I'll Be Your Soldier

A story about 18 year old Colette Larsen finding herself falling for the 19 year old boy band member Niall Horan. Can love truly conquer all or will the evils of fame be too much for this average girl to handle? Tears will be shed, fists will be thrown, songs will be sung. A story about learning how to love again, a story about your first real love.


3. So Who's Your Mystery Girl?


Chapter 3 - So Who’s Your Mystery Girl?


A/N This is a bit of a short chapter sorry :/



Niall Horan P.O.V


The hotel was surrounded by fans when the cab pulled up. I had completely forgotten I had fans! The time spent with Colette made me forget the rest of the world. I asked the cab driver to pull up in the back. He was nice and agreed. I left him a bigger tip than usual and made my way to the hotel. 


I got up to our room and unlocked it with the card. As soon as I walked in the door I was being hauled in by my shirt coaler. 


“WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!? YOU SAID YOU WERE GOING TO BE BACK IN AN HOUR! IT HAS BEEN 3 HOURS NIALL!” Stacy our stylist started yelling at me while putting the finishing touches on the rest of the boys.


“He was with his girlfriend!” Louis stated in a sing song voice. Liam had obviously told the rest of the boys where I was.


Stacy turned to look at me with a couple of pins in her mouth and raised her eyebrows at me.

“No!” I protested “She isn’t my girlfriend! Just a friend.” Stacy gave me a look that said ‘uh huh yeah right, I know you like her’. I blushed. Jesus! Why am I blushing so much lately?!




Once Stacy had as all dressed and ready to go we headed out to the Launch Party. It was a new artist that we didn’t really know who she was but we had heard her song “Call me Maybe.” before and is was really good. Our publicist said we would make an appearance so were going to be there for a bit and then head back because we had our performance at the Today Show tomorrow and we had to get up really early for that.


Call me Maybe started to pay on the speakers and we all headed to the dance floor. We danced for a bit then Liam pulled me aside. He wanted to know more about Colette I knew it. 


“So, who is this mystery girl of yours?” He asked nudging me.


I went on to tell him about Colette and couldn’t help but smile when I talked about her.


“Woah, giving her your jacket on the first date? That’s ballsy of you Ny.” He teased me with this fake shocked look on his face. I hit him in the arm.


“It wasn’t a date! And besides it was kinda my fault her jacket was covered in coffee.” I chuckled at the memory.


“So how did she take the whole ‘I’m in a famous band and millions of girls all around the world love me’ situation?” He asked me. I hesitated and shifted my wait from foot to foot.


“You haven’t told her have you?” He sighed and did a face palm.


“I know, I know! I will tell her eventually though! I just didn’t wanna freak her out, we were having such a good time together.” I quickly defended myself.


“Mate, you basically lied to her. Is she the kinda girl that will be understanding of why you didn’t tell her?”


I hope.


“Yeah, I’m sure she is.” I said to Liam. That was a bold faced lie. I had no idea how she was going to react. 




We danced for another song or two but I couldn’t stop thinking about Colette. Her face was like imprinted into my head. I took my phone out and sent her a text telling her goodnight, it was just an excuse to talk to her really. 


She replied about a minute later.


“Thanks, you too. (: xx”


A smile crept onto my face. Boy was I in it deep this time. But to be honest I didn’t care, all I knew was that I couldn’t wait to see Colette again. 

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