I'll Be Your Soldier

A story about 18 year old Colette Larsen finding herself falling for the 19 year old boy band member Niall Horan. Can love truly conquer all or will the evils of fame be too much for this average girl to handle? Tears will be shed, fists will be thrown, songs will be sung. A story about learning how to love again, a story about your first real love.


2. So Lovely To Meet You


Chapter 2 - So Lovely To Meet You


A/N Hey :), here is chapter 2. I do not own One Direction. 



Colette Larsen P.O.V.


His eyes were abosoltly breathtaking! So deep and blue, I could stare at them for hours. I am pretty sure I would have if he hadn’t snapped me out of my trance.

“Are you sure you’re alri?” He asked, concern in his gorgeous eyes.


“Yeah, just me being clumsy I guess.” I replied.

He laughed, causing me to laugh with him. His laugh was contagious! 

“Nah, I shouldn’t have left my guitar case there. Oh Jesus, you spilled your drink everywhere.” He said.


I looked down. He was right, the drink had ended up on the floor and also on the left side of my jacket and along my left arm. I took if off and walked over the a booth placing my jacket there leaving me in the white button down I had worn to work.


I turned around and the mysterious boy was walking towards me with two cups of coffee in his hands and a 2 muffins that he balanced expertly on the tops of the cups. He was wearing dark grey skinny jeans that hung low on his hips, a white shirt and a black Jack Wills jacket over it. He also had sunglass hanging out of the pocket of his pants. Why did he need sunglass? It was pretty cloudy outside...


“Here, I bought you another drink, considering I was the reason you dropped your other one.” He said as he set the drinks and muffins down on the table brining me out of my trance. I sat down and smiled at him.


“Thank you. But who exactly am I thanking?” I asked him


He hesitated and look off too the side before replying. “My name is Niall. Niall Horan.”

He waited for my response so I set my coffee down and said, “Hello Niall Horan, I’m Colette. Colette Larsen.”


He let of a breath he had been holding in and smiled at me. 


I took another sip of my coffee while Niall started in on his muffin.


“Your accent, Irish huh? What are you doing in New York?” I asked him trying to keep this conversation going. For some reason I didn’t want him to leave the table.


He shifted in his seat. What’s up with this kid?

“Yeah, I’m from Mulligar. It’s a town outside of Dublin. But yeah I’m on vacation here with a couple of my friends for a while.” He finally said.


I felt my face fall a bit. I didn’t let him see though. I have to admit I was a bit disappointed when he said he was only visiting. I wanted to get to know him better. What are you talking about Colette? You literally just met this boy like 5 minutes ago. Plus he is gorgeous. He will never go for you. I shut the annoying voice in my head up so that I could respond to him.


“That’s really cool! How long ya here for?” I asked him with some fake enthusiasm I found somewhere in me.


“Not sure, maybe 2 weeks or so. This city has a lot of beauty in it.” He said with that smile again that gave me butterflies. Butterflies? Really Colette? Stop it. Stop it right now!




We carried on talking and laughing for a while. He told me about his friends some of their crazy times together. I was literally crying from laughing hearing these stories. I mean come on, who fills a hat with salt and then puts it on? I was having such a good time with Niall. He was so easy to laugh and talk to. I told him about my work and a little bit about Elliot and Heather, and he seemed pretty interested in my dream about business. 


I excused myself to the bathroom to try to wash off the coffee smell from my jacket because we both made a face of disgust when the sent got strong enough that we both smelled it. Causing us both to burst out laughing.


I was making my way over to the bathroom when the woman behind the counter gave me a knowing smile and a wink. I blushed. Blushing? Really Colette? Wow. That voice is getting seriously annoying. 


Niall Horan P.O.V


Colette had gone to the bathroom to try to clean off the coffee from her jumper. She was so beautiful. I loved how she more little makeup and her hair was messy yet perfectly styled. Her front teeth over lapped a little bit but it was so adorable every time she smiled. 


I really liked talking to her, the boys and I had been here for a day already and had done nothing. We had rehearsals  once and then spent the rest of the beautiful day inside our hotels. I was glad I had met Colette, she was defiantly someone I wanted to spend time with while I was here in New York. I mean we would be here for a while and I didn’t want to spend the entire time inside with no way out. 


