We need to watch Briella at all times.. I can't risk her getting hurt." I tell them. "Oh.." Liam says sadly and discouraged.


We get home. I walk into a sight, I've seen before. I see, Niall.. Niall and Briella. Doing what? Kissing. I stop. They stop. I say goodbye, and look at Briella, who has a pissed off, yet guilty face on. Why would she do this? After we broke up a day ago? I can't believe I had to leave her when I can be with her. "Oh, Harry." She says. I turn around, but all I feel is something thrown at me. "I won't be needing this.." She says looking like she's about to cry. I close the door, looking in the beautiful green eyes of Briella Miller. This is the hardest thing, I've EVER done. Because I really do love her.





Hi guiiisee. It's me Diana, I know I haven't really been on, it's because, well, I've been cheating on Movellas.. With Wattpad. PLEASE DON'T HATE MEEHH! It's also because I've been trying to think of something with this story, and I came up with this, so I thought that Wattpad would be better so I can get some ideas from the stories. Don't worry, no plagerizing involved at all. Oh, and I have to tell you something. This story is going to actually be a 40, or 50 chapter story, because It's going to be a while for Harry and Bri to forgive eachother. I KNOW this idea seems familar, but I thought It was a very good idea.. Sorry if it seems like I'm stealing an idea, but I really tried to make it my own version. If you want to take a look at my Wattpad account type in, :) Hope you enjoyed this chapter, and follow me on Twitter: Vas_Happening69, ask me questions on Kik too! HarrysPussy69 :) Love you guise! Thanks so much for the support. xoxoxo

~Diana Elise<3


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