CAN YOU COMMENT AND LIKE WHAT YOU THINK :mickey was just an ordianry girl she is bullied and her life seems glum until a bright light called daniel emerges and makes colours fly that is until emotions get in the way and everything gets confusing and screwed up .Then she sees things that arent there and so she is debating within herself whether she is going crazy or not.


15. weeks later

I layed in my bed staring at the bottom of the bunk bed above me  lizzy shuffled making the entire frame groan  her little head popped over the side, her hair cascaded flopping down around her. "mickey ?" mm i groaned sleepily " whats going to happen to us ?" she asked  in a whisper " i dont know but one thing i do know is we will always be together ,i promise " i said as i grabbed her hand "now "i squeesed it "you need to go to sleep its a big day tomorrow " she sighed then rolled over in the bunk above me soon i heard her quiet sleeping sighs .

I thought back to everything that had happened i prepared my lie that i would have to tell to the court tomorrow ,the lie that has almost become a routine to tell after ive told it to everyone thats asked. A lie  that im hoping will help everyone. Daniel had tried to visit me in the temporary living home that we had been placed in but i asked Lucy our caregiver mother to shoo him away, you see the police had suspicions that it was my mother and blane that did everything to us so they kept us here , Im not complaining lucy is nice and we are the only kids here. Lucys husband died a couple of years ago so she knows when i just want my own privacy to just have a mental breakdown . i've only done that once when it all just became too much but then i remembered lizzy and i pulled myself together.Eventually i dozed off only to be woken 4 hours later . 

I woke up and got lizzzy ready first then lucy came up and gave me one of her nicest dressees to wear then soon we were off on our way to the court. I was nervous my palms were sweating and my heart was racing, I looked over at lizzy lately shees been looking a little light but thats just because shes still mending from her injury. We sat in silence as lucy hummed to the music playing from the car stereo.

I stood in front of the judge in his big black robe. He sneered down at me through his glasses, he was fat and his double chin gobbled like a hens ." Miss Francs " he said boomingly " please take the stand i tiptoed over to the stand and sat behing the bench my heart racing the whole time. After i took the oath to tell the truth i sat down guilt eating me for what i was about to do  "so Miss Francs can you please tell us your sequence of events leading up to your sister and yours injurys  "umm" i mumbled "and remember you are under oath" the judge interrupted i sat there frozen forgetting everything i had practiced last night "ok  lets start a bit easier ,did your mother and blaine framewell conflict these injurys on you and your deceased sister lizzy?" my mind fuzzed " my what ?" i asked him " your dead sister lizzy" he whispered to me i stared at him "lizzys not dead shes sitting right there ,say hi lizzy" i said pointing to the first row of the audience seats she smiled at me and stood and waved around the room then sat back down everyone looked to where i was pointing then looked at me. The judge looked at me pity bubling in his dark eyes " lizzy francs died in the hospital on may the 22nd from an open wound to the throat she was put into a coma and she died a few hours later " my heart raced what are they talking about lizzys right here in the room why cant they see that, i turned away from the man and looked to where she was sitting she smiled at me and shook her head "lizzy" i screamed wishing for it not  to be true it cant be true shes been right next to me this whole time  " lizzy francs is dead " the judge said in a firm voice as the room started to churn with talking murmurs " lizzy no " i screamed " no shes not! she was right there why are you saying these things ?" i am so angry they're lying and i dont get why ,why would they hurt me and ignore her ,shes sitting right in the room "mickey .."  lucy was next to me now " no " i screamed " lizzys right there what are you talking about " tears rollled down my face  lucy tried to grab my hand but i pulled my arm away and tore past her i ran and hugged lizzy she probably felt horrible them saying all this stuff about her. I knelt down and looked into her eyes " dont listen to them " i said to her  "why are they saying this stuff" she said a tear roling down her pale cheek "' i dont know sweety but we dont have to listen to it c'mon " i said grabbing her hand          " we're leaving " i said more to the court room rather than to lizzy .


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