Live While We're Young (Sequel to My Life With One Direction)

The sequel to My Life With One Direction. xox ~Elise


41. Epilogue

Our little girl, Darcy Louise (ordered by Louis) Styles stood on the stage, in her adorable costume, acting, singing, and dancing in a school play. The boys instantly accepted coming to the play to see their god niece to play the lead role in Grease. She was 14 years old, beautiful, her dark brown waves cascaded down her back as her deep blue eyes sparkled as she played Sandy. I could tell Louis was happy because he loved this play, and considering the fact he played Danny in highschool.

"She's incredible." I smiled to Harry, as Darcy acted as the play neared its end. "So will this kid." he rubbed my 8 month stomach, holding our 16 year old daughter close to him.


The play ended, with a kiss. Harry tensed up, but I rubbed his arm, and it slightly fell down. The curtain fell, I think Louis was the first one up. She was phenominal. The crowd almost brought the school down.


"You had to be better than me." Louis rubbed her back as Lucas followed next to her. "Oh please Uncle Lou, you're flattering me." she smiled. I smiled and kissed her head. "You did amazing honey." I said. She looked up at me with her green eyes sparkling. "Darcy, shall we get some ice cream?" Harry said, as he let go of her hand.

"Dad it's in the middle of winter.. Of course!" she smiled. She definately had Louis's humor. I think that was the consequence of having Louis in her entire life.

"I definatetly want strawberry." Zayn pointed out, as he held Taylor's hand, and had his teenage daughter next to him. "Chocolate.." Liam pretty mich whispered, as he held his 6 month old daughter. Liam and Ronnie were stronger than ever, Liam and Ronnie had 2 kids, a 6 month old named Ellie, and a 13 year old son named Ethan.

As for Zayn and Taylor, they had a girl who was 15 years old, Taylor kind of got pregnant when they went to Germany.

Niall and Meky had two twin boys, who were 7 years old, their names were Michael and Olly.

Louis and Katie, REALLY love eachother because they had four kids. Lucas, Harper, Logan and Melissa. Melissa is the youngest, she is 5 years old, Logan is 9, Harper, she is 10, and Lucas is a big fat 16.

As for me and Harry. We had about two, and we are expecting a third. Darcy, Cara, and I'm expecting a boy. Me and Harry are naming him Ed Ross. After Ed Sheeran.

Darcy is 14, Cara is our oldest, she is 15, and Ed, he isn't born. Haha..

Me and Harry have this bond. I don't think I could've ever looked at someone and fall deeply in love with them as quickly as I did with Harry.

The number one signal that Harry was the one, is the night I conceived Cara. It was Valentine's Day night, and, he made me feel so good about myself. Harry, I never felt so in love. I've had lots of boys, but Harry, seriously I could never get bored with him. I geniunely love Harry.

When we all sat down in the dark night, laughing and talking, I loved these types of moments, just reminising on our past. I looked at the faces of our next generation.

I only smiled to Katie, and she smiled back to me. Her smile grew, and she nodded.

That nod. That nod definately is what was the cause that made me shed a tear.

Because, as I looked at Zayn, Harry, Liam, Niall, Louis, Ronnie, Taylor, Meky, Wyatt, and Katie, It reminded me of the times when we were reckless teens.

The times,

When we Lived While We're Young.


OH my  god. I'm crying. Seriously, this was my first story I have EVER written and put all my MOTIVATION into. And it's so successful. And seriously, I'm being so fucking geniune when I say, I love you so much. My fans. Seriously, it was so hard for me to end this story, because I'll be saying goodbye to my first ever story, and secondly, It's what lifted me off into stardom.

Ugh. I'm crying, really hard. :)

But thank you guys. Seriously, I love you so much! xxxxxx

If you'd like, I'm writing a new story called Jar of Hearts. :) So, read that? :)

But, good night, and deuces to  LWWY & MLWOD.

It was a great run. :)




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