I'll Be Your Soldier

A story about 18 year old Colette Larsen finding herself falling for the 19 year old boy band member Niall Horan. Can love truly conquer all or will the evils of fame be too much for this average girl to handle? Tears will be shed, fists will be thrown, songs will be sung. A story about learning how to love again, a story about your first real love.


6. I'm So Sorry


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Chapter 6 - I’m So Sorry 


Niall Horan P.O.V


“I am a friend of Colette’s.” The voice replied in a hesitant and shy voice. Then I remembered, Colette had told me about Heather, she was her best friend and room mate that was in Culinary School I think.


“Oh hi Heather, sorry to be rude but can you try to get Colette on the phone please?” I asked Heather


“Actually she is in the shower right now, that’s how I was able to get your number off her phone. Listen, she told me she found out you lied to her about you being famous and all and she was really upset. Not by the fact that you were famous, just that you lied to her about it. She has been through a lot Niall, she has put her trust in people that just let her fall. I have half a mind to get my older, strong, big brothers down to your hotel and beat the shit out of you for making her feel like a piece of trash today but the other half is telling me to tell you that you need to make this right. I will text you our address so that you can get your ass over here and apologize to her. I am not asking you to, I am telling you too. Move whatever rock star plans you have and apologize to Colette. Okay?” She told me. I let her talk and just listened to what she had to say. I was quick to reply.


“Yes! Yes please! Please text me the address, I really want to make this right. I had no intention of her finding out that way, I was honestly going to tell her tonight but the Today Show beat me too it and I feel terrible about it. Thank you so much for calling Heather.” 


“Thank me after you two make up, I saw it in her eyes..she cares about you Niall, don’t fuck it up. Oh God, she’s coming! Text you later. Bye!”


“Okay, bye!” I said quickly into the phone. 


I smiled at myself. I was going to see her again. I was going to be able to explain. I did a little dance but then suddenly got nervous. What was I going to say? ‘Oh hey babe sorry I didn’t tell you I was an international superstar and you had to find out through the tele. But hey wanna go out sometime?‘  Ugh. I thought back to what Heather had said...who had let Colette fall? The thought of someone hurting her made my fists clench. Then I realized, I had hurt her today. I felt like a douche again. No, no, you are going to explain everything today and she is going to forgive you Niall, everything is okay. I silently told myself. 


“Everything alright Ny?” I heard Liam ask, I had forgotten he was there. 

“Yeah, that was Colette’s best friend, she is gonna text me their address so I can go over and explain everything.” I told him with a smile.


“Oh good! That’s awesome! Have you thought of what you’re going to say?” He asked me

“Um, yeah, but I don’t know how she is going to take it, I guess that really what I am freaking out about.” I confessed.

“Don’t think about it too much alright? I’m sure everything will work out.” Liam told me, he always knew how to calm everyone down. 




My phone buzzed and I checked it. It was a message from an unknown number.


“Hey Niall, it’s Heather. This is the address 8918 Trunkett St. 3rd floor apartment 4B. You can come over now if you want, I am leaving soon so it will just be you guys.” 


I saved the number into my phone just in case I ever needed it again. This Heather was amazing, I had to thank her a 100 more times for this. 


“Okay, I will head over now. Thank you sooo much again.”


I checked myself in the mirror. I was wearing black jeans, a grey Volcum shirt, a grey snapback and my converse. I grabbed my black ray bands just in case there were fans outside. I walked out of my room and headed for the door.


“Oi! Where you headed?” Louis asked looking up from his spot on the couch.

“Gonna go see Colette, be back later.” I said quickly grabbing my wallet from the counter.

“Ooooo! Niall’s gotta a hot date! Harry! Niall’s got a hot date!” He yelled to Harry.

“Awww! Our little boy is going up.” Harry teased wiping away a fake tear from his eye and slinging his arm around Louis. 

I rolled my eyes at Larry Stylinson and walked out the door. 




Thankfully there weren’t many fans outside so I was able to get into a cab quick and he took my to the address I told me. He stopped the cab outside a very New York styled apartment building, could have been something straight out of Friends. I tipped the cab driver said my thank yous and walked up the stairs of the building. 


I got to the 3rd floor and was making my way down the hall. 2B...3B....ah..4B. There it is. I saw a note on top of the welcome mat. I said ‘Niall’ in a very girly handwriting. I picked it up and inside it said, 


“The door is open, so head right in. Good Luck :). - Heather”


I put the note in my pocket and carefully opened the front door.


The first thing I saw was the living room, it was simple. A blue couch with a coffee table in front of it and a T.V. on the wall. There were some photo graphs on the wall of Colette and another arbun haired girl that I assumed was Heather. Some bookshelves filled with movies, music and books. I looked to the right and there was a small kitchen with blue cupboards. I slowly made my way to the living room and took a seat on the couch. There was a hallway on either side of the living room that I assumed lead to the girl’s bedrooms. I heard footsteps and then a door opening and I knew Colette was coming down the hallway and I was out of time to think of what to say. 


