CAN YOU COMMENT AND LIKE WHAT YOU THINK :mickey was just an ordianry girl she is bullied and her life seems glum until a bright light called daniel emerges and makes colours fly that is until emotions get in the way and everything gets confusing and screwed up .Then she sees things that arent there and so she is debating within herself whether she is going crazy or not.


9. when reality slaps you in the face


I was walking out of my english class towards the cafeteria  when it happened.... reality came running at me and slapped me in the face ,leaving behind a broken heart that stung like a bitch.The image that my eyes were spining to me started to swirl like i was drunk on a rollercoaser. Alicias hands slipped through daniels hair as she stuck her tounge down his throat, and whats worse he didnt pull away . His back was to me and Alicia was facing me, she looked up and winked at me, the corner of her mouth twisting in a spite full smile .She closed her eyes and put her whole body into the motion of the kiss. My heart leapt  and snapped like a twig i kept on walking not letting Alicia know she got one over on me I was determined not to cry especially not infront of them . I kept my head down as i grabbed my food quickly out of the caffeteria and started walking outside . It was mid september so there was a winter nip to the air that gnawed my bare skin but the sun beating down on me prevented goose bumbs rising on my arms. I wandered around until I found a big willow to lie under. I flopped back onto the grass , i let it envelop me imagining i was in a war and i was hiding ,camoflaged in the long grass ,so knowone would see me .As a tear trickled down my cheek  i really did wish i was invisible please god i thought dont let anyone see me. i hated him for making me feel this way , for making my heart so . vulneable  then he used that vulneability to crack my heart in two like a twix bar.


she pulled away laughing to her friends, what just happened ? i thought, i was walking down the corridor on my way to the cafeteria ,next thing i knew i was ripped away and getting tounge raped by Alicia . I really hope knowone saw any of that. She continued to laugh and soon i was surrounded by  laughter. My mind swarmed i was having a mini panic attack ,any other guy would be raving to his friends that alicia just made out with him but since i have no friends and the fact that already only knowing alicia for under a week i already realise shes an unatractive manipulative bitch i didnt know what to do. I  wandered away still confused and dawdled my way to the cafeteria.


i lied under the tree fiddling with the slop this school calls food  my mind raced over what i just saw of course i thought i was delusional ,living in a made up world where popular girls dont exist . but of course they do and they just gave me a big present of reality . in my delusional world guys like daniel wouldnt care that i was a bland ,kinda fat ,nerdy ,plain girl he wouldnt care and he would fall in love with me anyway  but in reality i wouldnt exist in the world of him as anymore than the freak that sits next to him in science class .i was an idiot believintg that he would ever want a fat person like me , fat people dont deserve people like him .i dont deserve anyone like him.


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