I'll Be Your Soldier

A story about 18 year old Colette Larsen finding herself falling for the 19 year old boy band member Niall Horan. Can love truly conquer all or will the evils of fame be too much for this average girl to handle? Tears will be shed, fists will be thrown, songs will be sung. A story about learning how to love again, a story about your first real love.


4. The T.V. Told Me



Chapter 4 - The T.V. Told Me


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Colette Larsen P.O.V


Beep Beep Beep Beep


Arrggg. Stupid alarm clock. I hate that thing. I had agreed to take the early shift today at Dukes today so that Angela another waitress there could be with her family that is in town. Now I am regretting making that deal. I looked at the clock. It read 5:30. 5..effing 30.


I am such a good friend. Somehow I got out of bed and half sleep walked to the shower. The shower woke me up a bit. But I was still half asleep. I brushed my teeth and applied a bit of makeup and brushed my waves out. I looked in the walk in closet Heather and I shared. We were roughly around the same size in almost everything so we shared all of our clothes. It was amazing. I grabbed a pair of grey skinny jeans, a black top with gold accents from Forever 21. I threw a cardigan and a scarf over that. I looked myself over in the mirror and decided it was as good as it was going to get. I slipped on my black converse, grabbed my bag and a banana and headed out the door trying really hard not to make so much noise for Heather. 


The sun was no where to be found, I looked up into the dull grey sky and pouted. I am already pretty tan, thanks to my parents because they are both tan themselves, but I always liked the feel of the sun on my skin. 


I put my head phones in and started humming along with Rascal Flats. Once I reached Dukes I put my head phones away, put my bag, scarf, and cardigan in my locker in the back that I shared with Elliot. I wandered over to the kitchen to see who was there. I was surprised with I saw Elliot staking some plates.


“Hey El. What are you doing here so early?” I asked as I pulled my hair back into a high pony tail.

“I could ask you the same thing.” He said with a laugh. “I am soo close to getting my baby. I am working a couple more hours to hopefully get it sooner.” 


I laughed, he has shown me a picture of his ‘baby’ before. It was a Range Rover. 


Around 7 people started to pour into the restaurant. I felt like I was running all over the place trying to get around toddlers and not spill coffee on anyone. Once everyone had their orders I had a minute to myself to check my phone. There was a text from Niall. I smiled and opened the text.

“Good morning :). Any plans for today? Do you maybe wanna swing by my place and meet my friends? It’s movie night here ;). xx”


I couldn’t help but grin like an idiot. I was typing away fast at my phone when I heard the voice of none other than Cruella DeVil herself.


“Colette!” I jumped straight out of my skin! I groaned and turned my attention to where the awfully high pitched voice was coming from.


“Why are you on your phone?! Do you think I pay you to sit around and be on your phone all day long?! Get your lazy ass up and help the people at table number 4!” She yelled at me. 


I just rolled my eyes and went to hide in the kitchen with Elliot. There was a content couple sitting at table number 4 that looked to engrossed in each other’s eyes to worry about their food that was getting cold right in front of their faces. 


I walked threw the door of the kitchen, made a gun with my fingers and pointed it at my head making a ‘pew pew pew’ sound. Elliot laughed at me and continued washing up the dishes he had in the sink.


“And you! You have been washing that same plate for more than 30 minutes! It isn’t gonna get any cleaner!” She yelled at Elliot threw the little kitchen window. 


We laughed when she walked away. 


“I swear that woman will be the reason I quit one day!” I whispered to Elliot.

“Uh huh! You aren’t leaving me alone to deal with her by myself.” He nudged me. I just laughed at him. He wanted that car so much he was willing to put up with Katerina. 


There were 4 other waitresses out there and it was a pretty slow day so I decided to just chill for a bit in the kitchen with Elliot. I pulled my phone back out and replied to Niall’s text message.


“Good morning to you too. Yeah I would love to! I get off work at around 3 today. So just tell me where and what time. :) xx”


Niall Horan P.O.V.


“You have to throw it higher Hazza! My mouth is up here!” Louis directed Harry. We were waiting in the green room waiting until it is time to go out and perform for the Today Show and Harry was throwing the grapes they gave us into Louis mouth but failing miserably. I laughed at them when my phone buzzed.


Colette had agreed to come over later. Why was I suddenly nervous? Oh yeah, cause I am trying to work up the courage to tell her the truth about us tonight. I was literally sweating bullets trying to calm myself down. What ifs kept playing out throughout my head. 