I looked up and I saw her standing in front of me, shock and confusion written on her face. Her hair was still a bit damp from her shower and was up in a bun on the top of her head. She was wearing grey sweat pants that were rolled up at her waist and riding low on her hips, a black tank top with a white poncho top over it. She was wearing a little makeup on her eyes but barely any on her face. She was absolutely gorgeous. 


“Niall.” She said. Snapping me out of gawking at her. I coughed and stood up.

“Colette.” I said looking at her uncomfortably. 

“How do you know where I live?” She asked me. It didn’t sound like she was mad at me like Heather had said, but I’m sure she was still mad at the situation because her eyes held no emotion and her smile was no where to be seen.


“Heather called me and gave me the address.” I started to explain to her.

“Oh.” Was all she said and shifted uncomfortably from side to side.


“Listen Colette, I am really, really sorry about how you found out about me. I promise you I was going to tell you tonight when you came over. I had no intention of hurting you, I really care about you, I know that’s crazy to say giving that we have only know each other for a short time, but I feel like I have known you forever when we talk. I know I messed up big time and I know you probably are still pissed about it but I just need you to know I am sorry.” I spat out. I held my breath waiting for her to say something. When she didn’t I talked again.


“Heather told me people you trusted in the past have let you down, maybe it wasn’t her place to tell me that but she did. She didn’t go into specific events or people but all I know is that when she told me people had hurt you I hated myself, I was someone who had hurt you and I need you to know how sorry I am.” Again she said nothing. She just went on looking at the floor. I tried one more time.


“I’m not a stuck up rock star if that’s what you are thinking. I’m not any different than the guy you met at Starbucks. I have just a normal guy that was giving an amazing opportunity.”. She still said nothing. This pissed me off. I had poured so much emotion into the last couple minutes of talking to her and she said nothing. I walked over to her. 


I tilted her head up to look into her eyes with my finger. She was crying. It broke my heart. 


“Please say something love?” I whispered to her. Searching her eyes for something I don’t even know.


“I’m so sorry.” I whispered back. Then she wrapped her arms around me and cried. I held her there. I wrapped my arms around her small frame and let her cry into my chest.


“I’m so, so sorry. I was such a bitch.” She mumbled into my shirt.


“No, no love. You have nothing to apologize for.” I told her rubbing up and down her back. “I’m the one who didn’t tell you when I should have. Please don’t blame yourself, you did nothing wrong.” I reassured her. 


She lifted her head up and whipped her eyes with one hand but keeping her other arm around my back. 


“Yes I do, I jumped to conclusions when I saw you and I didn’t even let you explain. I didn’t respond to your messages, I acted like a brat. I totally misjudged you and I am so sorry for that.” She told me with such honesty in her eyes.




Colette Larsen P.O.V.


 I felt like such an asshole. He was the sweetest thing for coming over here and getting me to listen. I was being such a bitch for not believing he was the nice guy I had met before. But with everything that had happened with Christopher I just guessed history was repeating itself.


He whipped the tears from my cheeks. He didn’t say anything else so I didn’t either, we just held each other. 


I looked into his eyes and I could feel myself falling. 


He looked back at me, his eyes searching for something. His eyes wandered over my face and I suddenly felt self conscious, I probably looked like a snot nosed mess. His eyes finally landed on my lips and then darted back up to my eyes and then to my lips again. 

“Lette..” He leaned in painfully slowly. 

His right hand made it’s way to my cheek while keeping his left arm around my back. I knew what was coming next. His lips centimeters away from mine. I felt my eyes closing.


No, no I can’t! I can’t fall for him!


I turned my head to the side quickly. “Niall.” I breathed. 


He stood up straight looking away embarrassed.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.” He said searching for my eyes again.


“No, I’m sorry...I just...I really like you Niall...you make me feel so happy when I’m around you.  I don’t know why! I mean we only met recently yet I feel so comfortable around you, and that scares me.” I confessed.


He grabbed my hands and lead my over to the couch. He sat down and pulled me down next top him. I crossed my legs in front of me sitting like a little kid and stared down at my hands now in my lap. He reached out and grabbed on of them and held it in his. It felt nice.


“Why does that scare you Lette? I won’t let you fall, I will catch you. I feel the same way about you love.” He asked rubbing small circles in my hand making my stomach flip.


“That’s what he said too...Listen Niall I really like you but can we take it slow? Let’s get to know each other more first okay? Maybe a date?” I asked shyly.


“Colette, are you asking me out?” He teased me. I looked up at him smiling and he winked at me and said,

“I would love to.” His smile gave me butterflies.


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