CAN YOU COMMENT AND LIKE WHAT YOU THINK :mickey was just an ordianry girl she is bullied and her life seems glum until a bright light called daniel emerges and makes colours fly that is until emotions get in the way and everything gets confusing and screwed up .Then she sees things that arent there and so she is debating within herself whether she is going crazy or not.


4. torture ..or as others call it school

"c'mon mickey were going to be late" lizzy moaned we reached her school moments later ,we hugged each other and i whispered in her ear " now remember dont let them get to you you are pretty and smart, so keep your head held high " she smiled and waddled into her school. Mine was just down the road but even from here i heard the warning bell for first period  go off i started to run and before i knew it i was powering down the corrridoors. I suddenly bumped into someone and fell to the floor with a umph.  "oh my gosh im so sorry " a deep voice said. i jumped up and ran away to my locker without one glance . I shoved my books from my locker into my side bag. I heard thier giggles echo ing down the hallway  before i saw them " oh my gosh nerd alert its mickey francs" i ignored them "have you lost weight ?" alicia the ringleader asked sarcastically " nope i found it, it just went to her fat legs " mary ,alicias 2nd in comand said. I slamed my locker and walked off to my first class ,science "see you in science mickey" they chimed fakely sweet .great  i thought to myself sarcastically.

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