What if she hated me because I lied? What if she never wanted to see me again? What if she treated me differently because she knew I was famous and had a bit of money? What if she was totally creeped out about being with someone famous? What if none of this matters and she doesn’t even want to be with me? Oh my God. What if she doesn’t want to be with me? What if I had ruined any chance I had with her?


Zayn saw how nervous I was and came over and sat down next to me. I didn’t have to say a word about anything yet he knew exactly what to say. 


“If it’s meant to be it will happen okay mate? She would be crazy if she let this come between you.” He said giving me a pat on the back.


I calmed down a bit, just enough to be able to text her back. Once I set my phone down it was time to head out. We started to get pumped up hearing the screaming coming from outside. 


Colette Larsen P.O.V.


“Okay how about around 7? And we are staying at the Teshima hotel on 13th street, you know where that is? 8th floor room 891. Call me if you get lost. Haha. I g2g but text me later ;) xx”


 I giggled at my phone. I actually did know where the Teshima was. It was a really popular hotel, a lot of celebrities stayed there. I wondered how they afforded that!


“Who’s Niall?” Elliot asked from behind me. I jumped at the sound of his voice! His face was right over my shoulder. That little bugger was reading over my shoulder! I turned around and smacked him hard on his shoulder. 


“Mind your own business El!” I gaped at him.

“Who is Niall. And why are you meeting him at a motel?” He said with a serious look on his face, arms crossed and chest puffed out.


Oh no. He is getting protective again. 


“El, first of all it isn’t a motel! It is a hotel, the Teshima you know? And he is a friend, he isn’t gonna kidnap.” I said teasing him. 


“Uh huh, just make sure you are careful.” He said seriously again. I hid my face with my hands trying to hide my blush.


“Arg, you are so weird!” I said smacking him again. 

“No, I am just making sure you don’t get hurt Cole.” He said.

“Aw, thanks Elliot.” I smiled at him. I really was thankful that I had such a great friend like him around.


“Wanna watch some T.V.?” I asked him. There was a small T.V. in the kitchen and Katerina had left the restaurant already so we were home free. 


“Yeah, here you choose.” He said as he tossed me the remote.


I flicked threw the channels  and settled for the Today Show. It was either that or Spanish Soap Operas. 


“Up next performing here live on the Today Show for the first time ever, One Direction! Be sure you tune in, these boys are pretty spectacular.” The woman on the T.V. spoke.


“Oh! Avia loves these guys!” I told Elliot who had taken a seat next to me. 

“One Direction?” He responded

“Yeah.” I said not taking my eyes off the screen as the cereal commercial played.

“Those are the guys that caused the rekus at the airport.” He told me

“Oh, well lets see if they are any good.” I said as I turned up the volume on the T.V.


Okay here they are. ONE DIRECTION”


There were so many fans there! These guys must be a big deal! The song started playing and one by one 5 very attractive boys stepped out. The camera panned across their faces. First a tall boy with long curly brown hair and gorgeous green eyes, next to him a tall boy with brown eyes and tan skin with the cutest quiff hair cute ever! Then onto a boy with a stripped shit, and light brown side sweeped hair with the most adorable smile on his face, next was a tall boy with brown hair and the sweetest puppy dog eyes. The camera finally rested on the last boy. My heart stopped when his face was in full view of the camera.


It. was. Niall.


The started to sing, but I didn’t hear the song. My stomach dropped to the floor, I didn’t blink, I forgot to breath. Niall. was. on. T.V. So many question flue into my head at once.


Why was he on T.V.? He is in a band? He is famous? Why didn’t he tell me? Did he not think I was worth the truth? Did he not tell me because he didn’t want to be seen with me? Was I that ugly? Why didn’t he tell me? Why? Why didn’t he tell me?


Soon my brain started the make all the connections. It all made so much sense now. The sunglasses indoors, the hesitating when I asked about his personal life, the 4 friends, his reason for visiting, the expensive hotel. I felt like I was going to be sick. I felt the tears starting to well up in my eyes. 


“They were good but Jesus I wouldn’t start crying over them.” Elliot said bring me back to real life. When I didn’t respond to his teasing he sat up.


“Hey, Colette? You okay? What’s the matter?” He asked demanding my attention. 


“I don’t feel so good.” Was all I could muster out of my lips. 

“Do you want me to take you home?” Elliot asked helping me up to my feet. Even though I couldn’t feel my feet. I nodded answering his question.


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