CAN YOU COMMENT AND LIKE WHAT YOU THINK :mickey was just an ordianry girl she is bullied and her life seems glum until a bright light called daniel emerges and makes colours fly that is until emotions get in the way and everything gets confusing and screwed up .Then she sees things that arent there and so she is debating within herself whether she is going crazy or not.


10. the big break


My mind fuzzed through the rest of the school day, I ran home with lizzy pretending to play a game with her but really i just wanted to run and burry myself in my bed not wanting to come out for months ,i dont think anyone other than lizzy would actually notice or care if i was gone . Of course i had thought about dissapearing many times trying to figure out different ways to just end it all, then i remembered lizzy. I couldnt do that to her ,she has lost her dad and to me her mother too .I couldnt leave her alone that would be selfish ,to take my pain away and not care about hers. We waddledd up the front stairs panting and gasping for air ,she started to giggle at my windblown hair and i joined her embracing the milllisecond of happiness.We started towards the front door when we were abruptly stopped by mum breaking out of the house a beer bottle dangling in one of her hands "shhh" she screeched at us ,her index finger placed over her lips "why?" lizzy asked innocently i looked close into her eyes and saw them flaring, wide and dialated i looked closer and saw  the new stab wounds in her veins great i thought. She threw the beer bottle at lizzy only missing her by an inch it shattered and liquid spilled out on to the porch .lizzy jumped and ran into me ,I wrapped my arms around her and felt her tremble."now see what youve done you idiot little girl" mum screamed "piss of, the both of you no one here wants you ,you are just a burdon  ,i hate you !" she looked at me as she said the last part "and you ," she said stabbing a finger in my face " you are useless ,all you do is remind me everyday of your stupid father ,with your big blue eyes" thats it i was furious now my fists shaking with rage "fuck you !" i sputtered "you are the useless one , you ruined everything ! you were supposed to be here for us to love us but you only care about yourself and getting your next fix ,  your a fucking useless mother and a crack whore!" i screamed the last word at her i was only inches away from her face that sat nonchalante, showing no emotion towards her eldest daughter. My eyes flared daring her to reply craving her to say something ,and with that she slapped me right across the face the force made me stumble backwards lizzy screamed and the thing infront of me i used to call mother let out a spitefull bitter laugh. She then grabbed lizzy with one hand and grabbed a fistfull  of my hair with the other, she dragged us inside and threw us on the kitchen floor we lay there dumbstruck "blane get the fuck down here i have some fun for us" she screamed upstairs not taking her eyes off of us. He came stummbling towards us " ohh what do we have here?" he spat "these two have officially fucked me off and worn out thier welcome" she said "well then what one do we start with ." he asked "that one is strong," she said spitting on me "it will hurt her more if we hurt this one " he said as he pulled lizzy up by her blonde hair "noooo" i screamed " grab her " he said to my mother she did so roughly  he pulled a knife out and placed it over lizzys neck "now dont you dare move or its by bye baby" he said to me " i stopped wrigling and trying to break out of her arms and stood dead still, a single tear slid down lizzys face ,she looked at me desperately " its ok " i mouthed " you are going to be ok "  they lauged together in a horrible cacaphony " it will be ok" i said outloud this time. Everyone stood still for a moment trying to figure out the next move , the arms around me relaxed a bit and blane shuffled his weight to his other leg, making an opening . I leant all my weight foward and broke the arms ,my fist went straight out and impacted onto blanes face  he released lizzy and she fell to the floor. I grabbed her and sprinted out the front door with her tying to folow  behind.

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