Live While We're Young (Sequel to My Life With One Direction)

The sequel to My Life With One Direction. xox ~Elise


10. Bye Mom.. +Message(Important-ish..)

"HARRY! Where is she?" I say shouting. "Briella, she's at the hospital, she-"   "I need to see her I want to be there if she dies. Does Katie know?" I start hyperventaliating. "I don't know.." he says. "Harry! I need to see her." I start crying. "Baby, she can't have any visitors at the moment, she's in critical condition." he explains. I fall into his chest, making his shirt wet with salty tears. It feels like daeja vu. Kind of like when Avery died. Harry sits down, and Ronnie is hovering over me. As Harry sits down I land in his lap. "She'll be okay, I promise." he says stroking my head.

"We can go see her." he says. I start towards the door. "Love! Hold on!" he shouts. Liam and the other boys are waiting in the hospital, which I don't know why. Ronnie gets in the back, while Harry and I climb up front. "Come here." he pulls me into a hug. "If anything happens to her I'll be here for you. No matter what kind of a situation we're in. Because I love you Briella." he whispers. I look up at him and kiss him. "Thank you Harry." I say, my voice cracking. He made me feel better and he starts to drive off. I just hope to god my mum is going to be okay. "And for you I'll be your stylists." I laugh while sniffling. He smiles and focuses back on the road. "I'm sure her injury isn't that bad," Ronnie says.

"Oh my god." I cover my mouth. I felt sick. I never felt sick looking at my mother. She was awake, but she was really slow at moving. With the boys and Ronnie behind me, I started to cry harder. Her gray eyes were swelled up, purple. The top of her brow bone was scraped, and bloody. She looked, like Chucky. Chucky. But worse, more gorey. Her legs was broken. I walk towards her. I see her look up at me. She looked like she could die any second. She had all these huge scars running up her cheek, with blood flowing down. Right under her eye, there was a cut under her tear duct, down to her cheek. She was so beat up. "Mom.." I lightly say. "Bri, I'll be okay." she takes her purple hand and holds mine. "You don't look like you will." I say letting my tear fall on her hand. "If I don't make it. I need you to know, that I will love you," She slowly says. "I'm so proud of you, your doing everything you said you were going to do." she studders a bit. I hear greetings and things. I see Louis and Katie walk in. Katie runs over to my mum while Louis stands there with his hand over his mouth. I look at Katie and we embrace into a large hug. "I'm so happy to see you." We haven't seen each other in atleast 2 months. "Me too." She says. We break, and sit down on the chairs. We keep our mother company. Wyatt and Ronnie had to leave. Because it was getting late.

Me, Katie, Louis, and Harry are the only one staying with my mom. The others got tired, so they left. I was always making sure my mom was okay. "Briella, she'll be fine." Harry squeezes my hand.


-Stella's P.O.V-

I didn't want to tell Katie, Briella or the boys that I was going to die. I specifically asked the doctor to not tell them about the glass in my chest. If they tried to take it out, I would die because it was lodged in a major vein. So, I'm expected to die in 25 hours. It hurts me. I can't be there for my baby girls wedding. Briella, Katie, and the boys were so worried. Mostly Briella. If your wondering what had happened is that I was driving home, and, a major truck, just ran over my car. I'm not kidding it drove over my car. I got hurt so badly. It's not like how you imagine. It hit the front of my car, and ran over the hood, then the windsheild, and the glass flew into my bod, left scars, and all that, the wheel ran over my foot, and just recked me. It hurt to talk, it hurt to speak, it hurt to move. "Mom, are you okay?" Katie asks. "Yea" I say lightly. I was dying each hour.

An hour before I died was coming. I felt light headed, sick. "Mom, I got you food.." Briella says as she walks in with Harry, Louis, and Katie. "Thank you." I say muffled. I need to tell them. "Guys. I have to tell you something." I slowly say. "What, mom, what?" Katie concernly says. "Well, I-"   "She's going to die." Dr. Bruno comes in. "What?" They say in unison. My vision was getting more blurry. My breath was getting shorter. Briella sat on the bed with me, crying. "I know this is hard, but it's for a reason." I barely say. "What was that reason?" she asks. "I, I don't really know" I say. She cries harder. "Stop crying." I tell her. "Mom," she says. "Why?"  "It breaks my heart to see any of you kids to cry." less than 15 minutes left. "I love all of you kids, all of One Direction, and your father. I never got over him." I confess. "Ms. Miller, your heart rate is getting higher.." Dr. Bruno tells me. I was dying. I look up, I see my son reaching out to me. I look over to the boys and my girls. "I love you." I say one last time. "mom, no, moom!" I hear Katie and Briella moan before I take Avery's hand. I look one last time at my babys. Then everything went white, and I stop breathing.

-Briella's P.O.V-

"She's dead." I cry. Her left gray eye was open looking up. Harry rushes over to me, hugging my waist. "She gone.." I cry. "Briella, it's okay," Katie cries along with me. "I'm sorry for you guys. You have to get a new stylist and all that." I cry. "Come here. Both of you." Louis says. He pulls me and Katie into a strong hug. "I'm so sorry. Neither of you deserve this." Louis whispers. "She is dead. I apologize Mrs. Tomlinson and Ms. Miller." Dr. Bruno says. My mother was gone, dead. Just like Avery.






(A/N:) It broke my heart writing this. I don't know what I'd do if my mother died. And I know the way she was injured was, ehh, but yeah. Uhm, so, the last chapter, will be when Harry and Briella get married. I will make one extra chapter for the boy's and the girl's future. I really hope you liked this story. This story isn't going to be a 40 chapter one, but maybe a 20, or 19 chapter. Idk. Just might wait and see. Contest!: I want to make a new character! (Pretend that Niall and Zayn's girlfriends broke up. LOL) You can enter, if you'd like, you can email me at make sure you put in the girls name, age, birthday, details, and the boys you'd like to date. Okay! bye! xoxoxoxoxo ~Diana Elise

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