I had managed to carry on with the conversation without mentioning anything about One Direction. I was pleasantly surprised when she didn’t know who I was, she treated me normally. I was scared she would treat me differently or be weirded out by the fact I was in a band. So I panicked and didn’t tell her the truth. I will tell her eventually. But right now I just wanted to get to know her more, and her to get to know me as well. Me. Not Niall Horan from One Direction. Just Niall. That dork who made you spill your coffee. 


I laughed at the memory when my phone buzzed.


Nialler! Where are you? You have been gone for almost 2 hours! We thought you might have gotten mobbed. You okay? Hurry up and get back cause we have to go to that launch party thing.” 


It was from Liam. Always being the Daddy. I had completely lost track of the time! I just went for a walk on an old dirt road I found, I was gonna try to write but I got hungry. I hurried and replied to Liam.


hey, yeah I’m okay! Just stopped at Starbucks and got to talking with a new friend. Tell you more about her when I get back. Should be there in about 15 min.”


Didn’t take him long to respond. 


ooo la la. Niall’s got himself a girlfriend ;).”


I laughed and didn’t even bother responding to his message. I don’t know why but I blushed and got butterflies in my stomach at the thought of Colette being mine. No Niall. She doesn’t even know who you are. Don’t even try it. She is too pretty for you anyway.

I sighed. My voice was probably right. 


As if one cue Colette came back to the table with a soaking wet jacket in her hand. 


“Okay, well I did the best I could with the smell, but there is still a bit of a stain.” She laughed.


I loved her laugh. It made me smile. 


“Look on the bright side, now you have that stain to always remember me by.” I teased. 

She blushed.

“Gee thanks.” She said and nudged me.


“Well I have to get going, it’s getting kinda late and my friends are wondering where I am.” I reluctantly said.

I thought I saw her face fall a bit, if she did she covered it up well.

“Yeah me too. Heather is probably freaking out by now.”

I laughed. She was turned around to grab her phone and her wallet when I had a sudden urge of courage.


“Hey Lette, are you doing anything this week? Maybe we can grab a bit to eat or something?”


I said without thinking. I instantly was kicking myself. How are you supposed to go out with her without the paps taking pictures of you you idiot?!


She smiled at the nickname that I called her. I didn’t even realize I did to be honest, it just sounded right. “That would be awesome! I have work but maybe you can swing by sometime and we can eat there? What’s your number?” She asked.


I was too overwhelmed with happiness that she said yes to even care about what I was worrying about before. We exchanged numbers and headed toward the door.


Colette Larsen P.O.V


We stepped out into the cool night air. I instantly got goosebumps. I was about to put my jacket on when I realized it was soaking wet and I would probably get hypothermia if I put it on. Niall seemed to notice because he came up beside me.


“Here, wear mine, I’m not cold anyway.” He said as he handed me his black jacket he was wearing. I took it and put it on. I mean he is the reason my jacket was unwearable. Sure keep telling yourself that one love. You just wanted to wear his jacket. Okay, maybe I did...


I thanked him and looked into his piercing blue eyes again. He looked as if he was about to say something but let it go.


“It was a pleasure meeting you Mr. Horan. I will see you around, yeah?” I said as I wrapped my arms around his waist. He hugged me back, it felt so right being in his arms that I didn’t want to leave. He muffled a “You too, and yes defiantly.” into my hair.


I didn’t realized he was so tall, we were after all sitting down most of the time. I was a tiny 5’2 and he was a good couple inches taller than me. 5’9? Maybe 5’8?


He let go too soon for my liking and gave me one last smile before turning and walking down the street calling a car. I started walking back to my flat with a big smile plastered on my face. 




“Hey Smily! Where have you been?” Heather teased as I walked in the front door placing my wet jacket in the hamper of the bathroom.


“And why is your jacket soaking? And where did you get that jacket?” She pressured walking up behind me with a skeptical look on her face. I laughed at her and told her about Niall.


She of course teased me a bit before we both turned in for the night. I looked at my phone one last time before going to sleep and there was a text from an unknown number. 


Goodnight Colette. Sweet Dreams (: xx. -n”


I am pretty sure I fell asleep with a smile that night. 

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