Live While We're Young (Sequel to My Life With One Direction)

The sequel to My Life With One Direction. xox ~Elise


16. Friends for Now.

I walk out of Katie's house, smiling, my heart exploding with happiness that there's a new life coming into my family to fill a void. All of a sudden, my smile changes. Changes into a frown. Because the boys pull up. One of the boys being Harry. I power walk to my car. Exchanging smiles to the boys. Except Harry, but I noticed he was smiling. Seeing me happy. The other four looked at me weirdly. "Katie told me. Thank you." I smile. "Ooh, anything for my little gumdrop!" Louis runs over to hug me. "Ugh. Okay, love you too buddy." I kiss his cheek. He pats my head as he walks over to the the other four smiling. I look at Harry, who's smiling at the ground. I smile a little too. Because we both loved each other. Except, we didn't know when to get back together. I sit into my car, starting the engine, and driving off of the pebbly drive way.

All of a sudden, I come to an abrupt stop. I see Avery standing in front of my car. "Avery, MOVE!" I shout. He smiles, and dissappears. This Avery thing is becoming a regular occurance. It's not really flabbergasting anymore. It's kind of sweet to me. Except he's like Penny, who won't get out of the way. Then, as I'm sitting at a stop sign, I look over my shoulder. Josh is driving behind me. "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh." I start to panic. I quickly call up Liam. "Hello?" he answers. "Josh is behind in the road. Damn it Liam I think he saw me. Oh man." I panic into the phone. "Your wearing your sunglasses, no?" he asks. "I am.." I hesitantly say. "You'll be fine. I can't even tell who you are. Just calm down and get to Alan, okay?" he says. "Okay.." I breath. "Okay, see you later babe." he says. I hang up. And drive, I look into my mirror, seeing Josh driving in his stupid white car. Ugh, white cars are so annoying. I can tell he doesn't know who I am, because he doesn't have that face on. That devious face. 

I keep driving, and he is still going in my direction. I take deep breaths, hoping he'll depart soon. I reach Alan Carr's talk show. But realizing only that he'll be in the audience. As I'm getting ready to go out on my first Alan Carr show, I take sips of water, I fix my suspenders, my pants, and my suede heels. "Alright Ms. Miller, Alan is ready for you. "Please put your hands together, for the lovely, Briella Miller!" I hear Alan chant as I walk down the swirly steps. I smile and sit down as we exchange hugs and kisses. "You want anything to drink?" he asks, holding up a bottle of liquor. The crowd laughs. "Uh, no, I'm trying to, uh, keep off the alcohol." I laugh with the crowd. "Uhm, bullshit." he laughs. I laugh too. "Water then?" he asks. "Yep!" I agree with his choice. "Alright then." he says handing me the glass of water. "So, this is your first interview with me?" he asks. "Yup." I smile. "Jeez. What rock have I been under." he laughs. I shrug my shoulders. As I look into the crowd, there smiling is the devious face known as Josh. My eyes widen as I look back at Alan.

-Harry's P.O.V-

"Guys, her eyes.." Katie points out. "Something's up.." she adds. "Calm down, Katie, the man's dead." Liam assures her. "No, no, Liam something is wrong." I add emphasize on the is. The camera takes a shot of the audience. Then, we see a brunette guy, in black. Katie's eyes widen. "Guys, that's Josh, oh my.." Katie starts to breathe heavily. "Katie, if something happens, remember she's a strong girl who can look after herself." Louis pulls her closer to his waist. "Oh, k.." she says.

-Briella's P.O.V-

"What music do you like," he asks. "Ehm, a lot?" I answer, making the crowd laugh mellow. "Hmm, great music." he laughs. "So, what's going on with you and Mr.Styles?" he asks, showing a picture up of me and him, hand in hand, bringing back memories. "Oh, It's a bit complicated." I answer. "Explain to us a little bit?" he asks. "Ehm, apparently, he needed a break." I smile weakly, at him, not shedding too much. "Oh, so. You still love him?" he pokes my knee. "Yeah?" I laugh. "HEAR THAT HAROLD?" he shouts into the camera. I laugh. "Well. I have a question." he starts. "Hit me with your best shot." I sing. "AHH! You like rock?" he asks. "Yes." I laugh. "Right, so, how's you and your sister holding on with the deaths, of your Mum and Dad?" he asks. "Well, it's never really, over. It still haunts me, but she's doing wonderful. She's expecting something." I wink into the camera. 

-Katie's P.O.V-

My smile turns into a straight line. Staring into the T.V. The boys look at me. I close my eyes. I hate Briella. "What.." Louis says. "Ehm, I'm expecting, a job.." I say lying. "What?" Zayn asks, knowing I'm lying. "Nothing. She's just being a, being, a.. She's just being herself.." I say wide eyed, scratching the back of my neck. "COME ON STOP STARING!" I shout. "Okay, damn gurl." Louis smirks.

-Briella's P.O.V-

It's been what feels like seconds, but actually 27 minutes. "Thank you so much, stunning Briella, Harry is missing out!" he laughs, hugging and kissing my cheek, as he shoos me off to leave. "BYE!!" I cheer. I get ready to leave, hurrying not to be caught up with Josh. My manager, Frankie, willingly comes with me to make me happy. "Do I really have to drop you off?" I complain. "Oh my gosh. Briella, I live down the block." he points out. "Ugh." I throw my head back. A very talkative drive home, he steps out of the car, telling me goodnight. I drive off, heading over to Katie's flat.  

I reach her flat. But she comes running out, her hands about to wrap around my neck. "AHH!" I scream running in circles. "KATIE I'M WEARING HEELS!" I shout, running into the house. "I DON'T CARE MY LITTLE SPAZZ!" She continues to run. "KATIE!" I dodge her trying to choke me. "Augh!" I scream. I finally trip. She sits on top of me. "This is why I can't tell you things!" she says. "I'm sorry! The boys didn't find out?!" I say."Find out what?" Niall asks, standing with the rest of the boys. "Ehm.. nothing.." Katie says stepping over me. "Louis, I need to talk with you." Katie says, rushing over to him, pulling him by the arm. The other three leave. Leaving me and Harry. "Here.." he says holding out his hand. "Thanks.." I say, spreading out my clothing. We stop for a second. Looking into eachother eyes. Then, reach into hug. "I missed you.." he whispered. I smile.. Maybe, we can just be friends for now..



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